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1583 Hugo Grotius (Dutch Jurist, Scholar; Wrote "On the Law of War and Peace") Dutch Political and Social Leaders Law Authors Merriam-Webster
1735 Button Gwinnett (English-American Signer of the Declaration of Independence from Georgia) English Political and Social Leaders Georgia Political and Social Leaders Declaration of Independence University of Georgia
1794 Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry (Rhode Island-born American Military Leader) Rhode Island U.S. Military Leaders
1806 Leonidas Polk (North Carolina-born Confederate General) North Carolina Military Leaders Civil War North Georgia University of Georgia
1827 Eliza Bryant (North Carolina-born African-American Nursing Home Advocate in Cleveland, Ohio) North Carolina Political and Social Leaders Ohio Political and Social Leaders African-American Political and Social Leaders Find-a-Grave African American Heritage
Lew Wallace (Indiana-born Statesman, Military Leader, Author of Ben Hur) Lew Wallace New Mexico Mexcian-American War U.S. Civil War American Authors
1882 Frances Perkins (Boston-born U.S. Secretary of Labor) Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders President Franklin Roosevelt Labor American Women Political Leaders Massachusetts Foundation for the Humnities
1908 William Booth (English Founder of the Salvation Army) William Booth The Salvation Army
1930 Dolores Huerta (New Mexico-born Latin-American Labor Leader) Dolores Huerta Human Rights Labor Latin-American Studies
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
879 Louis II, King of France French Political and Social Leaders
1919 Emiliano Zapata (Leader of Mexican Peasants, Assassinated by Government Forces) Mexican Political Leaders History Channel
1955 William Jacobsen (Iowa-born Member of the U.S. Congress) Iowa Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress
2010 Lech Kaczynski (President of Poland: Killed in Plane Crash) Polish President Lech Kaczynski Killed in Plane Crash Air Disasters Death BBC
1768 Marqués de Rubí Recommends Reorganization of Spain's Mexican Frontier Mexico Spain Texas Hispanic Heritage Texas State Historical Association
1778 Commander John Paul Jones Sets Sail to Raid British Warships in the Irish Sea Great Britain John Paul Jones Revolutionary War Naval History History Channel
1825 The Marquis de Lafayette Arrives in New Orleans Marquis de Lafayette New Orleans, Louisiana American Revolution Louisiana Secretary of State
1861 26 Volunteers from Sauk County Depart for Madison to Become part of the First Wisconsin Infantry, Company F Wisconsin Military Figures Civil War Wisconsin Historical Society
1862 Florida's 1st Cavalry Captures 6 Union Soldiers, Kill 1, Near Amelia Island Amelia Island, Florida Civil War Death Florida Historical Association
Union Forces Bombard Georgia's Fort Pulaski Georgia Civil War Forts University of Georgia
1864 Austrian Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian Accepts the Crown as Emperor of Mexico Mexcio Austria Austrian Mint
1865 Crowds Serenade President Lincoln throughout the Day. He Makes Extemporaneous Speeches President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Papers
President Lincoln Asks That Flags and a Navy Sword Be Provided for His Son Tad President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Papers
Robert E. Lee Bids His Troops Farewell Robert E. Lee Civil War History Channel
1887 Pope Leo XIII Formally Approves the Catholic University of America Catholicism Education Catholic University of America
1899 The Second Regiment West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Is Mustered Out of Service West Virginia Military Figures Spanish-American War West Virginia Archives
1912 Luxury Ship RMS Titanic Sets Sail from Southampton, England British History The Titanic New York Times
1918 The Congress of Oppressed Nationalities Comes to a Close in Rome Italy World War I History Channel
1919 Emiliano Zapata, Leader of Mexican Peasants, Is Assassinated In Morelos by Government Forces Mexican Political Leaders Death History Channel
1932 Paul von Hindenburg Is Elected First German President; Hitler Finishes Second Paul von Hindenburg Adolf Hitler New York Times
1938 Austria Is Made a State of Germany Germany Austria European History World War II
1941 Independent State of Croatia Is Created in Occupied Yugoslavia Croatia Yugoslavia World War II History Channel
1942 U.S. & Filipino Soldiers Begin 65-mile Bataan Death March The Fall of Bataan Japan World War II History Channel
1951 President Truman Removes Douglas MacArthur from Command of U.N. Forces in Korea Korean War President Harry Truman Douglas MacArthur Asian History
1959 Japan's Crown Prince Akihito Marries Commoner Japan New York Times
1963 U.S. Nuclear Sub Thresher Sinks 220 Miles East of Boston Naval History Nuclear Weapons Death History Channel
1972 70 nations, Including the U.S. and Soviet Union, Ban Biological Warfare Historic World Documents Cold War Crimes Technology and Society
1978 Independent State of Transkei Breaks All Diplomatic Relations with South Africa South African Government South African History
1981 Northern Ireland Elects Dying IRA Hunger Striker to the British Parliament Northern Ireland British Government Elections BBC
1987 South Africa Signs a Security Pact with the Independent States of Transkei and Ciskei South African Government South African History
1988 Self-Rule Peace Accord Reached for Northern Ireland Ireland Great Britain BBC
1993 ANC Leader Is Assassinated on the Eve of South Africa's First Democratic Elections South Africa Crime Death South African History
2006 Across the U.S. Tens of Thousands Protest Proposed Legislation to Criminalize Illegal Immigrants Congress Immigration Civil Rights/Human Rights CNN
2010 Polish President Lech Kaczynski Killed in Plane Crash Polish President Lech Kaczynski Killed in Plane Crash Air Disasters Death BBC

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