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United Nations: International Day of Peace
(Observed annually on September 21 as per 2002 resolution of the United Nations)
United Nations International Day of Peace
Armenia: Independence Day
(Commemorates independence from the Soviet Union: 09/21/1961)
Armenia Soviet Union
Belize: Independence Day
(Commemorates independence from Great Britain: 09/21/1981)
Belize Great Britain Library of Congress
Malta: Independence Day
(Commemorates independence from Great Britain: 09/21/1964)
Malta Great Britain World Statesmen
Uruguay: Students' Day
(Observed in conjunction with Teachers' Day 9/22)
Uruguay Education Teacher Appreciation
1737 Francis Hopkinson (Pennsylvania-born Composer, Signer of the Declaration of Indpendence) Francis Hopkinson Declaration of Independence Constitutional Convention
1820 John Reynolds (Pennsylvania-born Union Civil War General) John Reynolds American Civil War History Channel
1832 Ormsby Brunson Thomas (Vermont-born Wisconsin U.S. Congressman) Vermont Political & Social Leaders Wisconsin Political & Social Leaders U.S. Congress Wisconsin Historical Society
1867 Henry Stimson (New York City-born Statesman Who Served Five U.S. Presidents) New York City Political & Social Leaders President Franklin Roosevelt World War II New York Times
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1327 Edward II, Deposed King of England (Murdered by Jailers) Great Britain Edward II
1558 Charles V, King of Spain (Holy Roman Emperor) Spanish Political & Social Leaders Catholicism Catholic Encyclopedia
1798 George Read (Maryland-born Signer of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution; Acting Governor of Delaware) Maryland Political & Social Leaders Delaware Political & Social Leaders Declaration of Independence U.S. Constitution
1832 Sir Walter Scott (Scottish Poet) Sir Walter Scott Poetry Concordia
1904 Chief Joseph (Nez Percé Chief) Chief Joseph History Channel
1959 Abraham Flexner (Kentucky-born Educator) Kentucky Educatiors of Note
490 The Greeks Rout the Persians at Marathon Classical Greece War
1327 Edward II, Deposed King of England, Murdered by Jailers at Berkeley Castle Great Britain Edward II Crime Death
1596 Spain Names Juan de Oñate Governor of the Colony of New Mexico Spain New Mexico Hispanic Heritage Library of Congress New Mexico Magazine
1779 Bernardo de Galvez, Spanish Governor of Louisiana, Captures Baton Rouge from British Louisiana American Revolution Hispanic Heritage Foundation for Historical Louisiana
1780 Benedict Arnold Informs British Spy John André of Weaknesses at West Point Benedict Arnold American Revolution Notorious Americans University of Michigan
1792 The French Convention Abolishes the Monarchy France National Convention New York Times
1832 The Black Hawk War Ends with Treaty Approved at Illinois' Fort Armstrong Illinois Blackhawk's Surrender War Northern Illinois University
1835 Virginian John Horner Arrives in Detroit as Michigan's New Territorial Governor Michigan State of Michigan
1863 Confederate Army of Tennessee Begins Its Siege of Chattanooga Tennessee American Civil War Florida State Historical Society
1931 Great Britain Abandons the Gold Standard Great Britain Great Depression History Channel
1947 Archbishop Ritter Orders Immediate Integration of St. Louis Catholic Schools Integration of St. Louis Catholic Schools Education U.S. Civil Rights Catholicism
1949 First Session of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Opens First Plenum of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Cold War History Channel
1964 Malta Gains Its Independence from Great Britain Malta Great Britain World Statesmen
1967 1,200 Thai Troops Arrive in Saigon Thailand Vietnam War History Channel
1973 U.S. Senate Confirms Henry Kissinger to be Secretary of State Henry Kissinger U.S. Senate U.S. Secretary of State Richard Nixon New York Times
1977 Past Practices Force Jimmy Carter's Budget Director, Bert Lance, to Resign U.S. Government Jimmy Carter Ecomomics New York Times
1981 Belize Gains Its Independence from Great Britain Belize Great Britain Library of Congress
1989 Colin Powell Is Named Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff U.S. Government Colin Powell African-American Military Leaders
1991 Citizens of Armenia Vote Overwhelmingly for Independence from Soviet Union Armenia Soviet Union
1996 John F. Kennedy, Jr., Marries Carolyn Bessette John F. Kennedy, Jr. New York Times
1998 President Clinton's Grand Jury Testimony Is Released to the Public President Bill Clinton President of the United States BBC
2001 Congress Approves $15B to Aid Airline Industry Following Sept. 11 Attacks U.S. Congress Aviation Economics Sept 11 Terrorist Attacks BBC
2008 Thabo Mbeki Resigns as the President of South Africa South African Political and Social Leaders AFP

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