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Zimbabwe: Independence Day
(Commemorates independence from Great Britain: 04/18/1980)
Zimbabwe Great Britain U.S. Department of State
1817 George Henry Lewes (English Philosopher, Critic, Actor, Scientist and Editor) English Political and Social Leaders Philosopher English Authors English Performing Artists English Scientists and Mathematicians
1819 Carlos Cespedes (Cuban Revolutionary; Early Fighter for Independence from Spain) Cuban Political and Social Leaders
1857 Clarence Darrow (Ohio-born Attorney) Clarence Darrow Law
1940 Ed Garvey (Wisconsin-born Labor Leader for the Major League Baseball Players Union) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Labor Baseball
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1161 Theobald, Archbishop of Canterbury English Political and Social Leaders Religion Catholic Encyclopedia Concordia
1847 Edward Douglas White (Former Governor of Louisiana: 1835-1839) Louisiana Political and Social Leaders Politics
1853 William Rufus King (North Carolina-born Alabama Statesman: Vice-President of the United States) North Carolina Political and Social Leaders Alabama Political and Social Leaders Politics Alabama Archives
1895 Robert C. Wickliffe (Former Governor of Louisiana: 1856-1860) Louisiana Political and Social Leaders Politics
1521 Martin Luther, Defies the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V at Worms, Refusing to Recant His Writings Martin Luther Catholic Religion History Channel
1524 The Second Diet of Nuernberg Declares the Enforcement of the Edict of Worms Against Martin Luther Martin Luther Catholic Religion Concordia
1775 Paul Revere Rides Warning Patriots "the British are coming" Paul Revere The American Revolution The History Channel Writer's Almanac
1806 U.S. Non-Importation Act Blocks Importation of Certain British Goods U.S. Congress Great Britain International Trade The History Channel
1842 Juan Seguín Resigns as Mayor of San Antonio Juan Seguín San Antonio, Texas Hispanic Political and Social Leaders Texas State Historical Association
1861 Baltimore Mobs Assault Union Troops Arriving with African-American Soldiers Baltimore, Maryland American Civil War African-American History Baltimore City Paper
Union Troops Destroy the Harpers Ferry Armory and Arsenal Shortly Before Confederates Capture the Town Haprer's Ferry, West Virginia American Civil War West Virginia Archives
Confederate Troops Fail in Attempt to Bribe Federal Soldiers to Evacuate Florida's Ft. Pickens Florida American Civil War Forts Florida Historical Society
Florida Convention Unanimously Approves a Constitution of the Confederate States of America Florida American Civil War Historic U.S. Documents Florida Historical Society
Colonel Robert E. Lee Is Unofficially Offered Command of the Union Army Robert E. Lee Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Papers
1863 Union Ships Capture a Confederate Schooner and British Blockade Runner Off the Florida Coast Florida American Civil War Military Naval History Florida Historical Society
1864 Confederates Easily Defeat Union Troops at Poison Springs, Arkansas Arkansas Battle of Poison Springs Arkansas Memory Project History Channel
Union Ships Capture Confederate and British Schooners in Florida Florida American Civil War Military Naval History Florida Historical Society
Union Troops Destroy a Salt Works Near Cape San Blas in Florida's St. Joseph Bay Florida American Civil War Florida Historical Society
President Lincoln Meets with Chippewa Indian Chiefs and Provides Them a Tour of the White House The White House President Lincoln Chippewa Indians Lincoln Papers
1865 Union General Sherman and Confederate General Joseph Johnston Sign an Armistice in North Carolina North Carolina American Civil War Historic U.S. Documents University of Georgia
1874 Remains of Scottish Missionary/Explorer David Livingstone Are interred in Westminster Abbey Scottish Explorers Africa Religion Westminister Abbey Concordia
1915 Germans Shoot Down French Pilot Roland Garros France Germany Aviation Military History World War I History Channel
1922 Poland Incorporates Vilna from Lithuania Poland Lithuania European History Indiana University
1942 Jimmy Doolittle Leads U.S. Bomber Attack of Tokyo Japan Jimmy Doolittle World War II The History Channel
U.S. Military Newspaper, Stars & Stripes, Resumes Publication Journalism World War II Stars and Stripes
1946 The Final Assembly of the League of Nations Closes The League of Nations Indiana University
1949 The Republic of Ireland Is Created Ireland Great Britain European History Dublin Public Libraries (pdf) New York Times
1960 Thousands Protest Nuclear Weapons in London's Trafalgar Square London, England Nuclear Weapons BBC
1961 JFK Denies U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba Cuba Bay of Pigs Invasion Cold War History Channel
1968 London Bridge Is Sold to Americans & Rebuilt in Arizona English History Arizona Bridges London Bridge Resort and Convention Center
1974 Italian Prosecutor Mario Sossi Kidnapped by Red Brigade Italy Terrorism The History Channel
1978 U.S. Senate Approves Transfer of Panamá Canal to Panamá Panamá Canal U.S. Congress Naval History BBC
1979 Arrival of M.V. LIULINHAI in Seattle, Washington Ends 30-Year U.S. Embargo on Chinese Goods Chinese Business Seattle, Washington Naval History International Trade History Link
1980 Zimbabwe Gains Independence from Great Britain Zimbabwe Great Britain South African History
1982 To Rid Itself of British Influence, Zimbabwe Renames Its Capital City from Salisbury to Harare Zimbabwe South African History
1983 Car Bomb Demolishes the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon, Killing 63 People (17 Americans) Lebanon Terrorism Death U.S. Embassy Beirut History Channel
1988 Retired U.S. Auto Worker and Death Camp Guard Found Guilty of Nazi War Crimes Nazi Germany World War II War Crimes BBC
1989 Thousands of Students Protest Chinese Government Policies China Human Rights The History Channel
1996 Islamic Terrorists Murder Greek Tourists in Egypt, Mistaking Them for Israelis Egypt Greece Israel Islam Terrorism Death BBC

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