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Lesotho: National Day
(Commemorates Lesotho's independence from the United Kingdom: 10/04/1966)
Lesotho United Kingdom U.S. Department of State
1289 Louis X (King of Navarre: 1305-14, and King of France: 1314-6) French Political and Social Leaders
1550 Charles IX (King of Sweden: 1604-11) Swedish Political and Social Leaders
1626 Richard Cromwell (English Lord Protector: 1658-9) English Political and Social Leaders
1837 Rutherford B. Hayes (Ohio-born 19th President of the United States) Ohio Political and Social Leaders Rutherford B. Hayes The American Presidency
1928 James Forman (Chicago-born African-American Civil Rights Leader) Chicago Political and Social Leaders African-American Political & Social Leaders U.S. Civil Rights Movement African American Registry
1943 H. "Rap" Brown (Louisiana-born African-American Civil Rights Leader) Louisiana Political and Social Leaders U.S. Civil Rights Movement African-American Authors & Illustrators African American Registry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1582 Saint Teresa of Avila (Spanish-born Catholic Saint) Spanish Political and Social Leaders Catholicism Concordia
1582 The Last Julian Calendar Date for Roman Catholics. Next Date Is Oct 15, 1582 on the Gregorian Calendar Gregorian Calendar Catholicism University of Texas
1636 General Court of the Plymouth Colony Institutes First Legal Code Composed in North America General Fundamentals Colonial History Law and Legal Resources Historic Firsts Library of Congress
1777 Howe Repels Washington at Germantown, but Colonials Gain Confidence Pennsylvania George Washington Battle of Germantown New York Times
1821 The Mexican Congress Adopts a Constitution, but New Mexico Remains a Territory without the Rights to Create Its Own Constitution Mexcio New Mexcio Historic Documents New Mexico Magazine
1927 First Flight Made of Canada's First Commercial Air Mail Service Canada Aviation Historic Firsts Canadian Museum of Civilization
1931 Two Americans Leave Japan for First Non-stop Trans-Pacific Flight Japan Aviation Historic Firsts History Link
1940 Adolph Hitler Meets Benito Mussolini Aboard Armored Train at the Brenner Pass Adolph Hitler Benito Mussolini World War II
1958 British Airways Offers First Trans-Atlantic Jet Service Britain Aviation History Historic Firsts New York Times
1960 Crown Prince Akihito and Crown Princess Michiko of Japan Visit Seattle, Washington Washington Japan HistoryLink
1965 Pope Paul VI Addresses UN Catholic Popes United Nations Concordia
Abe Fortas Sworn In As Associate Justice of U.S. Supreme Court Tennessee Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1966 Lesotho Gains Independence from the United Kingdom Lesotho United Kingdom U.S. Department of State
1976 British Rail Begins New 125mph Intercity 'High Speed Train' Service Great Britain Railroads BBC
1979 350,000 See Pope John Paul II on Visit to Iowa's Living History Farms Iowa Pope John Paul II Religion Living History Farms
1990 Parliament of the Reunified Germany Meets for First the Time Germany Historic Firsts New York Times
1992 Israeli Boeing 747 Cargo Plane Crashes Outside Amsterdam Killing Dozens Netherlands Israel Air Disasters Death BBC
1993 U.S. Soldiers Die When Blackhawk Helicopters Are Shot Down in Somalia Somalia War Aviation History Death BBC
1994 Nelson Mandela Visits President Clinton at the White House President Clinton Nelson Mandela C-SPAN
2002 Florence, Massachusetts Erects a Statue to Sojourner Truth Massachusetts Sojourner Truth African-American Political and Social Leaders Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities

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