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Australia: White Rose Day
(In remembrance of the death of Princess Diana: 08/31)
Australia Princess Diana
Kyrgyzstan: Independence Day
(Commemorates Kyrgyzstan's declaration of independence from the Soviet Union: 08/31/1991)
Kyrgyzstan Soviet Union U.S. Department of State Kyrgyzstan Development Gateway
Malaysia: National Day
(Commemorates Malaysia's independence from Great Britain: 08/31/1957)
Malayasia Great Britain U.S. Department of State Islam Online
1870 Maria Montessori (Italian Founder of the Montessori-Method of Education) Maria Montessori Educators of Note
1871 James Edward Ferguson (Governor of Texas) Texas Political and Social Leaders Texas State Historical Association
1880 Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands Netherlands Political and Social Leaders
1907 Ramon Magsaysay (President of the Republic of the Philippines: 1953-57) Philippine Political & Social Leaders
Gus Hawkins (Louisiana-born African-American Congressman from California) Louisiana Political & Social Leaders California Political & Social Leaders U.S. Congress Noted African-American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
1935 Eldridge Cleaver (Arkansas-born African-American Rights Advocate and Author: Soul on Ice) Eldridge Cleaver U.S. Civil Rights Movement American Authors African-American Political & Social Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1800 John Blair (Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court) Virginia Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court
1997 Diana, Princess of Wales (car crash) Great Britain Princess Diana Automobiles
1837 Ralph Waldo Emerson Delivers 'The American Scholar" Speech at Harvard Ralph Waldo Emerson Harvard University
1861 Delaware's Du Pont Company Receives a Contract From the Federal Government for 600,000 Pounds of Gunpowder Delaware American Civil War Business Du Pont Company State of Delaware
1935 President Roosevelt Signs Act Prohibiting Export of U.S. Arms to Belligerents Franklin Roosevelt The American Presidency War International Trade Mt. Holyoke College
1944 British Break the German's Gothic Line in Northern Italy Great Britain Italy Nazi Germany World War II The History Channel
1951 U.S. Supreme Court Justice Douglas Calls for Recognition of Communist China China William O. Douglas U.S. Supreme Court The Cold War The History Channel
1957 Malaysia Gains Independence from Great Britain Malayasia Great Britain BBC
1959 Prime Minister Macmillan & President Eisenhower Broadcast Live Harold Mcmillan Dwight Eisenhower Television Cold War BBC
1961 Caribbean Islands of Trinidad & Tobago Gain Independence from Great Britain Trinidad and Tobago Great Britain Blacknet
1967 U.S. Senate Committee Calls for Increased Bombing in Vietnam U.S. Congress Vietnam War The History Channel
1989 Moldavia Establishes Romanian as the State Language Moldova Library of Congress
Separation of Princess Anne from Captain Mark Phillips Made Public Great Britain Princess Anne BBC
1991 Kyrgyzstan Adopts a Declaration of Independence from the Soviet Union Kyrgyzstan Soviet Union Kyrgyzstan Development Gateway
Uzbekistan Adopts a Declaration of Independence from the Soviet Union Uzbekistan Soviet Union Country Studies
1993 Russia Withdraws Its Last Soldiers from Lithuania Russia Lithuania Russian News Network
1994 Last Russian Soldiers Begin Leaving Berlin Russia Germany Soviet Union The Cold War The Berlin Assignment
Irish Republican Army Declares Cease-fire in Northern Ireland Northern Ireland BBC
1997 Princess Diana and Companion Dodi al-Fayed Die in Paris Car Accident Great Britain Paris Princess Diana Automobiles Death BBC
1998 North Korea Fires a Ballistic Missile over Japan Korea Japan Nuclear Weapons CNN
U.S. Closes Embassies in Ghana and Togo Due to Security Threats Ghana Togo Terrorism International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism
2010 U.S. President Obama Announces End of U.S. Combat Operations in Iraq Iraq President Barack Obama's Announcement Middle East War

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