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Mali: Independence Day
(Commemoration of Mali's independence from France: 09/22/1960)
Mali France CIA Factbook
Uruguay: Dia del Maestro (Teachers' Day)
(Observed in conjunction with Students' Day 9/21)
Uruguay Education Teacher Appreciation
1694 Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield Philip Dormer Stanhope
1816 Philetus Sawyer (Vermont-born U.S. Senator from Wisconsin) Vermont Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders U.S. Senate Wisconsin Historical Society
1880 Christabel Pankhurst (English Women's Suffragist) English Political and Social Leaders Women's Rights Women's Suffrage
1895 Elmer A. Benson (Governor of Minnesota: 1937 - 1939) Minnesota Political and Social Leaders Minnesota Historical Society
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1554 Coronado (Spanish Explorer) Coronado
1776 Nathan Hale (Connecticut-born Patriot Hanged by the British as a Spy) Nathan Hale The American Revolution
1601 The First Japanese Roman Catholic Priests Are Ordained in Nagasaki Japan Catholicism Historic Firsts Concordia
1676 The British Duke of York's System of Laws and Courts Is Established in All Three Delaware Counties England Delaware Laws and Legal Resources State of Delaware
1789 Congress Approves Temporary General Post Office and Postmaster General U.S. Congress U.S. Post Office National Archives and Records Administration
1792 The First French Republic Is Proclaimed "one and indivisible" The French Revolution French Ministers of Diplomatic Affairs
1846 General Stephen W. Kearny Appoints Charles Bent as the First Governor of New Mexico New Mexico Political and Social Leaders Historic Firsts New Mexico Magazine
1862 President Lincoln Issues a Preliminary Version of the Emancipation Proclamation President Abraham Lincoln Slavery Emancipation Proclamation Library of Congress
1863 Atlanta Receives Its First Union Prisoners of War: 163 from Battle of Chickamauga Georgia American Civil War Prisoner of War University of Georgia
1864 Arkansas' Confederate Legislature Meets at the Courthouse in Hempstead County Arkansas Legislature American Civil War Arkansas History Commission
In Indianapolis, Indiana, a Treason Trial Begins for the "Sons of Liberty" a Secret Order of Confederate Sympathizers Indianapolis, Indiana Crime Law and Legal Resources American Civil War Indiana Historical Society
1877 Rutherford B. Hayes Is First President to Visit Atlanta Since Civil War Georgia President Hayes The American Presidency American Civil War University of Georgia
1949 The Soviet Union Explodes Its First Atomic Bomb Soviet Union Nuclear Weapons New York Times
1961 President Kennedy Signs Peace Corps Legislation President John F. Kennedy The Peace Corps Peace Corps History Channel
1975 Sara Jane Moore Fails in Attempt to Shoot President Ford in San Francisco San Francisco President Gerald Ford New York Times
1980 The Persian Gulf Conflict Between Iran and Iraq Erupts into Full-scale War Iran Iraq War BBC
1985 French Government Admits to July 7 Bombing of Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior France Environmental Organizations Radford University

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