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Honduras: Morazán Day
(Celebration of birth date of former Central American leader Francisco Morazán: 10/16/1792)
Honduras U.S. Department of State McDonalds
South Korea: Gaechonjol (Foundation Day)
(Celebration of the traditional founding of Korea by Gangun in 2333 BC.)
Korea U.S. Department of State
1790 John Ross (Alabama-born Leader of the Cherokee Indians) John Ross Cherokee Nation Native-American Studies
1799 Francisco Morazán (President of Honduras) Honduras
1913 David Pitt (Grenada-born Physician/British Political Leader) Grenada British Political and Social Leaders Health Care African American Registry
1938 David Obey (Oklahoma-born Member of the U.S. Congress from Wisconsin) Oklahoma Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Official Web Site Wisconsin Historical Society
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1226 St. Francis of Assisi (Italian-born Catholic Saint) St. Francis of Assisi Catholicism
1838 Black Hawk (Illinois-born Chief of the Sauk Indians) Illinois Political and Social Leaders Sauk
1692 Puritan Clergy in Salem, Massachusetts, Agreed to No More Witch Trial Executions Salem Witch Trials Religion Capitol Punishment Concordia
1739 Russians & Ottoman Empire End Three-year Conflict with Treaty of Nissa Russia Turkey War World History Wikipedia
1789 George Washington Proclaims a National Day of Thanksgiving for Ratification of the Constitution George Washington Thanksgiving U.S. Constitution Historic Firsts Concordia
1818 In St. Marys, Ohio, the Delaware Indians Give Up Their Rights to All Lands South of the Wabash River St. Marys, Ohio Indiana Delaware Indians Wabash River Historic U.S. Documents Indiana Historical Society
1862 Confederates Fail to Recapture Corinth, Mississippi Mississippi Battle of Corinth History Channel Wisconsin Historical Society Arkansas History Commission
1864 The Twenty-ninth Michigan Infantry is Mustered into Federal Service Michigan The American Civil War State of Michigan
1913 Woodrow Wilson Convenes Special Session of Congress to Lower Tariffs Woodrow Wilson U.S. Congress Economics History Channel
1929 Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes Changes to Kingdom of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia European History New York Times
1932 Iraq Gains Its Independence from Great Britain Iraq Great Britain History Channel
1935 Italy Invades Abyssinia (Ethiopia) Italy Ethiopia War World History Mt. Holyoke College
1942 Germans Conduct First Successful V-2 Rocket Test Germany World War II History Channel
Associate Justice James F. Byrnes Resigns from U.S. Supreme Court James F. Byrnes U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1944 Poles Surrender after 63-day Warsaw Uprising Nazi Germany Poland World War II BBC
1979 The Dalai Lama Visits Seattle, Washington Washington Dalai Lama Buddhism HistoryLink
1989 Attempted Coup Fails Against Panamá's Manuel Noriega Panamá Human Rights Watch
1990 East & West Germany Reunite into One Nation after 45 Year Apart German Reunification Fall of Soviet Communism

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