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Uruguay: Independence Day
(Commemoration of Uruguayan revolutionaries' declaration of independence from Brazil: 08/25/1825)
Uruguay Brazil Library of Congress
1530 Ivan IV (Russian Tsar: Ivan the Terrible) Ivan IV
1817 Alfred Russell (Kentucky-born African-American President of Liberia) Liberia Alfred Russell Notable African Americans African American Registry
1845 Ludwig II ("Mad" King of Bavaria: 1864-1886) Ludwig II Richard Wagner
1865 Arthur Hinsley (English-born Roman Catholic Cardinal and Archbishop of Westminster) English Political and Social Leaders Catholicism Westminster Abbey
1866 Nora Gordon (Georgia-born African-American Missionary) Africa Nora Gordon Religion Notable African Americans African American Registry
1882 Sean O'Kelly (President of Ireland; 1945-59: Leader of the Sinn Fein Party) Ireland
1912 Erich Honecker (East German Cold War Communist Leader) Erich Honecker The Cold War
1919 George Wallace (Four-time Governor of Alabama and 1968 Third-Party Candidate for U.S. President) George Wallace Politics The Amercian Presidency U.S. Civil Rights Movement
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1270 Saint Louis IX (King of France) Saint Louis IX Catholic Saints
1688 Sir Henry Morgan (Welsh Pirate) Sir Henry Morgan
1942 Duke of Kent (Brother of King George VI: War Mission Plane Crash) Great Britain British Monarchy World War II Air Disasters Death
1945 John Birch (U.S. Intelligence Officer Murdered by Chinese Communists: Namesake of John Birch Society) John Birch Cold War Religion Notorious Americans History Channel
1967 George Lincoln Rockwell (Illinois-born Leader of the American Nazi Party - Murdered) Notorious Illini Nazi Germany Death
1985 Samantha Smith (Maine-born Girl Who Became a Symbol for World Peace: Die in Plane Crash) Samantha Smith Soviet Union Air Disasters The Cold War The History Channel
1998 Lewis F. Powell (Virginia-born Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court) Virginia Political & Social Leaders Law and Legal Resources United States Supreme Court
2009 Edward (Ted) Kennedy (Massachusetts-born U.S. Senator) Ted Kennedy U.S. Congress Politics President John Kennedy
300 First Council of Nicaea Establishes Nicene Creed Doctrine of the Holy Trinity Nicene Creed Catholic Encyclopedia
1580 Spanish Forces Secure Portugal as a Spanish Realm at Battle of Alcantara Spain Portugal European History CNN
1825 Uruguayan Revolutionaries Declare Independence from Brazil Uruguay Brazil Library of Congress
1830 French Provinces of the Netherlands Revolt Against Union into Belgium Netherlands Belgium European History Nationmaster
1875 England's Matthew Webb First Person to Swim English Channel (21h 45m) British Sports Figures Swimming Historic Firsts Dover Museum
1883 Treaty of Hue Creates French Protectorate over Vietnam's Annam & Tonkin France Vietnam Historic World Documents World History CNN
1929 Graf Zeppelin Passes over San Francisco on Trans-Pacific Voyage from Tokyo Japan San Francisco Aviation
1936 16 Opponents of Josef Stalin Are Executed in Russia Following 5-day Trial Josef Stalin Law & Legal Resources Death
1940 The British Air Force Drops Its First Bombs on Berlin in an Overnight Raid Great Britain Berlin World War II
1942 War Mission Plane Crash Kills Duke of Kent, Brother of King George VI Great Britain British Monarchy World War II Air Disasters Death Wikipedia
1944 Allied Troops Liberate Paris Paris, France Nazi Germany World War II Official Web Site of the City of Paris
1945 American Missionary John Birch Is Murdered in China John Birch Cold War Religion Notorious Americans History Channel
1961 Brazil's President Jānio Quadros Resigns after Only Six Months in Office Brazil Wikipedia
1967 Defense Secretary McNamara Concedes U.S. Vietnam Bombing Not Effective U.S. Government Vietnam War History Channel
Paraguayan Government of General Alfredo Stroessner Adopts a Constitution Paraguay Georgetown University
George Lincoln Rockwell, Leader of the American Nazi Party, Is Shot and Killed Adolph Hitler Death BBC
1971 U.S. 173rd Airborne Brigade Ceases Combat to Withdraw from Vietnam Vietnam War History Channel
1978 The Shroud of Turin Goes on Public Display for First Time in 45 years Catholicism Wikipedia
1981 Voyager 2 Spacecraft within 63,000 miles of Saturn: Transmits Pictures & Data NASA Saturn NASA
1985 13-year-old Schoolgirl Diplomat Samantha Smith & Father Killed in Plane Crash Samantha Smith Soviet Union The Cold War Air Disasters Death The History Channel
1988 Iraqi Armed Forces Begin Major Military Offensive Against the Kurds in Northern Iraq Iraq War Physicians for Human Rights
1990 UN Security Council Resolution 665 Sanctions Use of Military Force in Iraq Iraq The United Nations Gulf War Kuwait Information Office
1991 Supreme Soviet in Minsk Declares Independence of Belarus from Soviet Union Belarus Soviet Union Library of Congress
Uzbekistan Declares Its Plan to Seek Independence from the Soviet Union Uzbekistan Soviet Union Library of Congress
1997 East German Leader, Egon Krenz, Sentenced for Murders of German Citizens The Berlin Wall Cold War Law & Legal Resources Death BBC

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