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Kyrgyzstan: Constitution Day
(Commemorates the adoption of the Kyrgyzstan Constitution: May 5, 1993)
Kyrgyzstan U.S. Department of State
Mexico: Cinco de Mayo
(Celebration of the Mexican victory in the Battle of Puebla, May 5, 1862)
Cinco de Mayo U.S. Department of State Mexico Online Library of Congress
Thailand: Coronation Day
(Commemorates the coronation of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej May 5, 1950)
Thailand U.S. Department of State Thailand-UK
1747 Leopold II (Austrian Holy Roman Emperor: 1790-92) Austrian Political and Social Leaders Religion
1809 Frederick Barnard (Massachusetts-born President of Columbia College: 1864-1889) Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders Education Columbia College
1818 Karl Marx (German Political Philosopher and Economist; Author of "The Communist Manifesto") Karl Marx Philosophy
1865 Adam Clayton Powell, Sr. (Virginia-born African-American Religious and Social Leader) Adam Clayton Powell, Sr. Religion African-American Political and Social Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
755 Saint Boniface (British Benedictine Missionary, the "Apostle of the Germans") British Political and Social Leaders German Political and Social Leaders Catholicism
1821 Napoleon Bonaparte (French General and Political Leader) France Napoleon Bonaparte
1981 Bobby Sands (Irish Republican Army Hunger-Striker: Died at the Maze Prison in Northern Ireland) Ireland Great Britain The History Channel
2010 Umaru Yar'Adua (President of Nigeria) Umaru Yar'Adua
1769 Local Native Chiefs Cede Hog Island (Detroit's Belle Isle) to the British Great Britain Detroit, Michigan Native American Heritage Belle Isle Park Historical Society of Michigan (pdf)
1799 U.S. Troops Raise the American Flag Above Alabama Soil for the First Time Alabama American Flag Historic Firsts Alabama Archives
1832 U.S. Law Includes First Smallpox Vaccinations for Native Americans U.S. Government Native-American Heritage Smallpox Law Historic Firsts IntelliHealth
1861 Baltimore Committee Urges President Lincoln to Recognize the Independence of the Southern States Maryland Political Leaders President Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Papers
Governor of Connecticut Assures President Lincoln of His State's Support Connecticut Political Leaders President Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Papers
1862 Mexican Troops Defend the Town of Puebla Against French Aggressors Cinco de Mayo Mexico Online Library of Congress
1863 The U.S.S. Tahoma Captures the Schooner Crazy Jane Carrying Turpentine and Cotton Near Florida's Charlotte Harbor Florida Naval Military History American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1864 Grant and Lee Clash in the Wilderness Forest West of Chancellorsville, Virginia Virginia Ulysses S. Grant Robert E. Lee Battle of the Wilderness History Channel
Sherman's Troops Depart Chattanooga, Tennessee; Beginning Their March to Atlanta Chattanooga, Tennessee Atlanta, Georgia Sherman's March to Atlanta University of Georgia
1877 Sitting Bull Leads a Band of Followers into Canada Seeking Safe Haven from the U.S. Army Canada Sitting Bull Westward Expansion U.S. Army The History Channel
1903 President Theodore Roosevelt Visits Santa Fe, New Mexico Santa Fe, New Mexico President Theodore Roosevelt American Presidency New Mexico Magazine
1941 Allies Defeat Italians in Ethiopia, Haile Selassie's Troops Occupy Addis Ababa Ethiopia Italy World War II The History Channel
1945 German Command Surrenders All Armed Forces in Holland and Denmark The Netherlands Denmark Nazi Germany World War II Yale University
A Japanese Balloon Bomb Explodes on Gearhart Mountain, Oregon, Killing Six Japan Oregon Hot Air Balloons World War II Death New York Times
1950 King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) of Thailand Is Crowned King Bhumibol Adulyadej Mahidol University
1955 U.S., France, Great Britain End 10 Years of Military Occupation, Declaring West Germany a Sovereign State Germany European History The History Channel
Jonas Salk Promotes Polio Vaccine in Great Britain Great Britain Jonas Salk Polio BBC
1980 The Siege of the Iranian Embassy in London Ends with a Raid by SAS Commandos Iran London Death BBC
1981 Irish Republican Army's Bobby Sands Dies on 66th Day of Prison Hunger Strike Ireland Great Britain Death The History Channel BBC
1993 Kyrgyzstan Adopts Its Constitution Kyrgyzstan CIA World Factbook
2002 French President Jacques Chirac Wins Landslide Re-election over Extremist France Elections BBC
2005 Tony Blair Wins an Historic Third Term for Britain's Labour Party British Government Tony Blair Elections BBC

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