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Croatia: Independence Day
(Observance of declaration of independence from Yugoslavia: 10/08/1991)
Croatia Yugoslavia European History U.S. Department of State
Peru: Battle of Angamos
(Commemoration of the Battle of Angamos: 10/08/1879)
Chile Peru Naval History U.S. Department of State
1838 John Hay (Indiana-born Author, Statesman, U.S. Secretary of State) John Hay Abraham Lincoln U.S. Government
1880 Chen Duxiu (Chinese Author, Editor; a Founder of the Chinese Communist Party) Chinese Political and Social Leaders AsianHistory
1890 Eddie Rickenbacker (Ohio-born World War I Flying Ace, World Record Race Car Driver) Eddie Rickenbacker Automobile Racing Aviation World War I
1895 Juan Perón (President of Argentina) Juan Perón
1910 Gus Hall (Minnesota-born Chairman of the Communist Party) Minnesota Political and Social Leaders Minnesota Historical Society
1915 William A. Egan (Three-Term Governor of the State of Alaska) Alaskan Political and Social Leaders Alaskan Historical Society
1934 Kader Asmal (South African Political Activist, Human Rights Lawyer) South African Political and Social Leaders Apartheid Human Rights/Civil Rights South African Hisatory
1941 Jesse Jackson (South Carolina-born African-American Religious, Civil Rights, Political Leader) Jesse Jackson U.S. Civil Rights African American Political and Social Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1735 Yongzheng (Third Emperor of China's Qing Dynasty) Chinese Dynasties AsianHistory
1793 John Hancock (Massachusetts-born American Patriot, Signer of the Declaration of Independence) John Hancock Declaration of Independence American Revolution
1869 Franklin Pierce (New Hampshire-born 14th President of the United States) New Hampshire Political and Social Leaders Franklin Pierce The American Presidency
1967 Clement (Richard) Attlee (British Prime Minister, 1945-1951) Clement Attlee
1812 Americans Capture British Brigs Detroit and Caledonia War of 1812 Naval History U.S. Navy
1821 A Victory by the Mexican Army Ends Anglo-American Attempts to Seize Texas from Spain Mexico Spain Texas War Latin-American Heritage Texas State Historical Society
1823 New York Governor Clinton Presides over the Joining of the Erie Canal and Hudson River New York Political and Social Leaders Erie Canal Naval History University of Virginia
1855 The Arrow, a Ship Flying the British Flag, Is Boarded by Chinese Authorities Who Arrest the Crew China Great Britain Naval History AsianHistory
1862 Union Forces Repel Confederates at Perryville, Kentucky Kentucky Battle of Perryville Library of Congress History Channel Florida Historical Society State of Michigan
1863 Union Brigadier General Alexander Asboth Is Named to Command of Federal Forces in West Florida Florida American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1869 The Virginia General Assembly Meets to Ratify the 14th and 15th Amendments, a Prerequisite for Readmission to the Union Virginia General Assembly U.S. Constitution Reconstruction Virginia Hoistorical Society
1871 The Great Chicago Fire Erupts Great Chicago Fire Fire Safety Writer's Almanac History Channel
Peshtigo, Wisconsin Is Destroyed by Forest Fire. 1,000+ People Killed Peshtigo Fire Fire Safety Death Library of Congress
1878 In New Mexico, Lincoln County Residents Ask for Protection from the Violence of the Local Range War Lincoln County, New Mexico Business War Law and Legal Resources New Mexico Magazine
1879 Chile Captures the Huascar from Peru in the Naval Battle of Angamos Chile Peru Naval History Federation of American Scientists
1895 The Liberty Bell Arrives in Atlanta, Georgia for Exhibition at the Pennsylvania Building of the Cotton States and International Exposition Atlanta, Georgia Pennsylvania The Liberty Bell University of Georgia
1896 George Washington Carver Arrives in Macon County, Alabama to Direct the Tuskegee Institute's Agricultural School Macon County, Alabama George Washington Carver Educators of Note African-American Scientists and Mathematicians Tuskegee University Alabama State Archives
1934 Bruno Hauptmann Is Indicted for the Murder of Charles A. Lindbergh's Infant Son Charles A. Lindbergh Crime Law & Legal Resources New York Times
1941 Nazi Invasion of Russia Reaches the Sea of Azov with the Capture of Mariupol Soviet Union Nazi Germany World War II American Encyclopedia Online History Channel
1945 Truman Indicates the U.S. Has Shared Atomic Secrets with Britain and Canada Great Britain Canada President Truman Nuclear Weapons The Truman Library New York Times
1952 85 Die When Three Trains Collide in England England Railroad Death BBC
1967 A Special Detachment of the Bolivian Army Wounds and Captures Marxist Revolutionary Che Guevara Bolivia History Channel
1968 Richard Nixon Is Nominated as the Republican Candidate for President of the United States Richard Nixon Republican Party Wisconsin Historical Society
1970 The Communist Delegation in Paris Rejects President Richard Nixon's Peace Proposal Presaident Richard Nixon Vietnam War I History Channel
Alexander Solzhenitsyn Selected as the Nobel Laureate for Literature Alexander Solzhenitsyn The Cold War 1970 Nobel Laureate for Literature History Channel
1985 Achille Lauro Palestinian Hijackers Kill a Wheelchair-bound Jewish-American Judaism Middle East history Death Terrorism New York Times
1990 17 Palestinians Die in Clashes with Israeli Police at Temple Mount Religious Site Israel Middle East history Death History Channel
1998 U.S. House of Representatives Initiates Impeachment Inquiry of President Clinton U.S. House of Representatives Impreachment of President Clinton History Channel
2003 Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Elected Governor of California Austria Political and Social Leaders Governor of California Elections BBC
2004 John Kerry & George W. Bush Meet in St. Louis for Presidential Debate #2 of 3 Missouri President George W. Bush 2004 Presidential Election The American Presidency
2010 Nobel Foundation Awards Peace Price to Liu Xiaobo, Chinese Writer and Political Dissident Liu Xiaobo 2010 Nobel Laureate for Peace

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