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MAY 26

Australia: National Day of Healing/Sorry Day
(Commemorates report acknowledging past injustices to Australia's indigenous people: 05/26/1997)
Australia National Sorry Day Committee
Georgia: Independence Day
(Commemorates the revival of the Republic of Georgia: 05/26/1918)
Georgia U.S. Department of State Parliament of the Republic of Georgia
Guyana: Independence Day
(Commemorates the first day as an independent government under a new constitution: 05/26/1966)
Guyana U.S. Department of State Country Studies
1835 Edward Porter Alexander (Georgia-born Confederate Military Strategist, Businessman, and Historian) Georgia Military Figures American Civil War Georgia Authors University of Georgia
1884 Alexander Wiley (Wisconsin-born Member of the U.S. Senate) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Wisconsin Historical Society
1909 Eugenie Moore Anderson (Iowa-born Stateswoman: First Woman to Serve as a U.S. Ambassador) Iowa Political and Social Leaders U.S. Government President Harry Truman
1968 Frederik André Henrik Christian, Prince of Denmark Danish Political and Social Leaders Official Website
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
735 The Venerable Bede (British Monk, Scholar and Theologian) British Political and Social Leaders Theologians and Religious Leaders
1521 Spanish Conquistador Cortés Begins Siege of the Aztec Capital of Tenochtitlan Hernán Cortés Aztec Hispanic Heritage Houston Institute for Culture
1637 An Allied Force of Puritans and Mohegan Indians Massacre 500 Pequot Indians at Their Connecticut Village Connecticut Colonial Connecticut Pequots Death The History Channel
1647 The Massachusetts Bay Colony Bans Jesuit Priests on Penalty of Death Massachusetts Colonial Massachusetts Religion Separation of Church and State Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1660 Returning from His 11-yeard Exile, King Charles II Is Greeted by His Army at Blackheath British Political and Social Leaders Charles II Greenwich Guide
1780 Chief Wabasha, Serving as a General in the British Army, Leads 200 Dakota in an Attack on Spanish Positions at St. Louis Great Britain Spain St. Louis, Missouri Dakota Indians American Revolution Minesota Historical Society
1798 British Forces Kill 500 Irish Rebels At the Battle of Tara Great Britain Ireland The Irish Rebellion Death
1805 Napoleon Bonaparte Is Crowned the King of Italy in Milan Cathedral Italy Napoleon Bonaparte Nationmaster New York Times
1834 Portuguese Civil War Ends with Capitulation and Exile of Dom Miguel Portugal Portuguese Civil War Nationmaster
The Mexican Congress Votes to Allow Americans to Enter and Own Land in New Mexico Mexico New Mexico Latin-American Heritage Law New Mexico Magazine
1840 In Washington, Missionary Priest, Father Francis N. Blanchet, Visits Whidbey Island at the Invitation of Chief Tslalakum Washington Catholicism Native-American Heritage History Link
1862 President Lincoln Writes Congress in Defense of Secretary Cameron U.S. Congress President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Papers
President Lincoln Takes Military Possession of All Railroads President Abraham Lincoln Railroads American Civil War Lincoln Papers
1864 President Lincoln Signs an Enabling Act Creating the Montana Territory Montana President Abraham Lincoln Westward Expansion Library of Congress The History Channel
Battle of New Hope Church Continues for a Second Day in Georgia Georgia Battle of New Hope Church Death University of Georgia
Federal Troops Destroy a Confederate Salt Works Near Goose Bayou, Florida Goose Bayou, Florida American Civil War Naval Military History Florida Historical Society
1865 Edmund Kirby Smith Is the Last Confederate General to Surrender Edmund Kirby Smith American Civil War History Channel
1868 President Johnson Again Avoids Conviction for Impeachment by One Vote U.S. Congress Impeachment of Andrew Johnson New York Times The History Channel
1879 Afghans Sign Treaty of Gandamak Giving British Control of Khyber Pass Great Britain Afghanistan Historic World Documents Khyber Gateway
1896 Nicholas II, the Last Czar, Is Crowned Ruler of Russia Nicholas II The History Channel
1908 In Persia (Iran) British Geologist, George Reynolds Discovers the First Oil in the Middle East Oil Iran British Scientists Geology International Trade Historic Firsts GeoExPro
1918 National Council Declares Georgia to Be a Sovereign Democratic Republic Georgia Parliament of the Republic of Georgia
1922 A Memorial Window to Britain's World War I Flying Services Is Dedicated at Westminster Abbey Great Britain World War I Aviation Military History Westminster Abbey West Virginia Archives
1940 British Expeditionary Force Begins Its Evacuation from Dunkirk, France Great Britain France Nazi Germany World War II The History Channel
1942 Anglo-Soviet Treaty Is Signed, Providing for Collaboration During and After WWII Great Britain Soviet Union World War II Historic World Documents BBC
1948 South Africa's Afrikaners Are Elected into Power on an Apartheid Platform South African Government Apartheid Elections Americans for Middle East Understanding South African History
1950 The UK Ends Fuel Rationing That Began in 1939 British Government Automobiles World War II Consumer Economics BBC
1960 U.S. Charges Soviet Union with Espionage of U.S. Embassy in Moscow Soviet Union The Cold War The History Channel
1965 800 Australian Troops Depart for Vietnam Australia Vietnam War The History Channel
1966 Government of Independent Guyana Begins Operation under New Constitution Guyana Country Studies
1971 North Vietnamese Capture Strategic Rubber Plantation Town of Snoul, Cambodia Cambodia Vietnam War The History Channel
1979 Finnish President Urho Kekkonen Forms New Coalition Government Finland CNN
1981 Italy's Coalition Government of Arnaldo Forlani Resigns Italy BBC
1988 South Africa and Mozambique Renew Their Commitment to the Nkomati Peace Accord South African Government Mozambique Government Government South African History
1991 Zviad Gamsakhurdia Is Elected President of Georgia Georgia Elections CNN
Austrian Lauda-Air Boeing 767 Crashes After Stopover in Bangkok, Killing 223 Austria Thailand Air Disasters Death History Channel
1993 Pakistan Supreme Court Reinstates Government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Pakistan Story of Pakistan
1994 President Clinton Opens Trade with China, Drops Human Rights Requirements China President Bill Clinton International Trade Human Rights/Civil Rights Human Rights Watch New York Times
South African President Nelson Mandela Announces His Plan for a Unity Government South African Government Nelson Mandela South African History
1996 Manipulations Force Albania's Opposition Parties Out of Election Albania Elections Human Rights Watch
1997 Australia's Bringing Them Home Report Acknowledges Past Injustices Australia Racism Australian Department of Indigenous Affiars
1998 Supreme Court Rules Historic Immigration Gateway, Ellis Island, Is in NJ Not NY New Jersey U.S. Supreme Court Ellis Island Oyez
2000 Tens of Thousands Hezbollah Supporters Celebrate Israel's Withdrawal from South Lebanon Lebanon Israel BBC
2001 53-nation African Union Replaces the Organization of African Unity African Union Economic Commission for Africa

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