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MAY 28

Armenia: First Republic Day
(Commemorates Armenia's Victory over Turkey and Proclamation of an Independent Armenian Republic: 05/28/1918)
Armenia Turkey U.S. Department of State Armenian History
Azerbaijan: Republic Day
(Commemorates the formation of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic: 05/28/1918)
Azerbaijan U.S. Department of State Azerbaijan Embassy, Washington, D.C.
Ethiopia: Overthrow of the Derge Regime
(Commemorates overthrow of Derge military regime by Peoples' Revolutionary Democratic Front: 05/18/1991)
Ethiopia Expedia Ethiopia Embassy, Washington, D.C.
1660 George I, King of England English History British Monarchy
1759 William Pitt the Younger (Prime Minister of England: 1783-1801, 1804-6) English Political and Social Leaders
1814 Daniel Reaves Goodloe (North Carolina-born Abolitionist, Author) North Carolina Political and Social Leaders Abolition American Authors
1818 P. G. T. Beauregard (Louisiana-born Confederate General) Louisiana Military Leaders American Civil War
1831 Eliza Ann Gardner (New York City-born African-American Abolitionist, Rights Activist) New York City Political and Social Leaders Abolition Human Rights/Civil Rights African American Political and Social Leaders
1858 Lizzie Black Kander (Milwaukee, Wisconsin Social Rights Activist) Milwaukee, Wisconsin Immigration Judaism Human Rights/Civil Rights Wisconsin Historical Society
1884 Edvard Benes (Czech President: 1953) Czech Political and Social Leaders
1936 Betty Shabazz (Detroit-born African-American Civil Rights Advocate; Wife of Malcolm X) Betty Shabazz Malcolm X U.S. Civil Rights Movement African American Political and Social Leaders
1944 Rudolph Giuliani (Mayor of New York City) New York Political and Social Leaders Rudolph Giuliani 2001 Attack on the World Trade Center
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1972 Duke of Windsor (Formerly King Edward VIII of England) Great Britain Edward VIII of England
585 Solar Eclipse Causes Lydians & Medes to Negotiate Peace The Sun Turkey Virginia Tech University
1533 The Archbishop of Canterbury Validates the Marriage of England's King Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn English History Henry VIII Religious Leaders and Theologians Archbishop of Canterbury New York Times
1754 The French & Indian War Begins When George Washington Leads a British Attack on French Forces at Jumonville Glen Great Britain France Pennsylvania George Washington French & Indian War National Park Service History Channel Virginia Historical Society
1827 In Minnesota, Dakota Warriors Shoot into an Ojibwe Camp Outside Fort Snelling, Killing Several People Eden Prairie, Minnesota Native American Heritage Forts War Death Minnesota Historical Society
1830 President Andrew Jackson Signs the Indian Removal Act, Mandating Resettlement of All Native Americans West of the Mississippi River U.S. Congress President Andrew Jackson 1830 Indian Removal Act Westward Movement Mississippi River Mt. Holyoke College African American Registry Georgia Historical Society University of Georgia
1838 Georgia's Governor Gilmer Rejects President Van Buren's Request for an Additional Two Years to Resettle the Cherokee West of the Mississippi River Georgia Political and Social Leaders President Martin van Buren 1830 Indian Removal Act Cherokee Westward Movement Mississippi River Georgia Historical Society University of Georgia
1863 The 54th Massachusetts African-American Regiment Departs Boston for Combat in South Carolina Boston, Massachusetts South Carolina American Civil War African-American Military Figures History Channel Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1864 Union Forces Suffer 2,400 Casualties and the Confederates 3,000 at the Battle of Dallas, Georgia Paulding County, Georgia Battle of Dallas Death Georgia Historical Society University of Georgia
In Florida, Union Soldiers From the Schooner Fox Destroy Salt Works between the Suwannee River and St. Marks Florida American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1867 The U.S. Senate Ratifies the Treaty Providing for the Purchase of Alaska From Russia Russia Alaska U.S. Congress Historical World Documents Alaska Historical Society
1892 Sierra Club Founded with 182 Charter Members: John Muir Elected First President John Muir The Sierra Club New York Times
1918 Azerbaijan Is Declared an Independent Republic Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Embassy, Washington, D.C.
In the First Sustained American Offensive of the War, Allied Forces Capture the French Village of Cantigny From the Germans France Germany World War I History Channel
Armenians Defeat Turks, Armenia Proclaimed an Independent Republic Armenia Turkey Armenian History
1924 Congress Establishes the Border Patrol to Prevent Smuggling and Illegal Entrance into the United States U.S. Congress Immigration Crime Texas State Historical Association
1926 Congress Creates the U.S. Customs Court U.S. Congress U.S. Government Agencies Law and Legal Resources Georgetown University Law Library
1937 Neville Chamberlain Becomes Prime Minister of Britain Neville Chamberlain New York Times
1940 Belgian Army Surrenders Unconditionally to Invading German Forces Belgium Nazi Germany World War II History Channel
1961 Amnesty International Is Founded by Peter Berenson of London, England London Amnesty International History Channel
1965 Methane Gas Causes a Mine Explosion Near Dharbad, India, Killing 375 People and Injuring Hundreds More India Labor Methane Death History Channel
1974 Northern Ireland's First Power-Sharing Assembly Collapses Leaving Direct Rule from Westminster Northern Ireland Great Britain BBC
1984 At Arlington National Cemetery, President Reagan Leads Funeral for Unidentified Soldier Ronald Reagan Vietnam War Arlington Cemetary New York Times
1985 American David Jacobsen Taken Hostage in Lebanon for 17 Months Lebanon Terrorism Middle East History New York Times
1987 19-year-old German, Matthias Rust, Lands His Private Plane in Moscow's Red Square Moscow, Rusia Germany Aviation History Cold War Center for the Study of Technology and Society
1991 Peoples' Revolutionary Democratic Front Overthrows Ethiopia's Derge Regime Ethiopia U.S. State Department History Channel
1996 President Clinton's Associates Are Convicted of Fraud in Whitewater Land Deal Arkansas Bill Clinton Crime Law and Legal Resources New York Times
1998 Pakistan Explodes Five Underground Nuclear Devices in Response to India's Recent Nuclear Tests Pakistan India Nuclear Weapons BBC Asian History
2002 NATO Declares Russia a Limited Partner in the Western Alliance NATO Russia New York Times

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