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MAY 14

Liberia: National Unification Day
Liberia Embassy of Liberia in Washington, D.C.
Malawi: Kamuzu Day
(Observed in honor of nation's first president, Dr. Kamuzu Banda)
Malawi University of California, Berkeley
1645 Francois de Callieres (French Author, Diplomat) French Political and Social Leaders
1771 Robert Owen (Welsh Manufacturer, Social Reformer, Founder of New Harmony, Indiana) Welsh Political and Social Leaders New Harmony, Indiana BBC
1830 George Pierce Doles (Georgia-born Confederate General) Georgia Military Figures American Civil War University of Georgia
1847 Frederick Borden (Canadian Statesman Who Helped Create the Canadian Navy) Canadian Political and Social Leaders
1852 Alton Parker (New York-born Judge, 1904 Democratic Candidate for President of the United States) New York Political and Social Leaders Theodore Roosevelt The American Presidency
1907 Mohammad Ayub (President of Pakistan) Pakistani Political & Social Leaders
1913 Clara S. Jones (First African-American President of American Library Association) Missouri Political and Social Leaders American Library Association Notable African Americans
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1080 Walcher (English Bishop of Durham and Earl of Northumberland; Murdered) English Political and Social Leaders Historic UK
1610 Henry IV (King of France, Assassinated in Paris) French Political and Social Leaders
1643 Louis XIII (King of France) French Political and Social Leaders
1906 Carl Schurz (German-American Abolitionist, Politician, Civil War General) German Military Leaders President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Wisconsin Historical Society
1080 Walcher, Bishop of Durham and Earl of Northumberland Is Murdered English Political and Social Leaders Death Historic UK
1264 Simon de Montfort Captures King Henry III at Battle of Lewes English Political and Social Leaders British Royalty UK Battlefield Resource Centre
1509 French Defeat the Venetians at the Battle of Agnadello, Italy France Italy War University of Pisa
1607 Virginia Company Explorers Establish the Colony of Jamestown, Virginia, Named in Honor of King James I of England English Explorers and Pioneers Jamestown Colonial Virginia King James I Writers Almanac Library of Congress University of Virginia
1610 Protestant French King Henri IV Is Assassinated by François Ravaillac a Fanatical Catholic French Political and Social Leaders Religion Death Catholic Encyclopedia
1643 4-Year-Old Louis XIV Becomes King of France Upon the Death of His Father, Louis XIII. French Political and Social Leaders New York Times
1733 The British Vessel James Is the First Ship to Unload at Savannah, Georgia Great Britain Savannah, Georgia Naval History Historic Firsts University of Georgia
1796 Edward Jenner Administers First Successful Smallpox Vaccination Edward Jenner Smallpox Historic Firsts Chamber's Book of Days Writers Almanac History Channel Center for the Study of Technology and Society
1836 Mexico and Texas Sign the Peace Treaty of Velasco Mexico Texas Historic U.S. Documents Texas State Historical Association
1862 By General Order No. 1 of the Military Division of Georgia, Atlanta Is Designated as a Confederate Military Post. Atlanta, Georgia American Civil War University of Georgia
1864 Sherman Begins March to Atlanta with the Battle of Resaca, Georgia Georgia William Tecumseh Sherman Battle of Resaca University of Georgia History Channel
1916 The Times of London Claims Insufficient Munitions is Leading to British Defeats on the Battlefield England Times of London World War I History Channel
1940 The Dutch Army Surrenders to the Germans, Four Days After the Nazis Invade the Country The Netherlands Nazi Germany World War II League of Nations Archive
1942 The Women's Auxiliary Army Corps Is Established World War II American Women in the Military American Military Figures New York Times
1948 Israel Is Established as a Jewish Nation (5 Iyar on the Jewish Calendar) Israel Judaism Yale University Writers Almanac History Channel New York Times
1955 Representatives from the Soviet Union and Seven Other Communist Bloc Countries Sign the Warsaw Pact in Poland The Soviet Union Cold War History Channel BBC
1973 South African Journalist Patrick Laurence Receives Suspended Sentence for Violating the Country's Suppression of Communism Act of 1950 South Africa Journalism Law and Legal Resources Cold War South African History
1991 South Africa's Winnie Mandela Is Sentenced to Prison for Kidnapping & Murder South African Political and Social Leaders Nelson Mandela Crime Law BBC South African History
1992 Mikhail S. Gorbachev Addresses the U.S. Congress Mikhail  Gorbachev U.S. Congress New York Times
1997 Former South African President F.W. de Klerk Apologizes for Apartheid F.W. de Klerk Apartheid South African History

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