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Australia: National Flag Day
(Commemoration of first flying of the Australian flag: 09/03/1901)
Australia Australian National Flag Association
Qatar: National Day
(Three-day celebration (9/1-3) of independence gained from the UK: 09/03/1971)
Qatar Topics Online Magazine
Republic of San Marino: San Marino Day
(Celebration of the traditional founding of San Marino in 301 )
Republic of San Marino San Marino Site
1803 Prudence Crandall (Rhode Island-born Quaker Educator, Abolitionist) Prudence Crandall Connecticut's Political & Social Leaders Educators of Note Quaker Religion Abolition
1811 John Humphrey Noyes (Vermont-born Founder of New York's Oneida Community) Vermont Political & Social Leaders Oneida, New York New York History Net
1831 Henry Laurens Mitchell (Alabama-born 16th Governor of Florida) Alabama Political & Social Leaders Florida Political & Social Leaders Florida Historical Society
1895 Charles Houston (District of Columbia-born African-American Attorney, Civil Rights Advocate) Charles Houston Civil Rights Law & Legal Resources African-American Political and Social Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1658 Oliver Cromwell (Lord Protector of England) Oliver Cromwell
1895 William Carrol Crawford (North Carolina-born Minister, Postmaster: Last Surviving Signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence) North Carolina Political and Social Leader Texas Political and Social Leader Texas State Historical Association
2005 William Rehnquist (Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme Court) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders CNN
1189 Richard I (the Lion-Hearted) Is Crowned King of England British History Richard I New York Times
1752 September 3 Is September 14: Great Britain and Colonies Change to Gregorian Calendar Breat Britain Colonial America Gregorian Calendar University of Georgia Virginia Historical Society Greenwich Guide
1777 The American flag Is Flown in Battle for the First Time at a Skirmish at Cooch's Bridge, Maryland Maryland U.S. Flags and Symbols American Revolution Firsts History Channel
1779 A French Fleet of 22 Ships and 4,000 Men Arrives Off the Georgia Coast to Help Take Savannah from the British Great Britain France Savannah, Georgia Naval Military History American Revolution University of Georgia
1783 Treaty of Paris Signing Ends the American Revolution American Revolution Treaty of Paris Writer's Almanac Library of Congress History Channel
1798 Spanish Begin Invasion of Belize at St. Georges Caye Belize Spain Great Britain BelizeNow
1807 British Continue Day Two of Four-day Bombardment of Copenhagen Denmark Great Britain Napoleon Bonaparte European History War Danish Military History
1834 Pioneer Methodist Ministers Hold a Camp Meeting Near Kenney, Texas in Spite of Mexican Prohibitions Against Protestant Worship Mexico Kenney, Texas Religion Human Rights/Civil Rights Texas State Historical Association
1861 Confederate Troops Violate Kentucky's Neutrality by Occupying Columbus, Kentucky Columbus, Kentucky American Civil War History Channel
1862 The Confederate Secretary of War Suspends the Writ of Habeas Corpus in Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Writ of Habeas Corpus American Civil War University of Georgia
1864 President Lincoln Orders 100-Gun Salutes to Celebrate Victories at Atlanta and Mobile President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Log
President Lincoln Proclaims Sunday, September 11, 1864, as a Day of Thanksgiving and Prayer President Abraham Lincoln Religion Thanksgiving American Civil War Lincoln Log
1901 Australian National Flag Is First Flown above the Exhibition Building, Melbourne Australia Australian National Flag Association
1914 Giacomo della Chiesa Is Elected to the Papacy of the Roman Catholic Church as Pope Benedict XV Italian Political and Social Leaders Religion Catholic Popes History Channel
1919 President Woodrow Wilson Embarks on an 8,000 Mile, 22-Day League of Nations Tour Across the United States President Woodrow Wilson League of Nations History Channel
1928 Scottish Scientist, Alexander Fleming, Discovers That Penicillin Mold Kills Germs Scottish Scientists & Mathematicians Medical Research Historic Firsts Britannica
1935 President Franklin Roosevelt Allocates $5M for the Florida Ship Canal from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean Florida President Franklin Roosevelt Rivers and Canals Florida Historical Society
1939 Great Britain and France Declare War on Germany Great Britain France Germany World War II Writer's Almanac Historic UK History Channel BBC Greenwich Guide
1941 The U.S. Army Activates a Post at Nome, Alaska with 9 Officers and 221 Enlisted Men Nome, Alaska World War II Alaska Historical Society
1943 British 8th Army Begins the Allied Invasion of the "Toe" of Italy Crossing the Strait of Messina from Sicily Italy Great Britain World War II History Channel BBC
1950 A 35-Man U.S. Military Assistance Advisory Group Arrives in Saigon, Vietnam Vietnam France Vietnam War History Channel
1958 Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd Is Elected As the pro-Apartheid Prime Minister of South Africa South African Political and Social Leaders Apartheid Elections South African History
1966 President Lyndon Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson Speak at the Dedication of West Virginia's Summersville Reservoir West Virginia President Lyndon Johnson Summersville Reservoir West Virginia State Archive
1967 Nguyen Van Thieu Is Elected President of South Vietnam Nguyen Van Thieu Elections History Channel Asian History
Swedish Drivers Switch Lanes and Begin Driving on the Right Side of the Road Instead of the Left Sweden Automobiles European History Writer's Almanac
1978 Pope John Paul I Is Installed as 264th Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church Catholic Popes New York Times
1994 China and Russia Pledge Not to Target Nuclear Missiles or Use Force Against Each Other China Russia Nuclear Weapons The Cold War New York Times
1998 All 229 Passengers and Crew Are Killed in Swissair Crash Off Nova Scotia Air Disasters Death BBC
2004 Terrorist Siege of Russian School Ends in Tragedy: 320+ Die (Mostly Children) Russia Terrorism Children Death CNN BBC

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