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MAY 20

Cameroon: National Day
(Commemorates ratification of the Cameroon constitution: 5/20/1972)
Cameroon U.S. Department of State
Cuba: Independence Day
(Commemorates freedom from Spain 5/20/1898 and end of U.S. military protectorate 5/20/1902)
Cuba Excite Travel George Bush Library
1768 Dolley Madison (North Carolina-born Wife of U.S. President James Madison) Dolley Madison James Madison
1822 Frédéric Passy (French-born 1901 Nobel Laureate for Peace) Frédéric Passy Community Service 1901 Nobel Laureate for Peace
1872 Madeline McDowell Breckinridge (Kentucky-born Women's Rights Activist) Kentucky Political & Social Leaders Women Suffrage
1891 Earl Browder (Kansas-born Leader of American Communist Party) Kansas Political & Social Leaders American Communist Party
1899 John Marshall Harlan (Illinois-born Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court: 1955-71) Illinois Political and Social Leaders United States Supreme Court Oyez
1915 Moshe Dayan (Palestinian-born Israeli Military and Political Leader) Israeli Political & Social Leaders Palestine Biography
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1506 Christopher Columbus (Italian Explorer Given Credit for Discovering the "New World") Italy Christopher Columbus
1834 Marquis de Lafayette (French General) Lafayette American Revolution
325 Nearly 300 Bishops Attend the First Ecumenical Council of Nicaea Which Will Establish the Core Beliefs of the Christian Church Religion Historic Firsts Catholic Encyclopedia Writer's Almanac
685 In Scotland, the Battle of Nechtansmere Forces the Angles Back Beyond the Forth Scotland War BBC
1191 English King Richard I 'the Lion Heart' Conquers Cyprus on His Way to Join the Crusaders at Acre in Northwest Israel England Cyprus Richard I War Historic UK
1303 The Treaty of Paris Restores Gascony to the British in the Hundred Years War England France War European History CNN
1766 Colonists in New York Ring Church Bells and Set Off Fireworks to Celebrate the British Parliament's Repeal of the Stamp Act British Parliament Colonial New York Stamp Act New York Historical Society
1774 Parliament Passes Coercive Acts Extending Britain's Control over the Colonies British History Colonial History San Diego City Schools
1775 Mecklenburg, North Carolina Declares Independence from England North Carolina American Revolution Fordham University
1778 Battle of Barren Hill: British Forces Attempt to Trap 2,200 Continentals Defending Valley Forge led by the Marquis de Lafayette Great Britain Marquis de Lafayette Valley Forge, Pennsylvania Valley Forge History Channel
1782 Disguised as a Man, Deborah Sampson Musters into the Massachusetts Militia Deborah Sampson American Revolution Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1791 In Augusta, Georgia, President George Washington Inspects Remains of British Fortifications Used During the Revolution Great Britain Augusta, Georgia President George Washington Forts American Revolution Georgia Historical Society
1805 A Spanish Royal Order Commands a Compilation of Data Concerning the True Boundary Between Texas and Louisiana Spain Mexico Texas Louisiana Louisiana Territory Texas State Historical Association
1859 Austrian & Italian Forces Battle at Montebello, Italy Austria Italy War European History The Volley & Bayonet Page
1861 North Carolina Is the 11th & Final State to Secede from the Union North Carolina American Civil War University of North Carolina The New York Times Georgia Historical Society
Kentucky State Senate and Governor Approve Neutrality Passed by the House Kentucky American Civil War Kentucky Department of Tourism
The Capital of the Confederacy Is Moved from Montgomery, Alabama to Richmond, Virginia Montgomery, Alabama Richmond, Virginia American Civil War Holt, Rinehart and Winston The New York Times
1862 President Abraham Lincoln Signs the Homestead Act Abraham Lincoln Westward Expansion Historic Documents Library of Congress History Channel African American Registry
17 Union Troops Are Killed or Wounded in a Skirmish with Confederate Forces at Carr's Hill Near Florida's Gulf Coast Florida American Civil War Death Florida Historical Society
1864 In Georgia, Sherman's Federal Troops Take a 3-day Break to Replenish Supplies Gerogia Sherman's March Georgia Historical Society
1865 General E. M. McCook, Commander of the Federal Occupation Forces in Florida, Ordered the U.S. Flag to be Raised over the State's Capitol Building Florida American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1868 Republican Convention in Chicago First to Include African-American Delegates Chicago Politics African-American History Historic Firsts Chicago Public Library
1874 Tsar Alexander II of Russia Visits England Tsar Alexander II England Greenwich Guide
1902 United States Ends its Military Occupation of Cuba Cuba National Archives and Records Administration The New York Times
1909 Walter Eli Clark Is Appointed the 7th Governor of the District of Alaska Alaska Political and Social Leaders Alaska Historical Society
1915 British, Canadian and Indian Troops Attacks a German Line Located Near the French Village of Festubert Great Britain Canada India Germany France World War I History Channel
1927 Charles Lindbergh Takes Off from Long Island, New York Bound for Paris Paris New York Charles Lindbergh Aviation History History Channel
1940 Germans Break Through to the French Coast of the English Channel Nazi Germany France World War II History Channel
1941 Germans Forces Invade the Island of Crete Nazi Germany Greece World War II The Learning Site
1942 Japanese complete the capture of Burma and reach India Burma Japan World War II The History Place
1951 U.S. Air Force Captain James Jabara Is the First Jet Air Ace Korean War Aviation History Historic Firsts U.S. Army
1956 United States Drops Hydrogen Bomb over Bikini Atoll The Cold War Atomic Bomb History Channel
1961 Freedom Riders Are Attacked by an Angry Mob as They Arrive at the Greyhound Bus Terminal in Montgomery, Alabama Montgomery, Alabama African-American Heritage U.S. Civil Rights Movement BBC African American Registry The New York Times Alabama State Archives
The Ford Motor Company Complete Construction of President Kennedy's Presidential Limousine President John F. Kennedy The American Presidency Automobiles Ford History Channel
1965 A Pakistan Airways Boeing 707 Crashes Upon Landing at the Airport in Cairo, Egypt, Killing 124 People Cairo, Egypt Pakistan Air Crashes Death History Channel
1969 U.S. and South Vietnamese Forces Capture Hamburger Hill in One of the Bloodiest Battles of the Vietnam War Vietnam War History Channel
1970 100,000 People Demonstrate in New York's Wall Street District in Support of U.S. policy in Vietnam and Cambodia New York City Propaganda Vietnam War The New York Times
1975 England's Queen Elizabeth II Inaugurates the 28" Telescope in the Old Royal Observatory at Greenwich Greenwich, England Queen Elizabeth II Observatories Greenwich Guide
1977 In Washington, the Seattle Aquarium Opens Seattle, Washington Zoos and Aquaria Seattle Aquarium History Link
1978 NASA Launches Pioneer Venus Orbiter to Explore and Map Venus Space Exploration Venus NASA
1980 59.5% of Quebec Voters Reject Separatism Canada Politics and Elections CBC
1983 An African National Congress Rush-Hour Car Bomb Kills 17 and Injures Nearly 200 in South Africa's Capital of Pretoria Pretoria, South Africa Apartheid Automobiles Terrorism Death BBC South African History
1987 An African National Congress Bomb Kills 3 and Injures 10 in Johannesburg, South Africa's Magistrate's Court Johannesburg, South Africa Apartheid Terrorism Death South African History
1991 The South African Government Restricts the Carrying of Traditional Weapons, Such as Spears and Axes South African Government Law South African History
A Court Ruling Settles a 17-year Legal Battle Between Ojibwe Indians and the State of Wisconsin Wisconsin Ojibwe Indians Law Wisconsin Historical Society
1995 Pennsylvania Avenue Is Permanently Closed to Traffic in Front of the White House Washington, D.C. White House Terrorism University of California Santa Barbara The New York Times
2002 East Timor Becomes an Independent Nation East Timor The New York Times
2010 Mexican President Felipe Calderon Addresses a Joint Session of the U.S. Congress Mexico U.S. Congress National Public Radio

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