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Liberia: Flag Day
(Commemorates the first flying of the Liberian flag: 08/24/1847)
Liberia U.S. Department of State Liberia Connection
Ukraine: Independence Day
(Commemorates Ukraine's declaration of independence from the Soviet Union: 08/24/1991)
Ukraine Independence Soviet Union U.S. Department of State
1759 William Wilberforce (English Abolitionist, Politician and Philanthropist) William Wilberforce Abolition
1871 Steadman V. Sanford (Georgia-born Educator) Georgia Political and Social Leaders Education University of Georgia
1895 Richard J. Cushing (Massachusetts-born Archbishop of Boston) Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders Catholicism Concordia Historical Institute
1922 Rene Levesque (Canadian Pro-independence Premier of Quebec: 1976-85) Canadian Political & Social Leaders
1929 Yasser Arafat (Egyptian-born Palestinian Leader: 1994 Nobel Laureate for Peace) Arafat, Yasser 1994 Nobel Laureate for Peace
1937 Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola (Nigerian Entrepreneur and Politician) Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1946 James C. McReynolds (Kentucky-born Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court) Kentucky Political & Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1572 5,000 Huguenots and Protestants Killed in Paris Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre French Huguenots Catholicism Death Concordia Historical Institute
1777 General Washington Establishes Wilmington, Delaware as the Headquarters for the Continental Army Wilmington, Delaware George Washington American Revolution State of Delaware
1814 British Forces Invade Washington, D.C., Set Fire to Capitol and White House Great Britain The White House War of 1812 The Library of Congress
1821 Treaty Grants Mexican Independence from Spain Mexico History & Culture Spain History & Culture Hispanic Heritage Texas State Historical Association
1847 Liberia's New Flag Is Flown for the First Time Liberia Flagspot
1871 Mexican Government Decrees All Foreigners Must Be Registered Mexico Mexico Connect
1909 Workers Pour the First Concrete for the Panamá Canal at the Gatun Locks Panama Canal BBC
1954 Congress Passes Communist Control Act U.S. Congress Soviet Union McCarthyism/Red Scare History Channel
Brazil's President Vargas Resigns under Military Pressure, Then Commits Suicide Brazilian Political & Social Leaders Death BBC
1968 Hydrogen Bomb Explosion Makes France the World's Fifth Nuclear Power France Nuclear Weapons The Cold War CNN
1970 Anti-war Extremists' Bomb Kills University of Wisconsin's Army Researcher Wisconsin Vietnam War Terrorism Death The New York Times
1987 U.S. Sergeant Clayton Lonetree Sent to Prison for Being a Soviet Spy Soviet Union Cold War Law & Legal Resources Crime Loyola University
1990 Iraqi Troops Cut Off Electricity and Water for Western Embassies In Kuwait City Iraq Kuwait Gulf War Kuwait Information Office
Irish Hostage Released after Four Years of Captivity in Lebanon Ireland Lebanon Terrorism BBC
1991 Ukraine Parliament Declares Independence from the Soviet Union Ukraine Independence Soviet Union The Ukrainian Weekly
Mikhail Gorbachev Resigns as General Secretary of Soviet Communist Party Mikhail Gorbachev The Soviet Union The Cold War The Ukrainian Weekly
1992 China and South Korea Establish Diplomatic Relations China Korea World History People's Daily
1995 Human Rights Activist Harry Wu Expelled by China for Spying China Human Rights Asian-American Heritage CNN
1998 U.S. & Britain Agree to Hold Pan Am 103 Bombing Trial in the Netherlands Great Britain The Netherlands Pan Am 103 Terrorism Law & Legal Resources The New York Times

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