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Former Soviet States: Victory Day
(Commemorates the Soviet Union's victory over NAZI Germany: 05/09/1945)
Soviet Union Nazi Germany World War II U.S. Department of State Canadian Immigration
1842 Henry Clay Warmoth (Illinois-born Governor of Louisiana: 1868-1872) Louisiana Political and Social Leaders Illinois Political and Social Leaders Politics
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1791 Francis Hopkinson (Pennsylvania-born Composer, Signer of the Declaration of Indpendence) Francis Hopkinson Declaration of Independence Constitutional Convention
1087 Blessed Victor III Is Enthroned As Pope Italian Political and Social Leaders Catholic Popes Catholic Forum Concordia
1671 Attempted Theft of the British Crown Jewels Fails Great Britain King Charles I Crime Chambers' Book of Days The History Channel
1502 Columbus Leaves Spain, 4th & Final Trip to "New World" Spain Christopher Columbus World History NY Times
1671 Attempted Theft of the British Crown Jewels Fails Great Britain King Charles I Crime Chambers' Book of Days The History Channel
1813 William Henry Harrison's Troops Repel British Attack on Fort Meigs Ft. Meigs Forts William Henry Harrison War of 1812 The History Net
1832 Fifteen Seminole Chiefs Agree to Cede Their Lands in Florida to the United States Florida Seminole Indians Florida Historical Society
1859 The French Army Forces Austrians Back Across Italy's River Sesia France Austria Italy
1860 Abraham Lincoln Addresses the Illinois Republican State Convention in Decatur Illinois Political and Social Leaders Abraham Lincoln Illinois Republican Party Lincoln Papers
1862 Union General Hunter Orders Emancipation of FL, GA, SC Slaves Florida Georgia South Carolina American Civil War Slavery University of Maryland
Confederate Forces Evacuate Pensacola, Florida, Torching All Military Installations and Property Pensacola, Florida American Civil War Pensacola, Florida Florida Historical Society
1864 Union Troops Advance Through Georgia's Snake Creek Gap Georgia American Civil War The History Channel University of Georgia
Union General John Sedgewick Shot and Killed at Spotsylvania Battle at Spotsylvania Death
Commander of Atlanta Issues a Call for All Persons 16-60 Not Already Serving the Confederacy Atlanta, Georgia Fall of Atlanta University of Georgia
President Lincoln Responds to Spontaneous Serenade Outside the White House The White House Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Papers
1915 Allies Launch Dual Offensive on Western Front France Germany World War I The History Channel
1927 Duke of York Opens Australia's Provisional Parliament House in Canberra Australia Australian National Archives
1936 Italy Annexes Ethiopia Italy Ethiopia European History University of San Diego NY Times
1941 British Capture German Submarine U-110 & Its Enigma Coding Machine Great Britain Nazi Germany World War II BBC
1945 Nazi Germany Surrenders to the Soviets Among the Ruins of Berlin Berlin, Germany Soviet Union Nazi Germany Documents of Surrender Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Herman Goering Is Captured by the U.S. Seventh Army Herman Goering World War II The History Channel
1946 King Victor Emmanuel II of Italy Abdicates His Throne Italy CNN
1949 Germany Adopts a New Flag Germany CRW Flags
Prince Rainier III Is Crowned 30th Monarch of Monaco Monaco Political and Social Leaders  Monte-Carlo Multimedia Monaco
1955 West Germany Joins NATO Germany World Government Cold War BBC The History Channel
1960 British Commonwealth Nations Consider Sanctions Against South Africa's Apartheid Policy The British Commonwealth Apartheid Racism South African History
1966 Bram Fischer, South African Communist and Anti-Apartheid Activist, Is Sentenced to Life in Prison Apartheid Racism Law South African History
1972 Israeli Commandos Storm Hijacked Jet in Tel Aviv, Releasing the 100 People Held on Board Israel Terrorism Aviation History BBC
1974 House Committee Begins Nixon Impeachment Hearings U.S. House Richard Nixon Law and Legal Resources The History Channel
1979 24 Die When San Salvador Police Fire on Anti-government Protesters Outside a Cathedral El Salvador Death BBC
1983 Pope John Paul II Concedes Galileo Suffered from Church's Condemnation Galileo Galilei Pope John Paul II The Catholic Church Internet Christian Library Concordia
1994 South Africa's Parliament Selects Nelson Mandela as President South African Government Nelson Mandela Politics and Elections NY Times
U.S. Centers for Disease Control Identifies Ebola Virus Outbreak in Zaire Deomcratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) Ebola Virus Centers for Disease Control National Academies Press
1999 Chinese Protest Accidental Bombing of Chinese Embassy in Belgrade China Yugoslavia Aviation Military History BBC

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