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1738 Henry Clinton (Canadian-born Commander in Chief of British Forces in North America) Canadian Military Figures British Military Figures American Revolution History Channel
1866 José de Diego (Puerto Rican Writer, Social & Political Leader) José de Diego Latin American Political and Social Leaders
1897 Jesús T. Piñero (First Native-born Governor of Puerto Rico) Puerto Rican Political & Social Leaders Latin American Political and Social Leaders
Frederick William Winterbotham (English Code Breaker) English Mathematicians & Scientists Problem Solving Puzzles WWII History Channel
1916 George Wilbur Peck (New York-born Governor of Wisconsin) New York Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Historical Society
1923 Arch Moore (Three-Term Governor of West Virginia) West Virginia Political and Social Leaders West Virginia State Archives
1927 Joseph Ratzinger (German-born Roman Catholic Pope Benedict XVI) German Political and Social Leaders Religious Leaders and Theologians Catholic Popes The Vatican
1940 Queen Margrethe of Denmark Denmark
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1865 Robert Charles Tyler (Maryland-born Confederate General Killed in Battle at West Point, Georgia) West Point, Georgia Maryland Military Figures Battle of West Point, Georgia University of Georgia
1978 Lucius Clay (Georgia-born Military and Business Leader, Advisor to General/President Dwight Eisenhower) Georgia Military Figures U.S. Government President Dwight Eisenhower World War II Business University of Georgia
1746 Bonnie Prince Charlie's Defeat at the Battle of Culloden Moor in Scotland Ends Britain's Jacobite Uprising Scotland British History British Monarchy War Chambers Book of Days Historic UK Greenwich Guide
1789 George Washington Leaves Mt. Vernon for His Inauguration Mt. Vernon, Virginia George Washington American Presidents History Channel
1848 Congressman Abraham Lincoln Writes a Letter to His Wife from Washington, D.C. U.S. Congress Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Logs
1852 A Warrant for 40 Acres of Land Is Issued to Lincoln for Services in the Black Hawk War Illinois Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Logs
1861 The Confederate War Department Issues Its Third Troop Request From Southern States American Civil War. Florida State Historical Society
Off the Coast of Florida's Santa Rosa Island, the U.S.S. Atlantic Disembarks 1,000 Men for the Defense of Fort Pickens Florida. American Civil War Forts Naval Military History Florida State Historical Society
1862 President Lincoln Signs an Act Abolishing Slavery in the District of Columbia Washington, D.C. President Abraham Lincoln Slavery African-American Heritage Library of Congress Lincoln Logs African American Registry
Confederate Congress Makes All Southern White Men Ages 18-35 Subject to Military Service American Civil War Florida State Historical Society University of Georgia
1863 Nighttime Flotilla Delivers Union Troops for Siege of Vicksburg Mississippi The Siege of Vicksburg Naval Military History History Channel
U.S.S. Hendrick Hudson Captures the British Blockade Runner Teresa off the Florida coast Great Britain American Civil War Naval Military History Florida State Historical Society
1864 President Lincoln Authorizes Transfer of Fort Smith and Indian Territory to the Department of Arkansas Fort Smith, Arkansas President Abraham Lincoln Forts Native-American Heritage National Park Service Lincoln Logs
1865 Andrew Johnson Uses the U.S. Treasury as a Temporary White House White House Andrew Johnson U.S. Treasury
Federal Ships in Florida Ports Are Ordered to Fire Their Guns Each Half-Hour, Sunrise to Sunset, in Honor of Slain President Abraham Lincoln. Florida. President Abraham Lincoln Naval Military History Florida State Historical Society
Confederate General Robert Charles Tyler Is Killed in Battle at West Point, Georgia West Point, Georgia Maryland Military Figures Battle of West Point, Georgia Death University of Georgia
Columbus, Georgia Falls to Union General James H. Wilson in the last Civil War Battle East of the Mississippi River Columbus, Georgia Battle of Columbus, Georgia University of Georgia
1869 Ebenezer Bassett Begins His Service as the First African-American Diplomat (Haiti) Haiti Connecticut Political and Social Leaders President Grant African-American Political and Social Leaders Historic Firsts Haitian Internet
1883 Frederick Douglass Commemorates the Abolition of Slavery in the District of Columbia Washington, D.C. Slavery Frederick Douglass Library of Congress
Paul Kruger Is Elected President of the South African Republic South African Political and Social Leaders Elections South African History
1908 Theodore Roosevelt Issues Presidential Proclamation Establishing Natural Bridges National Monument Utah Parks and Landmarks Theodore Roosevelt Parks
1917 Vladimir Lenin Returns to Russia after 10-year Exile in Switzerland to Lead the Russian Revolution Vladimir Lenin History Channel
The Minnesota Commission of Public Safety Is Formed by the Legislature to "protect life and property and to aid in the prosecution of the war" Minnesota Government World War I Minnesota Historical Society
1945 New President Harry Truman Pledges to Congress He Will Carry Out the Policies of President Franklin D. Roosevelt U.S. Congress President Truman President Franklin Roosevelt New York Times
United States Congress Extends the Lend-Lease Act U.S. Congress World War II International Trade History Channel
1947 Bernard Baruch Coins the Term "Cold War" in South Carolina Speech Bernard Baruch The Cold War Historic Firsts History Channel
1953 Queen Elizabeth II Launches the Royal Yacht Britannia English Political and Social Leader Queen Elizabeth II Naval History BBC
1968 President Lyndon Johnson Arrives in Hawaii to Discuss Vietnam War Hawaii Lyndon Johnson Vietnam War History Channel
1970 Protestant Right-Winger, Ian Paisley, Wins a Seat in Northern Ireland's Parliament Northern Ireland Political and Social Leader Elections BBC
1972 United States Resumes Bombing of Hanoi and Haiphong Vietnam War Aviation Military History History Channel
1981 The South African Government Arrests Catholic Bishop Desmond Tutu and Seizes His Passport Desmond Tutu Apartheid South African History
1990 Nelson Mandela Thanks the World for Its Support in Overthrowing Apartheid South Africa Nelson Mandela Apartheid South African History
1992 David Milgaard Is Released from a Canadian Prison After Wrongfully Serving 22 Years for a Murder He Did Not Commit Canada Crime Law and Legal Resources Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
1993 United Nations Security Council Votes to Create a Safe Haven for Bosnian Muslims Under Siege in the Town of Srebrenica United Nations Bosnia Islam War BBC
2004 A Set of Shell Beads Estimated to be 75 000 Years Old Are Found in a South African Cave Overlooking the Indian Ocean South Africa Archaeology South African History

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