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Ethiopia & Eritrea: Meskel
(Celebration of the finding of the true cross of Christ and construction of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher)
Meskel Eritrea Church of the Holy Sepulcher
1389 Cosimo de Medici (Italian Florentine Ruler) Italian Political and Social Leaders
1696 St. Alfonso Liguori (Italian Theologian) Italian Political and Social Leaders Theologians and Religious Leaders Catholic Saints
1722 Samuel Adams (Massachusetts-born Patriot) Samuel Adams American Revolution
1822 Hiram Rhodes Revels (North Carolina-born African-American Member of the U.S. Congress) Hiram Rhodes Revels United States Senator African American Poltical and Social Leaders
1831 John Winans (New Jersey-born U.S. Congressman from Wisconsin) New Jersey Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders United States Senator Wisconsin Historical Society
1833 Madison Davis (Georgia-born African-American Slave, Politician, State Congressman) Georgia Political and Social Leaders Slavery Georgia Republican Party Reconstruction African American Poltical and Social Leaders University of Georgia
1840 Alfred Thayer Mahan (New York-born Naval Strategist/Historian) Alfred Thayer Mahan Naval History New York Times
1862 Louis Botha (First President of South Africa) Louis Botha
1896 Sam Ervin (North Carolina-born U.S. Senator; Chairman of the Watergate Committee) North Carolina Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Watergate Conspiracy
1950 Gerhard Schroeder (Chancellor of Germany) Germany
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1660 St. Vincent de Paul (French-born Catholic Saint) French Political and Social Leaders Catholicism Concordia
1871 James H. Clanton (Georgia-born Confederate General) Georgia Military Figures American Civil War University of Georgia
1876 Braxton Bragg (North Carolina-born Confederate General) North Carolina Military Figures American Civil War
1944 Aimee Semple McPherson (Canadian-born Evangelist) Aimee Semple McPherson Religion Notorious Canadians Concordia
1960 Sylvia Pankhurst (English Women's Rights Advocate) English Political and Social Leaders Women Women's Suffrage History Channel
1991 Oona Chaplin (English-born Wife of Charlie Chaplin/Daughter of Eugene O'Neill) Charlie Chaplin History Channel
1777 A Company of Militia from Hampshire County, Virginia Is Ambushed by Native Americans in the "Narrows," South of Wheeling Hampshire County, West Virginia Native-American Heritage Revolutionary War West Virginia State Archives
1779 John Adams Chosen to Negotiate Revolutionary War's Peace Terms with Britain Great Britain John Adams Revolutionary War New York Times
1791 Jews in France Are Given French Citizenship France Judaism European History George Mason University
1825 England's George Stephenson Engineers the First Train to Haul Passengers Great Britain Railroads Historic Firsts New York Times
1830 Choctaw Indians Sign "Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek" Ceding All Land East of the Mississippi Alabama Choctaw Historic U.S. Documents Oklahoma State University Alabama State Archives
1854 The Arctic Is First Ocean Liner to Sink in the Atlantic: 300 Die Naval History Death Historic Firsts New York Times
1862 First Federal Black Regiment Mustered in at New Orleans New Orleans American Civil War African-American History Historic Firsts HistoryNet
Minnesota's Legislature Passes the State's First Absentee Ballot Law to Allow Civil War Soldiers to Vote Minnesota State Legislature American Civil War Voting Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Society
1864 Jesse James & Others Massacre 20 Unarmed Union Soldiers in Centralia, Missouri Jesse James American Civil War Death History Channel
1880 Rutherford B. Hayes Is the First U.S. President to Visit Oregon Oregon President Rutherford B. Hayes Historic Firsts
1888 John Ireland Is Named Archbishop of Minnesota Irish Political and Social Leaders Minnesota Political and Social Leaders Catholicism Religious Leaders and Tehologians Minnesota Historical Society
1918 Allied Troops Break through German Fortifications at the Hindenburg Line France Germany World War I PBS
1939 Warsaw, Poland Is Surrendered to the Nazis after Weeks of Resistance Poland Nazi Germany World War II European History History Channel
1940 Germany, Italy, Japan Form the Axis Powers Signing Tripartite Pact in Berlin Nazi Germany Italy Japan World War II History Channel
1942 Japanese Begin Withdrawal from New Guinea Australia Japanese New Guinea World War II Australian Department of Defence
1950 U.S. Forces Take Seoul, Korea Korean War Truman Library
1956 U.S. Bell X-2, World's Fastest Highest-flying Plane Crashes Aviation The Cold War NASA
1959 Soviet Leader, Nikita Khrushchev, Ends His Visit to the U.S. Nikita Khrushchev The Cold War History Channel " target=_blank>History Channel
1964 Warren Commission Report Concludes Lee Harvey Oswald Acted Alone Assassinating JFK Assassination of President Kennedy Cold War New York Times
1970 Jordan and the PLO Agree to Ceasefire Jordan BBC
1990 Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Supreme Court Nomination of David H. Souter U.S. Congress U.S. Supreme Court New York Times
1991 Senate Judiciary Committee Votes 7-7, on Nomination of Clarence Thomas to U.S. Supreme Court U.S. Congress U.S. Supreme Court African-American Heritage Congressional Record
1996 The Taliban Islamic Conservatives Take Control of Kabul, Afghanistan Afghanistan Islam War on Terrorism BBC
1998 Social Democrat Gerhard Schroeder Is Elected Chancellor of Germany Germany Elections CNN
2001 President Bush Announces Increased Security Measures for Air Travel President George W. Bush Aviation CNN

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