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Armenia: Genocide Memorial Day
(Observed in remembrance of the 1915 Turkish extermination of 1M+ Armenians)
1915 Armenia Genocide Turkey Gendercide
Niger: Concord Day
(Commemoration of the military overthrow of Hamani Diori's presidency: 4/24/1974)
1581 St. Vincent de Paul (French Religious Leader, Canonized in 1737 by Pope Clement XII) French Political and Social Leaders Catholic Saints Religion Concordia
1856 Henri-Philippe Petain (French General, WWI Hero, Head of French Vichy Government: 1940-44) French Political and Social Leaders French Military Figures World War I World War II
1876 Erich Raeder (German Naval Commander) German Military Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1931 O. P. DeWalt (Texas-born African-American President of the Houston, Texas NAACP: Assassinated) Texas Political and Social Leaders Human Rights/Civil Rights African-American Political and Social Leaders Houston NAACP Texas State Historical Association
1986 Wallis Warfield Simpson (Pennsylvania-born Duchess of Windsor) Pennsylvania Political and Social Leaders Edward VIII British Monarchy
1988 Miguel Pedraza, Sr. (Tigua Leader) Texas Political and Social Leaders Native-American Heritage Texas State Historical Association
1993 Oliver Reginald Tambo (South African Co-founder of the African National Congress with Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu) South Africa Apartheid South African History
1781 British Troops Capture Petersburg, Virginia Great Britain Virginia American Revolution History Channel
1800 President John Adams Approves $5,000 Appropriation to Purchase Books for Congress Library of Congress President John Adams Library of Congress Library of Congress
1861 President Lincoln Responds to Reverdy Johnson's Concerns About Federal Troops in Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. Maryland President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Papers
1863 Code of Conduct (General Orders 100) Issued for Federal Soldiers American Civil War Prisoners of War War War Crimes History Channel
1877 Federal Troops Are Ordered Out of New Orleans, Ending Post-Civil War Military Rule in the South. New Orleans American Civil War Reconstruction New York Times
1895 Canadian Joshua Slocum Begins the First Solo Around-the-world Voyage (3+ years) Canada Nautical History Joshua Slocum Society International
1898 Spain Declares War on the U.S. After Rejecting America's Ultimatum to Withdraw from Cuba Cuba Spain Spanish-American War New York Times
1915 Turkish Authorities Deport/Exterminate 650 Armenian Leaders 1915 Armenia Genocide Turkey WWI New York Times
1916 Easter Uprising: Irish Nationalists Storm the Dublin Post Office Declaring Ireland's Independence from England Easter Uprising English History Writer's Almanac History Channel
1931 O. P. DeWalt, President of the Houston NAACP, Is Assassinated Texas Political and Social Leaders Human Rights/Civil Rights Death African-American Political and Social Leaders Texas State Historical Association
1940 Allied Troops Evacuate Following the Surrender of Greece to the Axis Greece World War II History Channel
1941 The Detroit Tank Arsenal Delivers Its First M3 Tank Detroit, Michigan Business U.S. Military World War II State of Michigan
1944 U.S. Supreme Court Rules Freedom of Belief Is Absolute, but Freedom to Act on Beliefs Is Not U.S. Supreme Court Bill of Rights Concordia
1945 President Harry Truman Learns the Full Details of the Manhattan Project President Harry Truman Manhattan Project History Channel
1953 Winston Churchill Is Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II English Political and Social Leaders Winston Churchill Queen Elizabeth II History Channel
Oregon's Wayne Morse Breaks the U.S. Senate Record for Filibuster by Holding the Floor for 22 Hours and 26 Minutes Oregon Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Wisconsin Historical Society
1954 British Authorities Clamp Down on Mau Mau Guerillas Opposing White Settlement in Kenya Kenya Great Britain Terrorism BBC
1955 Bandung Conference of African-Asian Nations Concludes Africa Indonesia World History History Channel
1964 President Lyndon Johnson Arrives in Huntington, West Virginia to Promote His War on Poverty West Vrginia President Lyndon Johnson Community Service West Virgnia Archives
1975 Baader-Meinhof Blows Up the West German Embassy in Stockholm Germany Stockholm, Sweden Terrorism Death BBC
1980 US Military Operation Fails in Attempt to Rescue 52 Hostages in Iran Iran Iran Hostage Crisis History Channel BBC
1982 British Suffer First Casualty in the Falklands Campaign Argentina Great Britain Death BBC
1984 Carnegie Report Exposes the Poverty Caused by Apartheid in South Africa South Africa Apartheid South African History
1990 The Massachusetts Legislature Designates This Date as a Day of Remembrance of the 1915 Armenian Genocide 1915 Armenia Genocide Turkey Massachusetts WWI Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1993 IRA Bomb Devastates London London Northern Ireland Terrorism Death BBC
1996 Palestine Liberation Organization Votes to Revoke Its Call for the Destruction of Israel Palestine Israel New York Times
1997 Opening Statements Are Made in the Trial of Timothy McVeigh for the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing Oklahoma City Bombing Terrorism Law Court TV

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