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Swaziland: King's Birthday
(Commemorates the birth date of King Mswati III: April 19, 1968)
King Mswati U.S. Department of State
Uruguay: Desembarco de los 33 Orientales - Patriots Day
(Commemorates the revolution of 33 patriots: 04/19/1825)
Uruguay Library of Congress
Venezuela: Independence Day
(Commemorates independence from Spain April 19, 1810)
Venezuela Spain Venezuela Embassy, Washington
1721 Roger Sherman (Massachusetts-born Signer of the Declaration of Independence) Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders Connecticut Political and Social Leaders Declaration of Independence
1807 Robert E. Lee (Virginia-born Commander of the Confederate army ) Robert E. Lee American Civil War
1832 Lucretia Garfield (Ohio-born Wife of U.S. President James Garfield) Ohio Political and Social Leaders President James Garfield
1857 Napoleon Bonaparte Broward (19th Governor of Florida: 1905-1909) Florida Political and Social Leaders Politics
1883 Getulio Vargas (Brazilian Dictator) Brazilian Political and Social Leaders The New York Times
1903 Eliot Ness (Chicago-born FBI Agent) Chicago Political and Social Leaders The FBI The History Channel
1914 Cora Brown (Alabama-born First African-American Woman Elected to a State Senate: Michigan) Alabama Political and Social Leaders Michigan Political and Social Leaders Female American Political Leaders African-American Political Leaders African American Registry
1920 Arnita Young Boswell (Detroit-born African-American Educator, Social Leader) Detroit Political and Social Leaders Educators of Note Female American Political Leaders African-American Political Leaders African American Registry
1931 Hendrik Jacobus Coetsee (South African Statesman, Political Leader) South African Political and Social Leaders South African History
1968 King Mswati III of Swaziland King Mswati
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1012 Alphege, the Archbishop of Canterbury (Martyred by the Danes in Greenwich, England) Greenwich, England Denmark Religion Death Greenwich Guide
1054 Pope Leo IX (Born in France, the First Pope in Medieval Times to Actively Seek an End to the Marriage of Priests) French Political and Social Leaders Catholicism Concordia
1390 Robert II (Robert Stuart), King of Scotland Scottish Political and Social Leaders Undiscovered Scotland
1689 Queen Christina, of Sweden Swedish Political and Social Leaders Chambers' Book of Days
1862 Louis Harvey Drowns (Governor of Wisconsin; Drowned in the Tennessee River While Leading an Expedition to Relieve the State's Troops After the Battle of Shiloh) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Battle of Shiloh Wisconsin Historical Society
1881 Benjamin Disraeli (Prime Minister of England) Benjamin Disraeli
1896 Arthur Ingram Boreman (Pennsylvania-born, First Governor of West Virginia) Pennsylvania Poltical and Social Leaders West Virginia Poltical and Social Leaders Politics West Virginia Archives
1967 Konrad Adenauer (German Chancellor) German Political & Social Leaders
1993 George S. Mickelson (Governor of South Dakota: Plane Crash in Iowa) South Dakota Political and Social Leaders Iowa Air Disasters The New York Times
529 Justinian I Is Crowned Roman Emperor in Constantinople's Santa Sophia Cathedral Turkish Political and Social Leaders Concordia
1012 Alphege, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Is Martyred by the Danes in Greenwich, England Greenwich, England Denmark Religion Death Greenwich Guide
1698 Spanish Monarchy Authorizes a Fort in Pensacola, Florida to Protect the Area from the French Spanish Government Florida Religion Florida Historical Society
1775 Revolutionary War Begins in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts Massachusetts Historic Firsts Battles of Lexington & Concord
1782 The Netherlands Recognizes the United States As a Sovereign Nation The Netherlands Reagan Library
1809 Former President Thomas Jefferson Sells an Indentured Servant to New President James Madison Thomas Jefferson James Madison Business The History Channel
1810 Caracas Venezuela City Council Establishes Home Rule Independent from Spain Venezuela Spain Country Studies
1816 President Madison Signs Enabling Act Allowing Indiana Territory to Hold a Constitutional Convention Indiana Government President James Madison Indiana State Library
1825 33 Patriot Exiles Return to Liberate Uruguay Uruguay University of Dayton
1839 Treaty of London Establishes Belgium's Sovereignty Great Britain Belgium
1861 Secessionist Mob Attack Union Troops Moving through Baltimore Maryland American Civil War Death The History Channel Lincoln Papers
Lincoln Orders the Blockade of Confederate Ports Abraham Lincoln Civil War Naval Military History History Place Lincoln Papers
Florida Flotilla of 25 Confederate Tugs and Schooners Fails in Its Attack on Two Union Ships Florida American Civil War Naval Military History Florida Historical Society
1862 President Lincoln Announces Ratification of Treaty with Potawatomi Indians of Kansas Kansas President Abraham Lincoln Potawatomi Indians Historic U.S. Documents Lincoln Papers
Wisconsin's Governor Louis Harvey Drowns on the Tennessee River While Leading an Expedition to Relieve the State's Troops After the Battle of Shiloh Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Battle of Shiloh Death Wisconsin Historical Society
1865 President Lincoln's Funeral Is Conducted in the East Room of the White House The White House Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln University of Missouri, Kansas City
On a National Day of Mourning, St. Paul, Minnesota Businesses Close, City Officials Wear Black Armbands and the Courthouse Is Draped in Black for 30 Days St. Paul, Minnesota Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln Minnesota Historical Society
1875 Kiowa Chief, White Horse (Tsen-tainte), and His Followers Surrender at Fort Sill Oklahoma Kiowa Indians Texas State Historical Association
1919 Negotiations Begin in Paris Over Italy's Claims to Territory in the Former Austro-Hungarian Empire Italy World War I European History The History Channel
1942 France's General Giraud Escapes From the Nazi Castle Prison at Konigstein France Nazi Germany World War II Yale University
1943 The Jewish Warsaw Ghetto Resistance Begins Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Nazi Germany The Holocaust WWII The History Channel
1948 The U.S. Tests a Plutonium Bomb at Eniwetok Atoll in the Marshall Islands Marshall Islands Nuclear Weapons Plutonium Asian History
1951 Relieved of His Command in Korea by Truman, General MacArthur Bids Farewell to Congress Douglas MacArthur U.S. Congress President Truman Korean War The New York Times
1959 The 14th Dalai Lama Is Given Sanctuary in India India The Dalai Lama Buddhism Asian History
1960 South West African People's Organisation is Founded in President-Day Namibia to Oppose South African Rule Namibia South Africa South African History
South Korean Students Protest the Corrupt and Authoritarian Government of President Syngman Rhee Korean Government Asian History
1971 Vietnam Veterans Begin 5-day Antiwar Protest in Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. Vietnam War Human Rights/Civil Rights The History Channel
1972 Gen. Frederic Davidson First African-American Commander of an Army Division Notable U.S. Military Leaders African-American History Historic Firsts Historymakers
1995 Bomb Destroys Oklahoma City Federal Building: 168 Die Oklahoma City Bombing Terrorism Death BBC The History Channel
1999 The German Parliament Returns to the Restored Reichstag in Berlin, Its Prewar Capital German Government World War II The New York Times
2005 German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger Chosen to be Pope Benedict XVI Religion Catholicism National Public Radio BBC

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