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Mexico: Independence Day (Day 2 of 2)
(09/16/1810: Father Miguel Hidalgo Declares Mexico's Independence from Spain)
 Father Miguel Hidalgo Spain PBS
New Guinea: Independence Day
(09/16/1975: Independence from an International Trusteeship)
New Guinea
St. Kitts and Nevis: National Heroes Day
St. Kitts St. Kitts Tourism Authority
1638 Louis XIV (King of France) French Political and Social Leaders
1832 George Washington Custis Lee (Virginia-born Confederate General) Virginia Military Figures U.S. Military Figures American Civil War History Channel
1896 Lester Granger (Virginia-born African-American Civic Leader) Virginia Political and Social Leaders U.S. Government African American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
1936 Dismas P. Becker (Wisconsin-born Human Rights/Civil Rights Activist) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Human Rights/Civil Rights Wisconsin Historical Society
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1859 David Broderick (California-born U.S. Senator; Died From Gunshot Wounds Suffered in a Duel with State's Chief Justice) California U.S. Congress Gun Control Death California Offica of Historic Preservation
1996 McGeorge Bundy (Massachusetts-born Statesman) Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders U.S. Government
1620 102 Passengers Leave Plymouth, England on The Mayflower Great Britain Plymouth Colony The Mayflower
1712 New Mexico Governor, Marquez de La Peñuela, Issues Proclamation Establishing the First Fiesta de Santa Fe New Mexico Historic U.S. Documents Historic Firsts Santa Fe Fiesta Council New Mexico Magazine
1795 The Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territory Convenes in Cincinnati, Ohio for the First Time Cincinnati, Ohio U.S. History Historic Firsts Indiana Historical Society
1799 President George Washington Proposes That a Federal Armory and Arsenal be Established at Harpers Ferry Maryland Virginia Harpers Ferry President George Washington Harpers Ferry National Park West Virginia State Archive
1810 Father Miguel Hidalgo Declares Mexico's Independence from Spain Father Miguel Hidalgo Spain PBS
1838 Potawatomi Indians Camp at Danville, Illinois on "Trail of Death" March to Kansas Indiana Illinois Missouri Kansas Potawatami Indians University of Kansas
1844 Mexican Officials Release 105 Texan Captives from Perote Prison Mexico Texas Texas State Historical Association
1845 Illinois Mormons Murder Member Believed to be Christian Spy Illinois The Morman Church Death History Channel
1859 California's U.S. Senator Dies from Gunshot Wounds Suffered in a Duel California U.S. Congress Gun Control Death California Offica of Historic Preservation
1919 The American Legion Is Incorporated by an Act of Congress War U.S. Congress New York Times
1920 A Wagon Loaded with Explosives Detonates on Wall Street New York City History Channel
1940 President Franklin Roosevelt Signs into Law the First U.S. Peacetime Military Draft Franklin Roosevelt World War II History Channel
Sam Rayburn (TX) Is Elected Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Sam Rayburn U.S. Congress New York Times
1950 United Nations Essay Contest on "The Veto" Angers Soviets United Nations Soviet Union The Cold War History Channel
1954 FBI Interviews Richard Wright in Paris About Relationship to the Communist Party Richard Wright McCarthyism/Red Scare FBI American Authors American Collection
1960 U.S. Ambassador in Saigon Warns That Situation is Worsening Vietnam U.S. Government Vietnam War History Channel
1969 Nixon Announces Withdrawal of 35,000 Troops from Vietnam Richard Nixon Vietnam War History Channel
1974 President Ford Offers Amnesty for Vietnam War Deserters and Draft Evaders President Ford Vietnam War New York Times
1975 New Guinea Attains Independence from Australia New Guinea Australia BBC
1978 Thousands Dead in Iran Earthquake Iran Earthquakes Death BBC
1982 Christian Militia Massacre Hundreds of Palestinians in Beirut Refugee Camps Lebanon Palestine Religion New York Times
1986 Explosion in South Africa's Kinross Gold Mine Kills Almost 200 South Africa Gold Death BBC
435,000 Gallons of Oil Spill into the Delaware River When the Tanker Grand Eagle Runs Aground Near Claymont Claymont, Delaware Earth & Environmental Science Naval History State of Delaware
1997 Steve Jobs Returns As CEO of Apple Computer Steve Jobs Apple Computer History Channel

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