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Hungary: National Day/St. Stephen's Day
(Celebration of the traditional creation of the Hungarian state in 1,000 A.D.)
Hungary U.S. Department of State
Morocco: Revolution of the King and the People
(Commemoration of the anniversary of the Revolution of the King: 08/20/1953)
Morocco Morocco Ministry of Communication
1833 Benjamin Harrison (Ohio-born 23rd President of the United States) Ohio Political Leaders Benjamin Harrison The American Presidency
1834 Francis R. T. Nicholls (Governor of Louisiana: 1877-1880, 1888-1892) Louisiana Political & Social Leaders
1933 George Mitchell (Maine-born U.S. Congressman, Statesman) George Mitchell U.S. Congress
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1153 St. Bernard (French-born Catholic Saint) St. Bernard Catholic Saints
1940 Leon Trotsky (Ukrainian Leader of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution) Leon Trotsky Soviet Political & Social Leaders
1965 Jonathan Daniels (New Hampshire-born Seminary Student & Civil Rights Worker Shot and Killed in Lowndes County, Alabama Lowndes County, Alabama New Hampshire Civil Rights/Human Rights Alabama State Archives
1794 "Mad" Anthony Wayne's Victory at Fallen Timbers Forces British to Surrender Outposts in the Northwest Territory Great Britain Battle of Fallen Timbers Anthony Wayne Treaty of Greenville Native-American Studies History Channel State of Michigan
1866 President Johnson's Proclamation of Peace Ends the Civil War in Texas Civil War in Texas Andrew Johnson American Civil War Texas State Historical Association
1905 Sun Yat-sen Organizes the Society of Chinese Revolutionary Alliance in Tokyo Sun Yat-sen  Japan Asian History
1914 German Forces Occupy Brussels, Belgium World War I Belgium Germany New York Times
1940 Stalin Secret Agent Assassinates Leon Trotsky in Mexico City Mexico Soviet Union Leon Trotsky Joseph Stalin History Channel
Referring to Britain's RAF Pilots, Winston Churchill Says " Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few." British Military Figures Winston Churchill Aviation Military History World War II Historic UK
1949 Republic of Hungary Adopts Its Constitution Hungary U.S. Department of State
1953 Soviet Union Publicly Acknowledges Testing a Hydrogen Bomb Soviet Union Nuclear Weapons The Cold War New York Times
French Colonial Authorities Exile Moroccan King Mohammed V and Royal Family Morocco France Morocco Ministry of Information
1955 Anti-French Riots in Morocco & Algiers Leave Hundreds Dead France Morocco Algeria Death New York Times
1960 Mali Federation Breaks into Senegal and Republic of Mali Senegal Republic of Mali African History USAID
1968 650,000 Warsaw Pact Troops Crush Czechoslovakian Protests Soviet Union Czech Republic Slovakia European History Cold War History Channel New York Times
1980 United Nations Resolution 478 Condemns Israel for Claiming All of Jerusalem as Its Capital Israel United Nations (pdf)
1995 Two Trains Collide and Explode in Worst Railroad Accident in India's History: 358 People Die India Railroads Death History Channel
1998 Canadian Supreme Court Finds No Legal Basis for Quebec Secession Law Canada
U.S. Missiles Strike Afghanistan and Sudan Terrorist Camps Afghanistan Sudan War on Terrorism CNN