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Botswana: Independence Day
(Commemoration of independence from the United Kingdom: 9/30/1966)
Botswana United Kingdom U.S. Department of State
1765 José María Morelos y Pavon (Advocate of Mexican Independence and Social/Political Reform) Mexican Political and Social Leaders Hispanic Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
1915 Lester Maddox (Governor of Georgia, Civil Rights Opponent) Georgia Political and Social Leaders Racism U.S. Civil Rights Movement University of Georgia
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
420 Saint Jerome (Croatian-born Catholic Saint) Saint Jerome Catholic Saints Education Libraries
1931 Henry Clay Warmoth (Governor of Louisiana) Louisiana Political and Social Leader
1759 Massachusetts Soldiers Threaten Mutiny Against Their British Commander Massachusetts Military Figures French and Indian War Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1777 Fleeing British Occupation of Philadelphia, Continental Congress Reconvenes in York, PA Pennsylvania U.S. Congress American Revolution Historical Society of Pennsylvania
1857 Associate Justice Benjamin Curtis Resigns from the U.S. Supreme Court Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1859 Abraham Lincoln Makes His Last Visit to Wisconsin, Delivering an Address at the State Fair Wisconsin State Fair Abraham Lincoln Wisconsin Historical Society
1864 Grant Fails to Take Rail Line from Lee at Poplar Springs, VA Virginia Railroad American Civil War Battles Ulysess S. Grant The History Channel
1869 Texas' Governor Resigns in Protest of Reconstruction Authorities in the State Texas Reconstruction Texas State Historical Association
1876 The Czecho-Slovanic Benefit Society, Known as CSPS, a Free-Thought Fraternal Organization, Is Formed in St. Paul, Minnesota Czech Republic Slovenia St. Paul, Minnesota Philosophy Minnesota Historical Association
1878 Lew Wallace Replaces the Resigning Samuel B. Axtell as Governor as Governor of the New Mexico Territory Lew Wallace New Mexico Westward Expansion New Mexico Magazine
1938 British, French and Germans Sign the Munich Pact Allowing Nazis to Occupy the Sudetenland Czech Republic Slovakia Nazi Germany Great Britain France The Munich Pact
1945 Aliceville German Prisoner-of-War Camp Is Decommissioned in Pickens County, AL Alabama Nazi Germany World War II Prisoners of War Alabama State Archives
1946 22 Top Nazi Leaders Found Guilty of War Crimes by Nuremberg Tribunal Nazi Germany World War II War Crimes Concordia
1949 The Berlin Airlift Ends as Soviets Withdraw Blockade Berlin Soviet Union Aviation The Cold War The History Channel
1954 USS Nautilus Commissioned as World's First Nuclear Submarine Naval History Nuclear Weapons Historic Firsts New York Times
1966 Botswana Gains Independence from the United Kingdom Botswana United Kingdom Embassy of Botswana
1991 Haitian Military Overthrows President Aristide and Set Up Military Government Haiti Human Rights Watch
1997 France's Catholic Church Formally Apologizes for Silence During Holocaust France Catholicism The Holocaust Jewish-Christian Relations
2004 John Kerry & George W. Bush Meet in Miami for Presidential Debate #1 of 3 Florida President George W. Bush 2004 Presidential Election The American Presidency CNN
2009 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake Kills Hundreds in Indonesia Indonesia Earthquake Death USGS National Public Radio

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