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Libya: Revolution Day
(Commemorates the military overthrow of King Idris: 09/01/1969)
Libya BBC
Qatar: National Day
(Three-day celebration (9/1-3) of independence gained from the UK: 09/03/1971)
Qatar Topics Online Magazine
Slovakia: Constitution Day
(Commemorates adoption of the Slovak constitution: 09/01/1992)
Slovakia U.S. Department of State
Uzbekistan: Independence Day
(Observed September 1 to commemorate declaration of independence issued 08/31/1991)
Uzbekistan Soviet Union
1907 Walter Reuther (West Virginia-born Labor Leader; President of United Automobile Workers Union: 1946-70) Walter Reuther Labor Leaders UAW
1933 Ann Richards (Governor of Texas) Texas Political and Social Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1150 Pope Adrian IV (English-born Catholic Pope) English Political and Social Leaders Religion Catholic Popes
1989 Bart Giamatti (Massachusetts-born Commissioner of Baseball) Massachusetts Sports Figures Baseball Nationmaster
1796 U.S. Troops Take Formal Possession of Fort Mackinac from the British Michigan Forts American Revolution State of Michigan
1807 Former U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr Is Found Not Guilty of Treason Aaron Burr Law & Legal Resources University of Missouri, Kansas City
1823 Smith Thompson (NY) Sworn In As Associate Justice of U.S. Supreme Court New York Political & Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1836 Missionaries, Narcissa and Marcus Whitman, Arrive in Walla Walla, WA Narcissa and Marcus Whitman Religion Westward Expansion The History Channel
1863 Santos Benavides' Confederate Troops Pursue Bandit Octaviano Zapata into Mexico Mexcio American Civil War Hispanic Heritage Texas State Historical Society
1870 German Victory over the French at the Battle of Sedan Effectively Decides the Outcome of the Franco-Prussian War Germany France European History War German Historical Institute
1905 Alberta & Saskatchewan Enter Confederation as 8th & 9th Canadian Provinces Canada The Alberta Act: Canadian Department of Justice The Saskatchewan Act: Solon Law
1932 New York City Mayor Jimmy Walker Resigns Amid Corruption Charges New York City Politics Crime New York City
1939 World War II Begins As Nazi Germany Invades Poland Poland Nazi Germany Nazi Invasion of Poland BBC Writer's Almanac
1951 United States, Australia and New Zealand Sign ANZUS Mutual Defense Treaty Australia New Zealand Historic U.S. Documents World History Yale University
1961 Soviets End Moratorium on Nuclear Testing with 16 KTon Blast in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Soviet Union Nuclear Weapons Cold War Commonwealth of Australia
Eritrean Liberation Front Initiates 30-year Armed Struggle for Independence Eritrea Ethiopia
1969 Bloodless Military Coup Deposes King Idris of Libya Libya BBC
1970 Senate Defeats McGovern-Hatfield Deadline for Vietnam Troop Withdrawal U.S. Senate Vietnam War The History Channel
1976 Wall Street Journal Publishes First Edition for Europe Journalism Business & Economics The History Channel
1981 Bloodless Coup Ousts President David Dacko of the Central African Republic Central African Republic BBC
1982 President Jose Lopez Portillo Nationalizes Mexico's Banking Industry Mexico Economic Institutions Mexico Connect
1983 Soviet Fighter Jet Shoots Down Korean Air Lines 747: All 269 Aboard Die 747 Disaster Soviet Union Cold War Air Disasters Death Washington Post
1985 U. S.-French Expedition Locates Remains of the Titanic Off Newfoundland Coast Newfoundland The Titanic Smithsonian Institution
1992 The Slovak Republic Passes Its Constitution Slovakia Slovak Republic
1997 Investigators Claim Driver of Car in Princess Diana Fatality Drunk & Speeding Great Britain Princess Diana BBC

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