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Libya: Jalau'tolian/Italian Fascist Evacuation Day
(Commemoration of 10/07/1970 expulsion of settlers remaining from 1911 Italian invasion of Libya)
Libya Italy Source
1821 William Still (New Jersey-born African-American Abolitionist) New Jersey Political & Social Leaders Abolition African-American Political and Social Leaders
1888 Harry Wallace (Iowa-born Vice President of the United States) Iowa Political & Social Leaders President Franklin Roosevelt
1900 Heinrich Himmler (Head of Nazi SS) Heinrich Himmler World War II The Holocaust
1930 Edmond J. Gong (Florida-born Politician; First Chinese-American Elected to the Florida Legislature) Florida Political and Social leader Asian-American Political and Social Leaders
1952 Vladimir Putin (President of Russia) Vladimir Putin
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1883 Susanna Wilkerson Dickinson (Tennessee-born Survivor of the Alamo) Tennessee Explorer and Pioneers Texas Explorer and Pioneers The Alamo Texas State Historical Association
1759 Indians Defeat Spanish Troops Along the Red River Spain Texas Native American Heritage Texas State Historical Association
1763 England's King George III Creates the Colonies of Quebec, East Florida, West Florida; Prohibiting Settlement West of the Appalachians England Canada Alabama Florida Virginia West Virginia King George III Colonial America Yale University Alabama State Archive Florida Historical Society Virginia Historical Society West Virginia State Archive
1774 England's King George III Enacts the Quebec Act, Making Wisconsin Part of the Province of Quebec England Canada Wisconsin King George III Colonial America Wisconsin Historical Society
1840 King William I of the Netherlands Abdicates, Succeeded by His Son, William II The Netherlands The Dutch Monarchs
1861 John Milton Becomes the Fifth Governor of Florida Florida Political and Social Leaders Florida Historical Society
In Tahlequah, Oklahoma, a Treaty Is Signed Aligning the Cherokee Nation with the Confederacy Tahlequah, Oklahoma Cherokee Historic U.S. Documents American Civil War Oklahoma State Library
1862 A Federal Army Transport Captures the Governor Milton on the St. Johns River near Enterprise, Florida Florida Naval Military History American Civil War Florida Historical Society
California Assembly Member Edward J. C. Kewen Is Arrested on Suspicion of Treasonous Language Disloyal to the Union California Political and Social Leaders Crime American Civil War LearnCalifornia
1864 Lee's Troops Are Repelled at Virginia's Darbytown Road Virginia Battle of Darbytown Road
Union Warship Wachusett Captures Confederate Ship Florida in Brazilian Port Brazil Naval Military History American Civil War History Channel Florida State Historical Society
1879 Germany & Austria Agree to Mutual Protection Alliance Germany Austria European History Brigham Young University
1940 German Troops Enter Romania NAZI Germany Romania World War II History Channel
1943 Japanese Execute 96 American Prisoners of War on Wake Island Japan World War II War Crimes Death History Channel
1958 Pakistan President Iskander Mirza Seizes Power, Imposes Martial Law Pakistan U.S. Department of State
1960 The Second Nixon-Kennedy Debate Is Held, Topic: Foreign Policy John F. Kennedy Richard Nixon The American Presidency The Kennedy-Nixon Debates History Channel
1963 JFK Signs Nuclear Test Ban Treaty with Britain and the Soviet Union John F. Kennedy Great Britain Soviet Union Nuclear Arms Control Historic Documents New York Times
1970 President Nixon Proposes 5-point Plan for Peace in Vietnam Richard Nixon Vietnam War History Channel
1981 Hosni Mubarak Selected to Succeed Assassinated Anwar Sadat Egypt New York Times
1984 Ronald Reagan & Walter Mondale Meet in a Presidential Debate (Economics) Ronald Reagan The American Presidency History Channel
1985 Palestinians Hijack Italian Cruise Ship "Achille Lauro" Naval History War on Terrorism History Channel New York Times BBC
1986 President Reagan Signs Legislation Adopting the Rose as the National Flower Ronald Reagan U.S. Symbols U.S. House of Representatives
1989 Hungary's Communist Party Adopts Democratic Socialism Hungary Fall of Soviet Communism New York Times
2000 Vojislav Kostunica Is Yugoslavia's First Popularly elected President Yugoslavia New York Times
2001 U.S., Britain Launch Air Strikes Against Taliban & Terrorist Training Camps in Afghanistan Afghanistan War on Terrorism BBC
2003 Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger Ousts California Governor Gray Davis in Historic Recall Election California Political and Social Leaders Elections CNN

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