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MAY 18

Haiti: Flag Day
(Commemorates adoption of the first Haitian flag: 05/18/1803)
Haiti U.S. Department of State Discover Haiti
Turkmenistan: Revival and Unity Day
(Commemorates adoption of the Turkmenistan constitution: 05/18/1992)
Turkmenistan U.S. Department of State
Uruguay: Battle of Las Piedras
(Commemorates the defeat of the Spanish near Montevideo: 05/18/1811)
Uruguay Spain U.S. Department of State
1798 Ethan Allen Hitchcock (Vermont-born Union General) Vermont Military Figures American Civil War University of Georgia
1826 Martha Callahan (President of the Iowa Women's Suffrage Association) Iowa Political & Social Leaders American Female Political Leaders Women's Suffrage
1885 Eurico Dutra (Brazilian Soldier, President; Helped Restore Constitutional Democracy) Brazilian Political & Social Leaders
1912 Walter Sisulu (South African Statesman, Chairman of the African National Congress) Walter Sisulu Human Rights/Civil Rights
1920 Pope John Paul II (Polish-born Catholic Pope) Polish Political and Social Leaders Pope John Paul II
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
526 Pope Saint John I (Italian-born Catholic Pope) Italian Political and Social Leaders Catholic Popes The Catholic Forum Concordia
1161 Saint Eric of Sweden (Christianizer of Finland, Ruler of Much of Sweden From 1150 to 1160) Sweden Religion The Catholic Forum Concordia
1955 Mary McLeod Bethune (South Carolina-born African-American Educator) Mary McLeod Bethune Education African American Political & Social Leaders
1966 Jimmy G. Stewart (West Virginia Military Figured Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor) West Virginia Military Figures Vietnam War Congressional Medal of  Honor West Virginia Archives
1161 Eric, King of Sweden, Is Beheaded As He Leaves Mass Sweden Religion Death The Catholic Forum Concordia
1291 The Last Christian Territory Taken by the Crusaders, Acre, Is Captured by the Sultan of Egypt Egypt The Crusades Concordia
1623 In Virginia, English Settlers Poison 200 Members of the Powhatan Village and Massacre Another 50 English Explorers Virginia Colonial Virginia Powhatan Crime Death Virginia Historical Society
1631 It Is Decreed in the Massachusetts Bay Colony That Only Puritans Will Be Freemen and May Vote Massachusetts Government Colonial Massachusetts Separation of Church and State Concordia
1783 The First of Former Colonists Still Loyal to the Crown Arrive in Canada Canada Great Britain American Revolution History Channel
1791 President Washington Arrives in Augusta, Georgia Augusta, Georgia George Washington Augusta, Georgia University of Georgia
1803 British Declare War on France to Halt Napoleon's Advances Great Britain France Napoleon Bonaparte Historic UK
Haitian Leaders Dessalines and Petition Adopt a Design for Haiti's First Flag Haiti Discover Haiti
1804 The French Senate Proclaims Napoleon Bonaparte Emperor of France France Napoleon Bonaparte French Ministry of Foreign Affairs New York Times
1811 Uruguay's Josť Gervasio Artigas Defeats Spanish at Battle of Las Piedras Uruguay Spain
1822 Augustine Iturbide Proclaims Himself Emperor of Mexico Mexico Political and Social Leaders New Mexico Magazine
1858 Indians Rout a U.S. Army Detachment in Eastern Washington Washington Native-American Heritage Death History Link
1860 Abraham Lincoln Receives the Republican Nomination for President on the Third Ballot Abraham Lincoln The American Presidency The Republican Party History Channel Lincoln Papers
1863 General Grant's Union Forces Place Vicksburg, Mississippi under Siege Mississippi Ulysses S. Grant Siege of Vicksburg History Channel
The U.S.S. Kanawha Captures the Confederate Schooner Ripple Off the Florida Gulf Coast Florida American Civil War Naval Military History Florida Historical Society
1864 850 Die as Confederate and Union Forces Fight to a Standoff at Louisiana's Yellow Bayou Louisiana Battle of Yellow Bayou Ohio State University
1871 Kiowa Chief Satanta Leads Massacre of Wagon Train Near the Texas Red River Texas Satanta Westward Expansion Death History Channel Texas State Historical Association
1917 U.S. Congress Passes the Selective Service Act U.S. Congress World War I Law History Channel
1926 Popular Evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson Disappears Aimee Semple McPherson Religion History Channel Concordia
1933 President Franklin Roosevelt Signs Act Creating the Tennessee Valley Authority Franklin Roosevelt Tennessee Valley Authority Alabama Archives University of Georgia
1937 Ernest Hemingway Returns to the U.S. after 45 Days in Spain During the Civil War There Spain Ernest Hemingway American Authors Spanish Civil War American Collection
1938 The United Party Receives 111 Parliamentary Seats to Win South Africa's General Election South African Government Elections South African History
1943 Hitler Gives Order for Operation Alaric, Occupation of Italy Italy Nazi Germany Adolph Hitler World War II History Channel
1944 British Troops Recapture Monte Cassino Great Britain Poland Nazi Germany World War II BBC
Soviets Begin Expulsion of 200,000 Tartars from the Crimea Soviet Union International Committee for Crimea
1950 Twelve Nations Agree to form North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO BBC
1951 United Nations Resolution Bans Shipment of Strategic Arms Materials to China United Nations China The Cold War PBS
1966 West Virginia Staff Sergeant Jimmy G. Stewart Earns the Congressional Medal of Honor West Virginia Military Figures Vietnam War Congressional Medal of  Honor Death West Virginia Archives
1974 India Becomes the World's 6th Nuclear Power with Explosion in Rajasthan Desert India Nuclear Weapons Geoscience Australia
1989 One Million Protesters Take to the Streets in Beijing China Human Rights/Civil Rights The Cold War History Channel
1990 East-West German Treaty First Step Toward Reunification German Reunification European History German Embassy, Washington, D.C.
1992 Turkmenistan Adopts Its Constitution Turkmenistan CIA World Fact Book
1994 Israel Ends Its 30-year Military Occupation of the Gaza Strip Israel Palestine Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs New York Times
2000 South Carolina Passes Bill to Remove Confederate Flag from Statehouse South Carolina Flag Controversy American Civil War Racism African-American History The Southerner

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