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MAY 31

Brunei: Anniversary of Royal Brunei Regiment
Brunei U.S. Department of State Bay Area World Trade Center
1443 Margaret Beaufort (Mother of England's King Henry VII; Founder of England's St. John's & Christ's Colleges) English  Political and Social Leaders King Henry VII Education St. John's College Christ College
1857 Ambrogio Damiano Achille Ratti (Italian-born Catholic Pope Pius XI) Italian Political and Social Leaders Religious Leaders and Theologians Catholic Popes New York Times
1898 Norman Vincent Peale (Ohio-born Religious Leader) Ohio Political and Social Leaders Religious Leaders and Theologians American Authors
1920 Edward Bennett Williams (Connecticut-born Attorney) Connecticut  Political and Social Leaders Laws and Legal Resources
1924 Patricia Roberts Harris (Illinois-born African-American Stateswoman, U.S. Ambassador) Patricia Roberts Harris U.S. Government President Lyndon Johnson President Jimmy Carter African-American Political and Social Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1731 Philip Duke of Wharton (English Nobleman) English Political and Social Leaders Chambers Book of Days
1896 Kikisoblu (Suquamish Princess, Daughter of Chief Seattle) Washington Suquamish Indians History Link
1962 Adolf Eichmann (German Nazi Architect of the Holocaust: Executed in Israel) Israel Adolf Eichmann The Holocaust Judaism War Crimes Corporal Punishment History Channel
1775 Leaders of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Issue 20 Resolutions Rejecting British Rule in North Carolina Great Britain Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Colonial North Carolina American Revolution Historic U.S. Documents History Channel Library of Congress
1783 The Lower Creeks Sign the Treaty of Augusta Ceding Lands between Georgia's Ogeechee and Oconee Rivers Georgia Creek Indians Historic U.S. Documents University of Georgia
1861 U.S. Postal Service Suspends Mail Service to the Confederate States U.S. Postal Service American Civil War Florida Historical Society
The New Orleans Mint Is Closed New Orleans Money American Civil War Louisiana State Museum Louisiana Secretary of  State
1862 Joe Johnston's Confederate Troops Attack McClellan's Union Forces at Seven Pines (Fair Oaks), Virginia Virginia Battle of Seven Pines, Virginia History Channel
1863 The U.S.S. Sunflower Captures the British Blockade Runner Echo Near Florida's Tortugas Florida American Civil War Naval Military History National Park Service Florida Historical Society
1864 Meeting in Cleveland, Ohio, Radical Members of the Republican Party Nominate John C. Fremont for President Cleveland, Ohio John C. Fremont President Abraham Lincoln The American Presidency Politics University of Georgia Lincoln Logs
1902 The Peace of Vereeniging Ends South Africa's Boer War South Africa Great Britain Boer War Historic UK History Channel
1910 Union of South Africa Is Formed South Africa New York Times
1911 The Titanic Is Launched in Belfast, Northern Ireland Northern Ireland The Titanic Ulster Transport and Folk Museum
1913 The 17th Amendment to the Constitution, Providing Popular Elections of U.S. Senators, Is Declared in Effect U.S. Senate 17th Amendment Voting New York Times
1915 Germans First Use Zeppelins to Bomb London London, England Germany Aviation Military History World War I Historic Firsts Centennial of Flight
1916 British and German Naval Forces Commence the Battle of Jutland on the Coast of Denmark Denmark Great Britain Germany World War I Naval Military History History Channel
1926 Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf and Crown Princess Louise of Sweden Visit Old Swedes Church in Wilmington, Delaware Swedish Political and Social Leaders Wilmington, Delaware Religion State of Delaware
1941 Nazis Complete Their Invasion of Crete After 11 Days of Battle Crete Nazi Germany World War II Naval Military History History Channel
1942 U.S. Automakers Produce Their Last Civilian Trucks Until the End of World War II Detroit, Michigan Automotives World War II State of Michigan
1959 South African Farm Workers Begin National Potato Boycott South Africa Farming & Agriculture Labor Job Actions South African History
1961 South Africa Becomes an Independent Republic South Africa New York Times
1962 Nazi Architect of the Holocaust, Adolf Eichmann, Is Executed in Tel Aviv, Israel for His Crimes Against Humanity Israel Adolf Eichmann The Holocaust Judaism War Crimes Corporal Punishment Death History Channel
1973 U.S. Senate Cuts Off Funds for Bombing Cambodia Cambodia U.S. Senate Economics Vietnam War BBC
1982 Chinese Premier Zhao Ziyang Begins 6-Day Visit to Tokyo China Japan Asian History
1988 In Moscow, President Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev End Fourth Summit Mikhail Gorbachev Ronald Reagan The Cold War History Channel
1991 Leaders of Angola's Two Warring Factions Signed Peace Treaty Ending a 16-year Civil War Angola New York Times
1994 The U.S. Announces It Is No Longer Aiming Long-Range Nuclear Missiles at Targets in the Former Soviet Union. Soviet Union Nuclear Weapons Cold War New York Times
1996 Benjamin Netanyahu Is Narrowly Elected Prime Minister of Israel Israel Political and Social Leaders Elections History Channel
2005 Former FBI Assistant Director, Mark Felt, Is Identified as the "Deep Throat" Informant of the Watergate Affair Watergate Affair The FBI History Channel

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