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World Malaria Day
(First Declared at the 2000 African Summit on Malaria to be Observed Annually on April 25; Adopted in 2007 as a Global Observation by the World Health Organization)
Malaria Malaria Consortium (pdf)
The Bahá'í Faith: Festival of Ridván
(sunset 4/21 - sunset 5/2: commemorates Baha'u'llah's 1863 stay in "Garden of Ridvan" as God's messenger.)
The Bahá'í Faith Bahá'í Academics Resource Library
Australia & New Zealand: ANZAC Day
(Commemorates the Battle of Gallipoli Peninsula: 04/25/1915)
Australia New Zealand Turkey Battle of the Gallipoli Peninsula Australian War Memorial
Egypt: Sinai Liberation Day
(Commemorates Israel's return of the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt: 1982)
Egypt Israel Egypt State Information Service
Italy: Liberation Day
(Commemorates Italy's liberation from 20 years of fascist dictatorship: 04/25/1945)
Italy Life in Italy
Portugal: Liberty Day
(Commemorates coup leading to a parliamentary democracy: 04/25/1974)
Portugal KidLink
Swaziland: National Flag Day
(Commemoration of Great Britain granting Swaziland the right of self rule: 4/25/1967)
Swaziland Great Britain Swaziland Embassy, Washington D.C.
United States: National DNA Day
(Commemoration of the 2003 Completion of the Human Genome Project and the 1953 Discovery of DNA's Double Helix)
United States National DNA Day National Human Genome Research Institute
1215 Saint Louis IX (King of France) Saint Louis IX Catholic Saints The Catholic Encyclopedia
1284 King Edward II of England (The First Prince of Wales) English History Edward II
1599 Oliver Cromwell (Lord Protector of the British Commonwealth) Oliver Cromwell
1923 Arnold Miller (West Virginia-born President of the United Mine Workers of America from 1972 to 1979) West Virginia Political and Social Leaders Labor Unions United Mine Workers of America West Virginia Archives
1906 William J Brennan (New Jersey-born, Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court) New Jersey Political and Social Leaders United States Supreme Court Oyez
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
799 Pope Saint Leo III Is Attacked, His Eyes Stabbed and His Tongue Torn Roman Empire Catholicism Concordia
1775 British Troops Remove 15 Half-barrels of Gunpowder from the Williamsburg, Virginia Powder Magazine Williamsburg, Virginia Colonial Virginia American Revolution Virginia Historical Society
1781 Cornwallis Retreats to Wilmington, North Carolina, After Being Defeated at Guilford Courthouse Wilmington, North Carolina American Revolution The History Channel
1793 Pope Pius VI Establishes the Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas Louisiana Catholicism Archdiocese of New Orleans Louisiana Secretary of State
1804 Town of Uitenhage, South Africa Is Founded Uitenhage, South Africa Civil War South African History
1825 Survivors of Failed Sierra Leone Colony Arrive at Cape Mesurado Sierra Leone Liberia African-American History Library of Congress
1835 The Mexican Congress Repeals All Land Colonization Laws to Reduce the Number of Anglos Receiving Grants in New Mexico and Texas Mexico New Mexico Texas Hispanic Heritage New Mexico Magazine
1838 Convention of Limits Settles Boundary Dispute Between U.S. and Republic of Texas Republic of Texas Historic U.S. Documents Texas State Historical Association
1859 Ground Is Broken for the Suez Canal Suez Canal The History Channel
1861 500 Federal Troops Surrender to Confederate Forces At the Texas Port of Saluria in Calhoun County Calhoun County, Texas American Civil War Texas State Historical Association
1862 Union Admiral David Farragut Captures New Orleans New Orelans David Farragut Civil War Naval History The History Channel
1864 At Marks' Mills, Arkansas, Confederate Troops Capture a Union Supply Train and Masacre the African-Americans in the Party Arkansas Battle of Marks' Mills Death African-American Heritage The History Channel Encycloepdia of Arkansas Arkansas History Commission
President Lincoln Reviews 30,000 Troops on Their Way to Reinforce the Army of the Potomac President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Papers
1865 President Lincoln's Funeral Train Departs New York City After 120,000 File Past the Casket New York City Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln Railroad New York  Historical Society
1866 Mississippi Women Observe First Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers Mississippi Memorial Day Civil War Death Historic Firsts University of Virginia
1875 Three Black Seminole Scouts Earn the Medal of Honor Rescuing Their Commander from Comanches Texas Medal of Honor African American Military Figures Seminole Indians Texas State Historical Association
1898 The U.S. Declares War on Spain Spain Spanish-American War Library of Congress
The Iowa National Guard Is Mobilized for the Spanish-American War Spain Iowa Spanish-American War Iowa National Guard State Historical Society of Iowa
Indiana's Governor James A. Mount Issues an Urgent Call for Volunteers for the War with Spain Spain Indiana Spanish-American War Indiana Historical Society
Arkansas Is to Provide 125,000 Troops for the War with Spain Spain Arkansas Military Figures Spanish-American War Arkansas History Commission
1915 Allies Launch Misguided Large-scale Invasion of the Turkish-controlled Gallipoli Peninsula Australia New Zealand Turkey Battle of the Gallipoli Peninsula Australian War Memorial
1945 Representatives of 50 Countries Meet in San Francisco to Draw Up UN Charter San Francisco World Government United Nations New York Times
U.S. Makes Final Industrial Bombing Run Against Skoda Arms Plant in Pilsen Nazi Germany World War II 398th Bomb Group Memorial Association
Allied and Russian Forces Completely Encircle Berlin Berlin World War II The History Channel
1964 William Westmoreland Is Appointed U.S. Commander in Vietnam President Lyndon Johnson Vietnam War The History Channel
1967 Britain Grants Right of Self Rule to Swaziland Swaziland Great Britain
1982 British Marines Land in the Falkland Islands Argentina Great Britain War BBC
1983 Soviet Leader Andropov Writes Letter to American 5th-grader, Samantha Smith Yuri Andropov Samantha Smith Ronald Reagan Cold War The History Channel
1990 Violeta de Chamorro Is Inaugurated as the President of Nicaragua Nicaragua Political and Social Leaders Library of Congress New York Times
1992 Islamic Forces Take Control of Afghanistan's Capital of Kabul Afghanistan Islam New York Times

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