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United Nations: World Press Freedom Day
(Observed annually on May 3 as per UN Resolution 4.3 adopted 1991)
United Nations Freedom of the Press
Japan: Constitution Day (Kenpo Kinenbi)
(Observed to commemorate adoption of the Japanese constitution: 05/03/1947)
Japan U.S. Department of State Japan Guide
Poland: Constitution Day
(Observed to commemorate adoption of the Polish constitution: 05/03/1791)
Poland Polish American Congress University of Buffalo
1855 Josephine Allensworth (Kentucky-born African-American Founder of Allensworth, California) Josephine Allensworth California Educators of Note African American Political and Social Leaders
1898 Septima Poinsette Clark (South Carolina-born African-American Educator and Civil Rights Activist) Septima Poinsette Clark Educators of Note Human Rights/Civil Rights African American Political and Social Leaders
Golda Meir (Prime Minister of Israel) Golda Meir Israeli Political and Social Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1989 Charlotte Day (Minnesota-born Native-American Educator) Minnesota Political and Social Leaders Native-American Political and Social Leaders Educators of Note
2000 Cardinal John O'Connor (Pennsylvania-born Catholic Archbishop of New York) Pennsylvania Political and Social Leaders New York Political and Social Leaders Catholicism Religious Leaders and Theologians
996 Gregory V Is Made the First German Pope German Political and Social Leaders Catholic Popes Historic Firsts Concordia
1791 Poland Ratifies the First Democratic Constitution in Europe Poland Historic World Documents Historic Firsts Polish-American Center
1841 New Zealand Is Declared a British Colony Great Britain New Zealand Historic UK
1859 France Declares War on Austria France Austria European History War French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1861 President Lincoln Calls for an Additional 42,000 Volunteer Federal Troops President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Papers
The Confederate Congress Approves a Bill Installing Chaplains in Confederate Armies American Civil War Religion Concordia
1862 Federal Steamer, R. R. Cuyler, Captures the Confederate Schooner Jane Off Florida's Gulf Coast Florida American Civil War Naval Military History Florida Historical Society
1863 Confederates Continue to Outmaneuver Union Troops at Chancellorsville Virginia Battle of Chancellorsville The History Channel
President Lincoln Telegraphs General Butterfield Asking for Information from Chancellorsville President Abraham Lincoln Battle of Chancellorsville Lincoln Papers
Confederate Forces Capture a Union Squad at Rome, Georgia Rome, Georgia American Civil War University of Georgia
1864 President Lincoln Asks for Cabinet Input About Massacre of Federal Troops at Fort Pillow, Tennessee Tennessee President Abraham Lincoln Fort Pillow Lincoln Papers
1865 President Lincoln's Funeral Train Arrives in Springfield, Illinois Illinois Abraham Lincoln Railroad Smithsonian Institution
Federal Forces Block Key Biscayne, Florida to Prevent Jefferson Davis's Escape to Cuba or the Bahamas Cuba The Bahamas Key Biscayne, Florida Jefferson Davis Florida Historical Society
1916 Irish Nationalists Are Executed by the British for Their Roles in the Easter Uprising Easter Uprising Great Britain Capital Punishment New York Times
1942 Japanese Forces Land at Tulagi on the Northern Side of the Coral Sea Japan Battle of Coral Sea U.S. Navy The History Channel
1945 Indian Forces Capture Rangoon, Burma from the Japanese Rangoon, Burma Indian Military Figures Japan World War II New York Times
1946 International War Crimes Trial of 28 Japanese Military and Government Officials Begins Japanese Political and Social Leaders World War II War Crimes Law The History Channel
1947 Japan's New Democratic Constitution Goes into Effect Japan Historic World Documents The History Channel
1948 U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Racially Restrictive Housing Covenants U.S. Supreme Court Housing Racism Oyez
1951 U.S. Senate Holds Hearings into Truman's Dismissal of McArthur Douglas MacArthur U.S. Sentate Truman The History Channel
1952 The First Airplane Is Landed at the Geographic North Pole The Arctic Aviation History Historic Firsts The History Channel
1959 Having Passed through the Newly Opened St. Lawrence Seaway, British Freighter Ramon de Larrinaga Is the First Deep Ocean Ship to Enter Duluth, Minnesota's Harbor Great Britain Duluth, Minnesota Naval History Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Society
1968 Paris Is Chosen As Site for Vietnam War Peace Talks Paris Vietnam War The History Channel
1971 Antiwar Demonstrators Attempt to Shut Down Washington, D.C.: 7,000 Are Arrested Washington, D.C. Vietnam War New York Times
1983 The National Conference of Catholic Bishops Votes 238-9 Condemning Nuclear Weapons Nuclear Weapons Catholicism Concordia
1986 Margaret Thatcher Becomes Great Britain's First Female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher British Government Women Historic Firsts New York Times
Tamil Tiger Bomb Kills 21 Aboard a Sri Lanka Passenger Jet Sri Lanka Air Disasters Terrorism Death BBC
1990 New Parliament of the Soviet Republic of Latvia Meets to Discuss Independence from Moscow Latvia Soviet Union BBC
2000 The Trial of Two Suspects in the Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 Begins in the Netherlands The Netherlands Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 Terrorism Law CNN
2001 The United States Is Voted Off the U.N. Human Rights Commission in Geneva United Nations Human Rights CNN

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