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MAY 23

1820 Ambrose Burnside (Indiana-born Union General) Ambrose Burnside American Military Leaders American Civil War
1846 Arabella Mansfield (Iowa-born Attorney; First Woman Admitted to the Bar in the United States) Iowa Political and Social Leaders American Women Political and Social Leaders Women's Suffrage Law Iowa State Historical Society
1873 Leo Baeck (German Rabbi, Theologian) German Political and Social Leaders Judaism Theologians and Religious Leaders
1900 Frank Hans (German Nazi Governor of Occupied Poland) Polish Political and Social Leaders Nazi Germany Holocaust War Crimes
1926 Joe Slovo (Lithuanian-born Leader of South Africa's Communist Party and the African National Congress) Lithuanian Political and Social Leaders South African Political and Social Leaders South African History
1949 Alan Garcia Perez (President of Peru) Peru Political and Social Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1701 Captain Kidd (British Pirate Hanged in London) English History Naval History University of Texas The History Channel Greenwich Guide
1898 Henry Rootes Jackson (Georgia-born Confederate General) Georgia Military Figures American Civil War University of Georgia
1934 Bonnie (Parker) and Clyde (Barrow) (Louisiana Police Shootout) Louisiana New York Times The History Channel Court TV State Historical Society
1945 Heinrich Himmler (Chief of the Nazi SS; Committed Suicide While in Military Prison) Nazi Leaders World War II The History Channel
878 Saxon King Alfred Defeats the Danes at Edington, Wiltshire, Forcing the Danish King to Accept Christianity Great Britain Denmark Religion A Vision of History through Time Historic UK
1430 Joan of Arc Is Captured at Rheims, France by the Burgundians Joan of Arc Concordia
1533 Archbishop of Canterbury Grants Henry VIII a Divorce from Catherine of Aragon English History Henry VIII PBS
1609 King James I Issues the Second Charter to the Virginia Company of London Great Britain Virginia King James I Colonial Virginia Virginia Historical Society
1633 French Declare That Only Catholics May Settle Permanently in Canada France Catholicism Concordia
1701 Captain Kidd Is Hanged in London English History Naval History University of Texas The History Channel Greenwich Guide
1777 Patriot Troops Capture British Vessels and Burn Supplies at Long Island's Sag Harbor New York City American Revolution The History Channel
1805 In Milan, Napoleon Crowns Himself King of Italy Italian Political and Social Leaders Napoleon Chambers' Book of Days
1838 Two Regiments of the Georgia Militia Are Enrolled to Assist with the Westward Emigration of the Cherokees Georgia Cherokees University of Georgia
1861 By a Vote of 132,201 to 37,451, Virginians Support the April 17th Ordinance of Secession Virginia American Civil War Vote University of Georgia
1862 Stonewall Jackson's Confederates Capture Front Royal, Virginia Virginia Stonewall Jackson American Civil War National Park Service
Union Forces Repel a Confederate Attack at Lewisburg, West Virginia West Virginia Battle of Lewisburg West Virginia Archives
President Lincoln Reviews General McDowell's Troops Near Rappahannock, Virginia Virginia Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Papers
1864 Lee Thwarts Grant's Push South at North Ana River, Virginia Robert E. Lee Ulysses S. Grant American Civil War The History Channel
Confederate Troops Capture and Destroy the Federal Gunboat Columbine Near Palatka, Florida Palatka, Florida American Civil War Naval Military History Florida Historical Society
1865 Union Celebrates Victory with Parades in Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. American Civil War Library of Congress
1873 The Canadian Parliament Creates the North-West Mounted Police Canada Law Enforcement Royal Canadian Mounted Police (pdf)
1900 William Carney First African-American to Receive Congressional Medal of Honor Virginia Military Figures Civil War African American Military Figures Historic Firsts The Medal of Honor The History Channel
1915 Italy Enters World War I Declaring War on Austria-Hungary Italy Austria Hungary WWI Channel4
1926 Lebanese Constitution Established under French Mandate of Greater Lebanon Lebanon Country Studies
1945 Heinrich Himmler, Chief of the Nazi SS, Commits Suicide One Day after His Arrest by the British Heinrich Himmler World War II War Crimes Death The History Channel
1949 The Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) Is Established Germany The Cold War European History The History Channel
1960 Israeli Agents Capture Nazi Adolf Eichmann in Argentina Israel Argentina Nazi Germany The Holocaust The History Channel
1980 South African Soldiers Kill 81 South West African Nationalist Guerrilla Fighting for Namibian Independence South Africa Namibia War Death South African History
1983 South African Forces Bomb an African National Congress Headquarters in Mozambique South Africa Mozambique War South African History
1992 U.S. & Four Former USSR Republics Sign Missile Reduction Treaty The Soviet Union Historic Documents Nuclear Weapons Cold War Arms Control Association New York Times
1994 South Africa Is Admitted as 53rd Member of the Organisation of the African Union South Africa Africa African Union South African History
1997 Iranians Elect Moderate Mohammad Khatami As President Iran Elections
1998 British Government Welcomes Overwhelming Approval of the Northern Ireland Peace Accord British Government Northern Ireland BBC
2002 Approval Is Given for the Construction of Britain's Largest Onshore Wind Farm in Wales British Government Wales Wind Energy BBC

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