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Christianity: Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross
(Commemorates the dedication of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher by Saint Helen: 09/14/335)
Church of the Holy Sepulcher Religion Society of Archbishop Justus
Nicaragua: Anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto
(Commemorates the defeat of American filibusters led by William Walker: 09/14/1856)
Battle of San Jacinto William Walker U.S. Department of State
1742 James Wilson (Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court) Scottish Social & Political Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1783 Henry S. Johnson (Virginia-born Governor of Louisiana: 1824-1828) Virginia Social & Political Leaders Louisiana Social & Political Leaders
1823 Benjamin Hill (Georgia-born Congressman; Namesake of Ben Hill County, Georgia) Ben Hill County Georgia U.S. Congress University of Georgia
1857 Alice Stone Blackwell (New Jersey-born Women's Suffrage Leader) New Jersey Social & Political Leaders Women Women's Suffrage
1879 Margaret Sanger (Massachusetts-born Birth Control Advocate) Margaret Sanger Women
1886 Jan Masaryk (Czechoslovakian Statesman and Diplomat) Jan Masaryk
1921 Constance Baker Motley (Connecticut-born African-American Attorney, Judge) Connecticut Political and Social Leaders Law and Legal Resources African American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1638 John Harvard (English-born Clergyman; Namesake of Harvard University) John Harvard Religion Education Harvard University
1846 Jacques Dupre (Governor of Louisiana: 1830-1831) Louisiana Social & Political Leaders
1859 Robert Simpson Neighbors (Texas-born Indian Agent; Assassinated) Texas Native American Heritage Death Texas State Historical Association
1862 Jesse Lee Reno (West Virginia-born Union General Killed in Action at the Battle of South Mountain) West Virginia Military Figures World War I West Virginia State Archives
1898 Julia De Forest Tuttle ("Mother of Miami, Florida") Miami, Florida Florida State Historical Society
1901 William McKinley (U.S. President: Assassination) President William McKinley President Theodore Roosevelt The American Presidency Gun Control
1911 Peter Stolypin (Russian Premier: Assassination) Russian Political & Social Leaders Gun Control
1982 Bashir Gemayel (Lebanese Political Leader; Assassination) Lebanon Terrorism
Grace Kelly (Pennsylvania-born Princess of Monaco; Died in Auto Accident) Monaco Grace Kelly Actors Film
335 St. Helen Dedicates the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem Church of the Holy Sepulcher Religion Society of Archbishop Justus
1712 Antoine Crozat Is Granted Exclusive Trading Rights in Louisiana by the French Government France Economics Louisiana Secretary of State
1752 Great Britain and American Colonies Change to the Gregorian Calendar Great Britain Colonial America Gregorian Calendar
1778 Delaware Governor John McKinly Is Released After Being Imprisoned for a Year by the British Great Britain Delaware Political and Social Leaders Prison State of Delaware
1786 Two Frigates Commanded by French Explorer, Jean Francois Galoup de la Perouse, Arrive in Monterey, California for 10-day Visit French Explorers Monterey, California North American Explorers Naval History LearnCalifornia
1810 Spain's Francisco de Venegas Arrives in Mexico City as Mexico's 59th Viceroy Mexico Spain Virtual American Biographies
1812 Napoleon Enters Moscow Moscow France Napoleon Bonaparte The History Channel Writer's Almanac
1847 U.S. Forces under General Winfield Scott Take Control of Mexico City Mexico Winfield Scott Mexican-American War New York Times
1856 Nicaraguan Nationals Defeat American Filibusters Led by U.S. William Walker Battle of San Jacinto William Walker
1862 Lee Holds Off Union Forces at South Mountain, Crampton's Gap, Turner's Gap Maryland Robert E. Lee Battles of South Mountain, Crampton's Gap & Turner's Gap The History Channel
1874 White Supremacists Triumph at New Orleans "Battle of Liberty Place": 27 Die Battle of Liberty Place Racism Death Louisiana State Museum
1875 In New Mexico, a Methodist Minister Is Killed by Operatives of Lawyers and Businessmen Seeking Control of Spanish Land Grants New Mexico Crime Death New Mexico Magazine
1901 President McKinley Dies from Assassin Gunshot Wounds Assassination of President William McKinley President Theodore Roosevelt The American Presidency Gun Control Death
1911 First Texas Mexican-American Civil Rights Conference Is Held in Laredo Texas Civil Rights/Human Rights Hispanic Heritage Texas State Historical Association
1918 In Wisconsin, a Mob Surrounds the Home of Caroline Krueger When Her Three Sons Refuse to Enlist for Military Service in Europe Wisconsin World War I Wisconsin Historical Society
1930 Stunning Election Triumph Makes Nazis Germany's Second Largest Party Germany Nazi Germany Elections History Place
1959 Soviet Probe Luna 2 Crash Lands as First Man-made Object on the Moon Soviet Space Program Cold War Lunar Exploration Historic Firsts Luna 2
1975 Pope Paul VI Declares Mother Seton the First U.S.-born Saint Catholic Saints Mother Seton Historic Firsts New York Times
1982 Lebanon's President-elect, Bashir Gemayel, Is Killed by a Bomb Lebanon Terrorism Death New York Times
1996 Cambodian King Norodom Sihanouk Pardons Khmer Rouge Leader Leng Sary Cambodia Human Rights Watch
2001 FBI Names 19 Suspects Responsible for Sept 11 World Trade Center Attack World Trade Center Attack FBI Terrorism New York Times
President Bush Addresses Rescue Workers at World Trade Center Ruins World Trade Center Attack President George W. Bush Terrorism CNN

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