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England: Michaelmas
(Ancient traditional holiday observed in celebration of St. Michael's feast day: Sep 29)
England Catholic Encyclopedia
Paraguay: Battle of Boquerón Day
(Celebration of the Battle of Boquerón air battle fought 09/09- 0929/1932 during the Chaco War)
Paraguay World at War
106 B.C. Pompey the Great (Roman General and Statesman) Roman Empire
1527 John Leslie (Scottish Bishop; Advisor to Queen Mary) Scottish Political and Social Leaders Mary, Queen of Scots Religious Leaders and Theologians
1758 Admiral Horatio Nelson (English Naval Commander) Horatio Nelson Naval History
1848 Caroline Ardelia Yale (Vermont-born Educator of the Deaf) Vermont Political and Social Leaders Educators of Note Deafness Special Needs Education
1867 Walther Rathenau (German Statesman, Industrialist and Philosopher) German Political and Social Leaders Business Philosophy
1902 Miguel Aleman (Mexican President: 1946-52) Mexican Political and Social Leaders
1935 Carmen Delgado-Votaw (Puerto-Rican Women's Rights Activist) Carmen Delgado-Votaw Human Rights Activist Women's Rights Activist
1942 C. William "Bill" Nelson (Florida-born U.S. Congressman; First Member of Congress to Journey Aboard the Space Shuttle) Florida Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congressman Space Shuttle Florida Historical Society
1943 Lech Walesa (Polish-born 1983 Nobel Laureate for Peace) Lech Walesa Labor 1983 Nobel Laureate for Peace
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1560 Gustav Vasa (King of Sweden) Swedish Political and Social Leaders Concordia
1978 Pope John Paul I (Albino Luciani; Catholic Pope) Italian Political and Social Leaders Religion Pope John Paul I BBC
1998 Tom Bradley (Texas-born African-American Political Leader; Mayor of Los Angeles) Texas Political Leaders Los Angeles Political & Social Leaders Politics Noted African Americans
2001 Nguyen Van Thieu (President of South Vietnam) Nguyen Van Thieu
1364 French Fail to Break the Siege of Auray and the Town Falls to the British France England 100 Years War eHistory
1502 Martin Luther Receives His B.A. Degree from the University of Erfurt Martin Luther Education Religion Concordia
1526 600 Colonists from Hispaniola Found the Georgia Settlement of San Miguel de Gualdape Haiti Dominican Republic Georgia University of Georgia
1789 Congress Creates the U.S. Military on the Last Day of Its First Session U.S. Congress War Library of Congress
1803 The First Roman Catholic Church in Boston Is Formally Dedicated Boston Catholicism Historic Firsts Concordia
1829 England's Metropolitan Police Service (Scotland Yard) Is Formed British History Law & Law Enforcement Metropolitan Police Service Merriam-Webster
1856 First Polish Catholic Church in the U.S. Is Consecrated at Panna Maria, Texas Poland Texas Catholicism Polish Immigration Historic Firsts Texas State Historical Association
1899 First Meeting of Veterans of Foreign Wars Held in Columbus, OH Ohio War Library of Congress
1910 The National Urban League Is Organized in New York NYC Civil Rights/Human Rights African-American History National Urban League
1938 England, France, Italy Sign Munich Pact Ceding Sudetenland to Germany Nazi Germany Great Britain France Italy Yale University
1939 Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union Divide Control of Occupied Poland Poland Nazi Germany Soviet Union World War II History Channel
1941 Nazis Complete 2-day Slaughter of 33,000 Russian Jews at Babi Yar Nazi Germany Ukraine Judaism The Babi Yar Massacre United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
1943 Allied Forces Sign Armistice with Italy Italy World War II Yale University
1960 Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev's Anger Interrupts UN Session United Nations Nikita Khruschchev BBC
2005 U.S. Senate Confirms John Roberts as Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court U.S. Senate Supreme Court of the United States John Roberts C-SPAN
2009 8.0 Magnitude South Pacific Earthquake Triggers Tsunami Killing Dozens Samoa Earthquake Tsunami Death USGS National Public Radio

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