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Sierra Leone: Independence Day
(Commemorates Independence from Great Britain: 04/27/1961)
Sierra Leone Great Britain BBC
South Africa: Freedom Day
(Commemorates the first free elections in the history of South Africa: 04/26-29/1994)
Freedom Day Apartheid
Togo: Independence Day
(Commemorates Independence from France: 04/27/1960)
Togo France
1759 Mary Wollstonecraft (English Writer, Women's Rights Advocate) English Political & Social Leaders Civil Rights/Human Rights Women
1820 Herbert Spencer (English Sociologist and Philosopher) English Political & Social Leaders Philosophy
1822 Ulysses S. Grant (Ohio-born General, 18th President of the United States) Ulysses S. Grant The American Presidency American Military Leaders American Civil War
1843 Brother Ira Joseph Dutton (Wisconsin-born Trappist Monk, Humanitarian) Wisconsin Poliitcal and Social Leaders Religious Leaders and Theologians Wisconsin Historical Society
1927 Coretta Scott King (Alabama-born African-American Civil Rights Leader; Wife of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) Coretta Scott King Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Civil Rights/Human Rights African-American Political and Social Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1907 Rufus Bullock (New York-born Reconstruction Governor of Georgia) New York Political and Social Leaders Georgia Political and Social Leaders Reconstruction University of Georgia
1521 Ferdinand Magellan (Portuguese Explorer) Ferdinand Magellan Explorers Asian History
1961 Kwame Nkrumah (First President of Ghana) Ghana Political and Social Leaders
1969 Rene Barrientos Ortuno (President of Bolivia) Bolivia Air Disasters
1509 Pope Julius II Julius II Dispatches Troops to Restore Order in Rebel Venice Italy Catholicism Catholic Encyclopedia New York Times
1521 Portuguese Explorer Ferdinand Magellan Is Killed In the Philippines The Philippines Ferdinand Magellan Explorers Death History Channel Asian History
1688 England's James II Reissues His Declaration of Religious Indulgence Promising Freedom of Conscience English Political and Social Leaders James II Religion Concordia
1773 The British Tea Act Lowers the Tea Tax Giving the East India Company a Tea Monopoly in the Americas British Government Monopolies Taxes History Channel
1805 A Force Led by U.S. Marines Capture the City of Derna, on the Shores of Tripoli Tripoli History Channel
1861 President Lincoln Suspends Writ of Habeas Corpus Along Routes of Troop Movements Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Writ of Habeas Corpus Lincoln Papers
President Lincoln Extends the Federal Blockade to Ports of North Carolina and Virginia North Carolina Virginia Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Papers
1864 Lincoln Congratulates Governor Murphy on the Successful Organization of Arkansas' State Government Arkansas Government Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Papers
U.S.S. Honeysuckle Captures the British Schooner Miriam in the Gulf of Mexico Florida American Civil War Naval Military History Florida Historical Society
1865 Steamer Sultana Explodes on the Mississippi, 1,400 Union Prisoners of War Die Mississippi River Sinking of the Sultana American Civil War Death History Channel Technology and Society
U.S.S. Pontiac Is Dispatched From Florida Today to Prevent Jefferson Davis From Escaping to Cuba Cuba Florida Jefferson Davis Naval Military History Florida Historical Society
1871 West Virginia Restores the Voting Rights of Confederate Supporters West Virginia Government Voting Rights American Civil War West Virginia Archives
1909 Sultan Abdul Hamid Is Deposed Three Days after Losing Control of Constantinople Turkey Classic Encyclopedia of 1911
1916 British Attempt to Negotiate the Escape of Thousands of Troops Under Siege at the City of Kut-al-Amara British Military Figures Kut-al-Amara, Iraq World War I History Channel
1941 German Forces Enter Athens, Greece Athens, Greece Nazi Germany World War II History Channel
1945 Russian and American Troops Link at the River Elbe in Germany Germany World War II BBC
Allies Rejects Peace Offer From German SS Chief Heinrich Himmler Heinrich Himmler World War II The Holocaust Project
Admiral Suzuki Kantaro Becomes Japan's Third Prime Minister within a Year Japanese Political and Social Leaders World War II Asian History
1950 Great Britain Recognizes the State of Israel Great Britain Israel Jewish Agency for Israel Concordia
The Communist-controlled National Catholic Church Is Created in Romania Romania Religion The Cold War Concordia
1951 General Douglas MacArthur Visits Milwaukee, Wisconsin Milwaukee, Wisconsin Douglas MacArthur U.S. Military Figures Wisconsin Historical Society
1960 Togo Gains Its Independence from France Togo France South African History
Religious Protesters Burn the Communist Party Headquarters in Nowa Huta, Poland Polish Government Religion The Cold War Concordia
1961 Sierra Leone Gains Its Independence from Great Britain Sierra Leone Great Britain BBC South African History
1968 Vice President Humphrey to Seek Democratic Presidential Nomination Hubert Humphrey The American Presidency Elections U.S. Congress President Lyndon Johnson History Channel
1971 Protest Disrupts Welsh Language Trial Wales World Languages BBC
1973 During the Watergate Scandal, Acting FBI Director L. Patrick Gray Resigns The Watergate Scandal The FBI Washington Post New York Times
1978 Afghanistan's President Daoud Overthrown by Procommunist Rebels Afghanistan Country Studies History Channel
1982 John W. Hinckley Jr. Goes on Trial for Shooting President Reagan President Ronald Reagan Crime Law & Legal Resources University of Missouri Kansas City New York Times
1984 11-day Siege of the Libyan Embassy in London Ends Peacefully Libya Great Britain BBC
1987 U.S. Bars Entry of Austrian President Kurt Waldheim for Nazi War Crimes Austrian Political and Social Leaders Nazi Germany War Crimes Reagan Library
1990 South African Communist, Joe Slovo, Ends 27-year Exile for Peace Talks South Africa CNN
1992 Serbia and Montenegro Adopt Constitution as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia U.S. Department of State New York Times
British House of Commons Elects Its First Female Speaker Great Britain Women Historic Firsts BBC
1993 Eritrea Declares Independence from Ethiopia after 30 Years of Civil War Eritrea Ethiopia U.S. Department of State
China and Taiwan Open Two Days of High-level Talks in Singapore China Taiwan Singapore Taiwan Security Research
1994 First Multi-racial Elections Are Held in South Africa (Apr 26-29) South Africa Elections Historic Firsts Photius

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