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North Korea: Foundation Day
(Commemoration of Democratic People's Republic proclaimed: 09/09/1948)
North Korea Source
Tajikistan: National Day
(Commemoration of Independence from Russia: 09/09/1991)
Tajikistan U.S. Department of State
California: Admission Day
(Commemoration of admission as the 31st state: 09/09/1850)
1816 John Gregg Fee (Kentucky-born Educator, Abolitionist) John Gregg Fee Educators of Note Abolition
1887 Alf Landon (Pennsylvania-born Politician) Alf Landon Kansas Politics & Elections
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1087 William the Conqueror (King of England) William the Conqueror
1871 Stand Watie (Georgia-born Cherokee Indian and Confederate General) Stand Watie Cherokee Nation American Civil War
1976 Mao Zedong (Chinese Dictator) Mao Zedong
490 The Persians Invade Greece at Marathon, 35km NE of Athens Classical Greece War North Park University
1776 The Second Continental Congress Renames the United Colonies as the United States of America U.S. History Historic Firsts New York Times
1777 Washington's Army Marches from Wilmington, Delaware To Chadd's Ford, Pennsylvania to Prevent the British from Entering Philadelphia Great Britain Wilmington, Delaware Philadelphia, Pennsylvania American Revolution State of Delaware
1785 Acadian Exiles Arrive in New Orleans New Orleans, Louisiana Immigration Louisiana Secretary of State
1850 President Millard Fillmore Signs Act Admitting California As 31st State California President Millard Fillmore History Channel
President Millard Fillmore Signs the Organic Act Admitting New Mexico into the Union as a Territory New Mexico President Millard Fillmore New Mexico Magazine
1942 Japanese Drop Incendiary Bombs on an Oregon Forest Oregon World War II History Channel
1943 Allies Land at Salerno and Taranto Italy World War II History Channel
Rallies and Parades Open Delaware's Third War Loan Drive with a Goal of Raising $49,000,000 Delaware Economics World War II State of Delaware
1944 Communist-Dominated Fatherland Front Announces It Is in Control of Bulgaria's Government Bulgaria World War II European History Bulgaria Travel Directory
1948 The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) Is Proclaimed in Pyongyang North Korea World History New York Times
1957 President Eisenhower Signs First Civil Rights Law Since Reconstruction U.S. Congress President Eisenhower Civil Rights New York Times
1969 Ho Chi Minh Is Buried in Hanoi Ho Chi Minh Vietnam War History Channel
1971 British Ambassador Is Released 8 Months After Captured by Guerrillas in Uruguay Great Britain Uruguay Terrorism BBC
1978 Shah's Troops Open Fire on Iranian Protesters: Hundreds Killed Iran Death Country Studies
1991 Tajikistan Establishes Its Independence from Russia Tajikistan Russia The Fall of Soviet Communism CIA
1993 PLO and Israel Agree to Recognize Each Other. Israel Palestine New York Times
Former President Marcos Buried in Philippines, Four Years after Dying in Exile. The Republic of the Philippines New York Times
1997 Northern Ireland's Sinn Fein Formally Renounces Violence Ireland New York Times

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