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United States: Thomas Jefferson Day
(Observed to commemorate the anniversary of the birth date of Thomas Jefferson: 04/13/1743)
Thomas Jefferson Presidential Seal
1506 Peter Faber (French Jesuit Theologian, co-Founder of the Society of Jesus) French Political & Social Leaders Catholicism
1732 Fredrick North (English Prime Minister, Author of the Tea Act That Led to the Boston Tea Party) English Political & Social Leaders American Revolution
1743 Thomas Jefferson (Virginia-born American President, Statesman) Virginia Political & Social Leaders Thomas Jefferson The American Presidency Library of Congress
1822 William Stephen Walker (Pennsylvania-born Confederate General) Pennsylvania Military Figures American Civil War Univeristy of Georgia
1832 Juan Montalvo Fiallos (Ecuadorian Educator) Ecuadoran Political & Social Leaders Education CREFAL (Spanish)
1854 Lucy Craft Laney (Georgia-born African-American Educator) Georgia Political and Social Leaders Educators of Note African-American Political and Social Leaders University of Georgia African American Registry
1873 John W. Davis (West Virginia Attorney, Statesman: Democratic Party's 1924 Nominee for U.S. President) West Virginia Political and Social Leaders Law Politics West Virginia Archives
1890 Frank Murphy (Michigan-born Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court) Michigan Political & Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1907 Harold E. Stassen (Governor of Minnesota: 1939 - 1943) Minnesota Political & Social Leaders
1933 Ben Nighthorse Campbell (Native-American U.S. Senator from Colorado, Born in California) California Political & Social Leaders Colorado Political & Social Leaders U.S. Congress Native American Political and Social Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1059 Pope Nicholas II Decrees That the Election of the Pope Will be by Cardinal Bishops Only Catholicism Religion Concordia
1534 Thomas More, Lord Chancellor of England, Refuses to Take Henry VIII's Oath to the English Succession English Political and Social Leaders Henry VIII Concordia
1598 King Henry IV of France Issues the Edict of Nantes, Granting Religious Freedom to non-Catholics French Political and Social Leaders Religion Human Rights/Civil Rights Concordia Chambers' Book of Days
1777 British Troops Route Americans at the Village of Bound Brook in Central New Jersey Great Britain New Jersey American Revolution History Channel
1813 In Alabama, Spain's Commander at Mobile's Fort Charlotte Discusses Terms of Surrender with U.S. General James Wilkinson Spain Mobile, Alabama Forts Alabama State Archives
1829 In the Emancipation Act, the British Parliament Grants Freedom of Religion to Roman Catholics Great Britain Catholicism Victorian Web Concordia
1861 Union Troops Surrender Fort Sumter, South Carolina South Carolina Fort Sumter Forts History Channel
1862 Federal Gunboat, U.S.S. Beauregard, Shells Tampa, Florida's Fort Brooke Tampa, Florida American Civil War Forts Florida Historical Society
1864 Federal Troops Destroy Two Large Salt Works in Florida Florida American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1865 News of Lee's Surrender in Virginia Reaches Confederate Troops in Florida Florida Surrender at Appomattox Robert E. Lee American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1873 White Mob Massacres Over 100 African Americans at the Grant Parish Courthouse in Colfax, Louisiana Colfax, Louisiana Terrorism African-American Heritage Death NYU School of Law (pdf)
1912 The British Royal Flying Corps is Established Great Britain Aviation History British RAF Museum
1918 German Troops Seize Helsinki from an Army of Finnish Supporters of the Russian Bolsheviks Helsinki, Finland Germany Russia World War I History Channel
1919 10,000 Protest Arrest of Two Indian Congress Party Leaders, British Troops Kill 379 and Wound 1,200 India Great Britain Death Historic UK History Channel
1941 Japan and the Soviet Union Sign a 5-year Nonaggression Pact Japanese Government Soviet Union Historic World Documents History Channel
1943 President Franklin D. Roosevelt Dedicates the Jefferson Memorial President Thomas Jefferson President Franklin Roosevelt Jefferson Memorial New York Times
1944 Martin Luther King Jr. Wins the Oratorical Contest at Atlanta's Booker T. Washington High School Atlanta, Georgia Martin Luther King Jr. Education Finearts University of Georgia
1975 Civil War Breaks Out in Lebanon When Gunmen Kill 4 Christian Phalangists Lebanon Religion War Death BBC
1983 South Africa's Defence Amendment Bill Provides Alternative Non-Military Service for Religious Objectors South Africa South African Military Figures South African History
1985 80,000 Attend Funeral for Those Killed Observing Anniversary of South Africa's Sharpeville Massacre Sharpeville Massacre South African History
1986 Pope John Paul II Visits a Rome Synagogue in First Papal Visit of Its Kind Pope John Paul II Religion Judaism Historic Firsts Concordia
1989 Six Killed in Israeli Raid on West Bank Village Palestine Israel War Death BBC
1990 Soviets Admit to WWII Massacre of 5,000 Polish Officers in Katyn Forest Poland Soviet Union World War II Fall of the Soviet Union History Channel
2002 Venezuela's Interim President Resigns after One Day in Response to Protests Venezuela CNN

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