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Bulgaria: Gergyovden (St. George's Day)/Army Day
(Observed primarily by farmers and the military of the orthodox feast day for St. George)
Bulgaria U.S. Department of State
Lebanon and Syria: Martyrs' Day
(Commemoration of hanging of 21 Syrians and Lebanese by Turkish authorities: May 6, 1916)
Lebanon Syria Turkey U.S. Department of State Arabic News
1740 John Penn (Virginia-born Signer of Declaration of Independence From North Carolina) Virginia Political and Social Leaders North Carolina Political and Social Leaders Declaration of  Independence
1754 Thomas William Coke, Earl of Leicester (56-year Member of the British Parliament) English Political and Social Leaders British Parliament Historic UK
1758 Maximilien Robespierre (French Jacobin Leader, Principal Figure in the French Revolution) French Political and Social Leaders French Revolution
1812 Martin R. Delany (West Virginia-born African-American Military Leader, Rights Advocate, Journalist) Martin R. Delany American Military Leaders Rights Journalism African American Military Figures)
1868 Nicholas II (Last Czar of Russia) Nicholas II
1875 William Leahy (Iowa-born Admiral; U.S. Chief of Staff During World War II) Iowa Military Figures Naval Military History World War II
1953 Tony Blair (Scottish-born Prime Minister of Great Britain) Tony Blair British Political & Social Leaders British Parliament
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1910 Edward VII, King of England British History Edward VII
1952 Maria Montessori (Italian Educator) Maria Montessori Educator of Note
1527 Spaish Mercenaries Begin an 8-Day Sacking of the Vatican & Rome, Stealing Treasures and Killing 12,000 Italy The Vatican Death The Vatican
1682 King Louis XIV Moves His Court to Versailles, France France Chateau Versailles
1794 Haitian Leader, Toussaint L'Ouverture, Joins French Forces Against Haiti Haiti France Webster University
1861 A Statewide Convention Adopts an Ordinance of Secession, Making Arkansas the 9th Southern State to Secede Arkansas American Civil War The Old State House Museum New York Times University of Georgia
President Jefferson Davis Signs an Act of the Confederate Congress Recognizing a State of War Between the U.S. and Confederacy Jefferson Davis American Civil War Historic U.S. Documents University of Georgia
1864 Battle of the Wilderness Continues for a Second Day Virginia Battle of the Wilderness The History Channel Texas State Historical Association
Confederate General Janes Longstreet Wounded at the Battle of the Wilderness General Longstreet Virginia Battle of the Wilderness Library of Congress
Texas Merchant Leonard Karpeles Earns the Medal of Honor Texas Military Figures Battle of the Wilderness American Military Figures Texas State Historical Association
1877 In Nebraska, Sioux Warrior Crazy Horse Surrenders His Band of 889 Persons at Camp Robinson Nebraska Chief Crazy Horse Native-American Studies Nebraska State Histroical Society
1882 President Arthur Signs the Chinese Exclusion Act Essentially Barring Further Chinese Immigration China Chinese Immigrants President Chester Arthur Law Asian-American Heritage Yale University New York Times
1889 The Paris Exposition Formally Opens, Featuring the Just-Completed Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower New York Times
1915 Allied Troops Suffer over 7,000 Casualties in a Second Failed Attempt to Capture the Village of Krithia on the Gallipoli Peninsula Turkey Battle of the Gallipoli Peninsula Death The History Channel
1916 Turkish Authorities Hang 21 Syrians and Lebanese for Anti-Turkish Activities Lebanon Syria Trukey Arabic News
1942 All American Troops in the Philippines Surrender Unconditionally Philippines Japan World War II The History Channel New Mexico Magazine
1944 Soviet Forces Launch Their Final Offensive on the Crimean City of Sevastopol Soviet Union Ukraine WWII
1945 Axis Sally Makes Her Final Propaganda Broadcast to Allied Troops World War II Radio Propaganda History Net
1960 President Eisenhower Signs the Civil Rights Act of 1960 Dwight Eisenhower Civil Rights Historic U.S. Documents African-American Heritage African American Registry
England's Princess Margaret Marries Anthony Armstrong Jones, a Commoner, at Westminster Abbey England Princess Margaret Westminster Abbey BBC
1962 The First Nuclear Warhead is Detonated from a Polaris Submarine Nuclear Weapons Naval History Historic Firsts Nevada Department of Energy
1975 The South African Government Announces Its Intention to Provide Free and Compulsory Education for Black Children South African Education Education Apartheid Child Advocacy South African History
1986 Donald Pelotte Ordained as First Native-American Roman Catholic Bishop Catholicism Native-American Studies Historic Firsts Diocese of Gallup
1990 In South Africa, P.W. Botha Resigns from the National Party in Protest Against President F.W. de Klerk's Reform Proposals South African Political and Social Leaders Apartheid South African History
1992 Former Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev Reviews the Cold War in Missouri College Speech Missouri Mikhail Gorbachev Cold War The History Channel
1994 Queen Elizabeth II and France's President Francois Mitterrand Formally Open the Channel Tunnel (Chunnel) between England and France Francois Mitterrand England Queen Elizabeth II The Chunnel Architecture Railroad BBC The History Channel
1996 South African President, Nelson Mandela, and Mozambique President, Joaquim Chissano, Sign an Agreement on Farming and Investments Nelson Mandela Mozambique Political and Social Leaders Farming and Agriculture Economics Historic Documents South African History
1999 The First Elections Are Held for the Welsh General Assembly Since the Reign of England's King Edward I in the 13th Century Welsh Government England King Edward I Voting BBC
The Election of the Scottish Parliament Is Conducted for the First Time Since 1707 Scottish Government England Voting BBC
2001 In Syria, Pope John Paul II Is the First Pope to Enter a Mosque Syria Pope John Paul II Islam Religion Historic Firsts New York Times
2002 Myanmar Opposition Leader Aung San Suu Kyi Is Freed After 19 Months of House Arrest Myanmar Human Rights/Civil Rights 1991 Nobel Laureate for Peace New York Times
2007 Nicolas Sarkozy Is Elected President of France French Political and Social Leaders Elections CNN

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