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MAY 19

1611 Benedetto Odescalchi (Pope Innocent XI ) Catholicism
1762 Johann Gottlieb Fichte (German Philosopher and Patriot) German Political and Social Leaders Philosophy
1879 Nancy Witcher Astor (Virginia-born British Politician; First Woman Member of the British House of Commons) Virginia Political and Social Leaders British Government Virginia Historical Society
1890 Ho Chi Minh (Revolutionary Vietnamese Leader) Ho Chi Minh New York Times
1925 Malcolm X (Nebraska-born African-American Black Power/Civil Rights Leader) Nebraska Political and Social Leaders Malcolm X U.S. Civil Rights Movement Notable African Americans
1928 Pol Pot (Cambodian Leader of the Khmer Rouge) Pol Pot
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
988 Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury British Political and Social Leaders Theologians and Religious Leaders Archbishop of Canterbury Concordia Chambers' Book of Days
1536 Anne Boleyn (Queen of England: executed) British History Anne Boleyn
1777 Button Gwinnett (British-born American Patriot; Signer of the Declaration of Independence) British Political and Social Leaders Georgia Political and Social Leaders Declaration of Independence University of Georgia
1898 William Ewart Gladstone (4-time Prime Minister of England) British Political and Social Leaders
1921 Edward D. White (Louisiana-born Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court) Louisiana Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1935 T.E. Lawrence (Welsh-born British Military Office (Lawrence of Arabia): Motorcycle Crash) T.E. Lawrence
1994 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (Wife of President John F. Kennedy) Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis President John F. Kennedy The American Presidency
715 Saint Gregory II Is Consecrated as Pope of the Catholic Church Italian Political and Social Leaders Catholic Popes Catholic Forum Concordia
1536 Anne Boleyn, Second Wife of King Henry VIII, Is Beheaded British History Anne Boleyn BBC
1588 The Spanish Armada Sets Sail from Lisbon, Portugal Intending to Invade Britain Spain Lisbon, Portugal Defeat of the Spanish Armada Writer's Almanac The History Channel
1635 France Enters the Thirty Years War by Declaring War on Spain France Spain War French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1643 French Destroy the Spanish Infantry at the Battle of Rocroi France Spain War University of Wisconsin
Delegates from Four New England Colonies Meet in Boston to Form a Confederation. Colonial American History Native-American Studies University of Virginia New York Times
1659 War Erupts Between South Africa's Indigenous Khoikhoi and the Dutch East India Company South Africa War South African History
1662 England's King Charles II Requires All Ministers to Conform to the Anglican Book of Common Prayer British Political and Social Leaders King Charles II Religion Concordia
1749 Britain's King George II Grants Virginia Planters a Charter to Colonize Along the Ohio River Great Britain King George II Colonial America The Ohio River History Channel
1802 French Legislature Passes Légion d'Honneur Proposed by Napoleon Bonaparte France Napoleon Bonaparte Légion d'Honneur
1849 Irishman William Hamilton Arrested after Firing Blank Shots at Queen Victoria British History Ireland Queen Victoria CNN
1860 Republican Nominating Committee Meets with Abraham Lincoln in His Springfield, Illinois Home Springfield, Illinois Abraham Lincoln The American Presidency The Republican Party Lincoln Papers Minnesota Historical Society
1862 President Lincoln Revokes General Hunter's May 9 Order for Emancipation of Slaves Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Slavery Lincoln Papers
1863 Ulysses S. Grant's Attack on Vicksburg Fails Mississippi Ulysses S. Grant Battle of Vicksburg Library of Congress
1864 Ulysses S. Grant's Concedes Spotsylvania Court House to Lee Ulysses S. Grant Robert E. Lee Battle of Spotsylvania The History Channel
President Abraham Lincoln Proposes Equal Benefits for Dependents of Civil War Dead Regardless of Race President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Economics African-American Heritage History Channel
U.S.S. DeSoto Captures the Confederate Schooner Mississippian Off the Florida Gulf Coast Florida American Civil War Naval Military History Florida Historical Society
1900 Britain Officially Annexes the Tonga Islands The British Commonwealth Tonga CNN
1916 French and British Reach Secret Agreement for Dividing Arab Territories After World War I France Great Britain World War I World History History Channel
1919 Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Lands at Samsun to Begin Turkish War of Independence Turkey Atatü
1934 Coup Gives General Kimon Gheorgiev's Zveno Nationalists Control of Bulgaria Bulgaria Southeast Europe Online
1943 Prime Minister Winston Churchill Pledges Britain's Full Support Against Japan Great Britain Japan Winston Churchill World War II The History Channel
1949 Martial Law Is Imposed in Taiwan, and Will Remain in Effect Until July 1987 Taiwan Government of Taiwan
1964 U.S. Discloses 40 Hidden Microphones Found in Embassy in Moscow Soviet Union United States Department of State The Cold War U.S. Department of State New York Times
1967 Soviet Union Signs U.S./Britain Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons in Space Soviet Union Great Britain Historic Documents Nuclear Weapons The Cold War The History Channel
1974 Giscard d'Estaing Defeats Mitterrand in French Presidential Election Runoff French Political and Social Leaders Politics and Elections BBC
1986 South African Forces Raid ANC Bases in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe South Africa Botswana Zambia Zimbabwe War South African History BBC
1992 Autopsy Doctors Confirm JFK Died from Two Bullets from Above and Behind Assassination of President John Kennedy Columbia Journalism Review
1993 U.S. Government Recognizes the Angolan Government United States Government Angola U.S. Department of State
1994 Malawi's President Kamuzu Banda Concedes to Opposition's Bakili Muluzi Malawi Politics and Elections CNN South African History

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