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Afghanistan: Independence Day
(Commemorates Treaty of Rawalpind signed 08/08/1919, whereby Britain relinquished control 08/19/1919)
Afghanistan England U.S. Department of State
1946 Bill Clinton (Arkansas-born President of the United States) Arkansas Political Leaders Bill Clinton The American Presidency
1948 Tipper Gore (Virginia-born Wife of U.S. Vice-President Al Gore) Tipper Gore
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
14 Caesar Augustus (Roman Emperor) The Roman Empire Concordia Historical Institute
1895 William Strong (Connecticut-born Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court) Connecticut Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1936 Federcio Garcia Lorca (Spanish Poet, Playwright Killed by Assassination) Federcio Garcia Lorca Spanish Civil War Death Writer's Almanac
1099 First Crusade Armies Defeat Saracens at Ancient Palestinian City of Ascalon The Crusades Christianity Islam Concordia Historical Institute
1493 Maximilian Succeeds His Father Frederick III as Holy Roman Emperor European History Catholicism The HistoryNet
1531 English Protestant Preacher, Thomas Bilney, Is Burned at the Stake for Heresy Great Britain Christianity Death Concordia Historical Institute
1587 Sigismund III Chosen King of Poland Polish History The HistoryNet
1772 Gustavus III of Sweden Establishes an Absolute Monarchy Swedish History The HistoryNet
1773 The First Boundary Is Established Between the Spanish Provinces of Baja and Alta, California California Mexico Spain The Encycloepdia of San Francisco
1814 British Troops Land at Benedict, MD with Orders to Capture Washington, D.C. Maryland Washington, D.C. War of 1812 Library of Congress
1826 The British Grant the Canada Company a Charter for 2M+ Acres Upper Canada Canada Great Britain Library and Archives of Canada
1853 The U.S. Reclaims Astoria, Oregon, the Columbia River and Surrounding Territory from the British Great Britain Astoria, Oregon Columbia River
1886 Joseph Conrad Becomes a British Citizen Joseph Conrad Great Britain History Channel
1914 The British Expeditionary Force (BEF) Lands in France French History British History World War I The HistoryNet
President Wilson Proclaims Neutrality to Keep U.S. Out of World War I President Woodrow Wilson World War I Brigham Young University
1919 Afghanistan Declares Its Independence from Great Britain Afghanistan England PBS
1934 Plebiscite Approves Adolf Hitler's Sole Executive Power as Fuhrer Germany Adolph Hitler Nazi Germany History Channel New York Times
1936 Franco's Troops Assassinate Spanish Poet/Playwright Federcio Garcia Lorca Federcio Garcia Lorca Spanish Civil War Death Writer's Almanac
1941 The New Mexico National Guard's 200th Coast Artillery Ships Out for an Ill-Fated Assignment in the Philippines Philippines New Mexico Military figures World War II New Mexico National Guard New Mexico Magazine
1942 Canadian/British Raid on Dieppe, France Fails Canada at War British Military France World War II BBC
Mexican Law Makes Military Service Compulsory for All Males Age 18 and Older Mexico War Hispanic Heritage Mexico Connect
1944 Charles DeGaulle Begins Attacking German Forces in Paris Nazi Germany Charles DeGaulle Paris World War II The HistoryNet
1945 Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Party Seize Power in Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam National Admistration of Tourism
1953 CIA-assisted Coup Overthrows Government of Iran Iran CIA History Channel
Israel Establishes the Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority Israel The Holocaust Yad Vashem
1960 Moscow Tribunal Convicts American U-2 Pilot Gary Powers of Espionage Francis Gary Powers Soviet Union The U-2 Spy Plane Incident BBC
Soviets Launch Sputnik 5 with Two Dogs, Strelka and Belka, Aboard Russian Space Program Space Exploration NASA
1965 U.S. Forces Destroy Viet Cong Stronghold near Van Tuong Vietnam War The HistoryNet
1970 Cambodia and U.S. Sign $40M Military Aid Agreement Cambodia Business & Economics Vietnam War History Channel
1972 Democratic Candidate McGovern Attacks Nixon's Policy in Vietnam Richard Nixon American Presidency Vietnam War Politics History Channel
1974 U.S. Ambassador Rodger P. Davies Is Killed at American Embassy in Cyprus Cyprus Terrorism Death OPSEC
1976 President Ford Wins Republican Presidential Nomination in Kansas City Nebraska Political Leaders President Gerald Ford The American Presidency Politics & Elections New York Times
1981 U.S. Aircraft Shoot Down Two Libyan Fighters over the Gulf of Sidra Libya War OPSEC
1982 Soviet Soyuz T-7 Is Launched with 2 Men and 1 Woman Aboard Russian Space Program Space Exploration NASA
1989 Bishop Desmond Tutu Defies Apartheid with South African Beach Walk Bishop Desmond Tutu Human Rights 1984 Nobel Peace Laureate African American Registry
1991 Communist Coup Temporarily Removes Mikhail Gorbachev from Power Mikhail Gorbachev 1990 Nobel Peace Laureate The Cold War BBC
African-American Mob Kills Jewish Australian Student Visiting Brooklyn Australia New York City African-American Heritage Judaism Racism Death History Channel African American Registry
1994 President Clinton Halts Open-door Policy for Cuban Refugees President Bill Clinton The American Presidency Cuba Immigration Laws & Policies New York Times
1996 Arkansas' Governor Tucker Sentenced to Probation for Whitewater Crimes Arkansas Political Leaders President Bill Clinton & Whitewater Investigation The American Presidency Law & Legal Resources New York Times
2002 Chechnyan Rebels Shoot Down Russian Military Helicopter: 119 Die Russia War Aviation Death New York Times
2003 UN Envoy to Iraq Dies in Baghdad Bombing United Nations Iraq The Iraq War BBC