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MAY 11

1844 Samuel R. Van Sant (Illinois-born 15th Governor of Minnesota) Illinois Political and Social Leaders Minnesota Political and Social Leaders
1852 Charles Warren Fairbanks (Ohio-born Vice President of the United States; Namesake of Fairbanks, Alaska) Ohio Political and Social Leaders Fairbanks, Alaska
1891 Henry, Jr. Morgenthau (New York City-born Secretary of the U.S. Treasury: 1934-45) New York City Political and Social Leaders Secretary of the Treasury President Franklin Roosevelt
1933 Louis Farrakhan (New York City-born African-American Muslim Leader) New York City Political and Social Leaders African-American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
1949 Janice Rogers Brown (Alabama-born African-American Federal Judge) Alabama Political and Social Leaders American Women Political and Social Leaders African-American Political and Social Leaders Law African American Registry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1778 William Pitt the Elder (English Statesman) English Political & Social Leaders
1812 Spencer Perceval (Prime Minister of England, Assassination) English Political and Social Leaders Greenwich Guide Chambers' Book of Days
1988 Kim Philby (British Secret Intelligence Service Officer and Soviet Double Agent) Notorious British Cold War History Channel
1991 Ho Dam (Senior Member of North Korea's Communist Party) Korea
341 Constantinople Is Dedicated as the New Capital of the Roman Empire Roman Empire Turkey The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople Concordia
973 Edgar the Peaceful Is Crowned at Bath as King of All England English Political and Social Leaders British Monarchy Historic UK
1647 Peter Stuyvesant Arrives in New Amsterdam to Become Governor Peter Stuyvesant New Netherlands University of Groningen New York Times
1729 James Oglethorpe's Jails Committee Releases Its Final Report on Abuses in London's Prisons London, England Prisons University of Georgia
1776 General Washington Recommends Using German-American Troops to Combat Britain's German Mercenaries German Military Figures George Washington American Revolution History Channel
1812 British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval Is Assassinated by John Bellingham in the House of Commons British Political and Social Leaders Death Greenwich Guide Chambers' Book of Days
1846 President Polk Formally Declares War Against Mexico in Address to Congress Mexico U.S. Congress President James K. Polk Mexican-American War Yale University
1864 Confederate Cavalry General J.E.B. Stuart Is Mortally Wounded J.E.B. Stuart American Civil War History Channel
1865 Alexander Stephens, Vice President of the Confederate States of America, Is Arrested Georgia Political and Social Leaders American Civil War University of Georgia
1867 European Powers Guarantee Independence & Neutrality of Duchy of Luxembourg Luxembourg European History The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
1869 The Lindbergh Colony of Swedish Immigrants Arrives in St. Paul, Minnesota and Will Eventually Settle in Sherburne County Sweden St. Paul, Minnesota Immigration Minnesota Historical Society
1943 U.S. Forces Attack to Recapture Aleutians' Attu Island from the Japanese Japan Alaska World War II National Park Service
1944 Allied Forces Launch a Major Offensive in Central Italy Italy World War II The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority History Channel
1946 The First CARE Packages for Europe Arrive at Le Havre, France France European History CARE New York Times
1949 Israel Is Admitted As the 59th Member of the United Nations Israel United Nations History Channel
The Country of Siam Changes Its Name to Thailand Thailand New York Times
1956 Ghana Is First Black African Nation to be Granted Independence from Britain England Ghana Africa Historic Firsts The BBC
1960 Israeli Agents Capture Nazi Adolf Eichmann in Argentina Argentina Israel Adolf Eichmann The Holocaust PBS
1961 President Kennedy Orders More Troops to South Vietnam President John F. Kennedy Vietnam War History Channel
1963 Moscow Tribunal Sentences British Businessman/Spy to Eight Years Detention Great Britain Soviet Union The Cold War The BBC
1967 Britain, Denmark and Ireland Apply to Join European Economic Community England Denmark Ireland European History CNN
1973 Judge Dismisses Charges Against Daniel Ellsberg for Role in Pentagon Papers The Pentagon Papers Law & Legal Resources New York Times
1985 52 Soccer Fans Die When Fire Sweeps England's Bradford Stadium England Soccer Fire Safety Death The BBC History Channel
1987 Klaus Barbie, Trial Begins in France for 177 Crimes from World War II France Klaus Barbie World War II War Crimes History Channel
1994 Nelson Mandela Names Zulu Leader & Winnie Mandela to Government Posts South Africa Nelson Mandela African National Congress
1998 India Sets Off Three Underground Atomic Blasts: First in 24 Years India Nuclear Weapons CNN The BBC
French Mint Produces the First Euros France The Euro Historic Firsts CNN

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