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356 B.C. Alexander the Great (Macedonian-born Military Leader) Alexander the Great War
1861 Herbert Putnam (New York City-born Librarian of Congress: 1899-1939) New York City Political and Social Leaders Libraries Library of Congress
1867 Sterling Price (Virginia-born Governor of Missouri and Confederate General) Virginia  Military Figures Missouri Political and Social Leaders American Civil War
1899 Leo Strauss (German-born American Political Philosopher) German Political and Social Leaders Philosophy
1912 Frank Zeidler (Wisconsin-born National Chairperson of the Socialist Party) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Socilaist Party of Wisconsin Wisconsin Historical Society
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
2005 Simon Wiesenthal (Ukrainian-born Nazi Hunter) Ukrainian Political and Social Leaders Nazi Germany Judaism The Holocaust War Crimes
1565 Spanish Forces from St. Augustine Overwhelm the French at Ft. Caroline, FL Spain France Florida Hispanic Heritage National Park Service University of Georgia
1604 The Dutch Peacefully Evacuate Ostend, Ending Spain's 3-year Siege Spain The Netherlands 80 Years War European History Glasgow University
1850 President Millard Fillmore Signs the First Railroad Land Grant Act President Millard Fillmore Railroads PBS
1852 Captain Ulysses S. Grant Arrives at Washington's Columbia Barracks Washington Ulysses S. Grant U.S. Military Figures HistoryLink
1863 Second Day of the Battle of Chickamauga Georgia Battle of Chickamauga The History Channel
1867 Only a Small Minority of the Population Allowed to Vote in Canada's First Election Canada Politics & Elections Historic Firsts Elections Canada
1881 Chester A. Arthur Sworn in as President Following Garfield Assassination Charles A. Arthur James Garfield The American Presidency New York Times
1882 West Virginia University President William Lyne Wilson Is Nominated as a Democratic Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives West Virginia Political and Social  Leaders U.S. House of Representatives West Virginia Democratic Party West Virginia University West Virginia State Archives
1914 Revenue Cutter Tahoma Is Wrecked and Lost in Alaska's Aleutian Islands Alaska Naval History Alaska Historical Society
1957 U.S. Completes First Successful Launch of THOR Ballistic Missile from Cape Canaveral Florida Nuclear Weapons Florida State Historical Association
1963 President John Kennedy Proposes Joint U.S./Soviet Moon Mission Soviet Union John F. Kennedy The Moon Space Exploration The History Channel
1967 Cruise Liner Queen Elizabeth II Is Launched Great Britain QE2 BBC
1968 U.S. Defends Use of Defoliants in Vietnam Vietnam War Chemistry The History Channel
1979 Former President Dacko Takes Control in Bloodless Central African Coup Central African Republic U.S. Department of State
1981 Belize National Assembly Passes New Constitution for an Independent Belize Belize Great Britain Library of Congress
1984 Terrorist Van Explodes in Front of U.S. Embassy, Lebanon: 14 die Lebanon United States Government Terrorism Death BBC
1999 International Peacekeepers Land in East Timor United Nations East Timor BBC
2001 President Bush Addresses Joint Session of Congress Regarding 9/11 Terrorist Attacks U.S. Congress President George W. Bush 9/11 CNN
2006 Bloodless Coup Overthrows Thailand's Prime Minister Thailand CNN

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