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Macedonia: People's Uprising Against Fascism
(Commemoration of the initial Macedonian resistance in World War II: 10/11/1941)
Macedonia Nazi Germany Italy Bulgaria Albania U.S. Department of State
United States: General Casimir Pulaski Memorial Day
(Commemoration of Casimir Pulaski on the anniversary of his death: 10/11/1779)
General Casimir Pulaski American Revolution
1814 Jean Baptiste Lamy (French-American Archbishop in New Mexico) French Political and Social Leaders New Mexico Political and Social Leaders Religious Leaders and Theologians Catholicism New Mexico Magazine
1820 George Williams (English-born Founder of the YMCA) George Williams YMCA
1872 Harland Fiske Stone (New Hampshire-born Associate Justice (1925-41) and Chief Justice (1941-5) of the U.S. Supreme Court) New Hampshire Political & Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1884 Eleanor Roosevelt (New York-born Humanitarian, Wife of U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt) Eleanor Roosevelt Franklin Roosevelt
1928 Roscoe Robinson Jr. (Missouri-born African-American Military Leader) Roscoe Robinson, Jr. U.S. Military Leaders Famous African Americans
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1303 Pope Boniface VIII (Italian-born Pope of the Catholic Church) Italian Political and Social Leaders Religion Catholic Popes
1531 Huldreich Zwingli (Swiss Militant Religious Reformer) Swiss Political and Social Leaders Religion
1779 General Casimir Pulaski (Polish Nobleman, Killed Fighting for American Independence During the Revolutionary War Battle of Savannah, GA) General Casimir Pulaski American Revolution
1878 Satanta (Texas-born Kiowa Chief) Texas Satanta Native-American Studies Westward Expansion Handbook of Texas
1926 Henry L. Fuqua (Governor of Louisiana: 1924-1926) Louisiana Political and Social Leaders
1776 Benedict Arnold Suffers Heavy Losses on Lake Champlain Benedict Arnold The American Revolution Naval History New York Times
1779 Casimir Pulaski Is Killed at the Battle of Savannah, Georgia General Casimir Pulaski Georgia American Revolution Death New York Times
1842 Sauk and Fox Indians Cede All Lands West of the Mississippi Sauk Indians Fox Indians Historic Documents University of Tulsa University of Tulsa
1861 Confederate Forces in Tampa Capture Sloops William Batty and Lyman Dudley Florida American Civil War Naval History Florida State Historical Society
1862 Confederate Congress Exempts from Military Duty Anyone Owning More Than 20 Slaves American Civil War PBS
1865 President Andrew Johnson Paroles Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens President Andrew Johnson American Civil War University of Georgia
1878 Kiowa Leader Satanta Commits Suicide Rather Than Face Life in Prison Texas Satanta Native-American Studies Westward Expansion Handbook of Texas
1880 Rutherford B. Hayes Visits Seattle as the First President to Travel West of the Rocky Mountains Seattle, Washington President Rutherford B. Hayes Historic Firsts HistoryLink
1887 President Grover Cleveland Is in St. Paul, Minnesota for the Second Day of a Three-Day Visit to the State St. Paul, Minnesota President Grover Cleveland Minnesota Historical Society
1939 President Roosevelt Considers Einstein's Letter Urging Development of U.S. Atomic Program President Franklin Roosevelt Albert Einstein Nuclear Weapons U.S. Department of Energy
American Federation of Labor (AFL) Opposes U.S. Entry into World War II Labor Unions World War II AFL-CIO History Channel
1941 Macedonian Resistance Units Begin Combating Fascist Occupation Macedonia Germany Italy Bulgaria Albania History of Macedonia
1942 U.S. Ships Defeat Japanese in Battle of Cape Esperance World War II Naval History History Channel
1954 Viet Minh Take Control of Hanoi & North Vietnam Vietnam History Channel
1962 Pope John XXIII Opens the Second Vatican Council Religion Catholicism Concordia History Channel
1968 Panamá's National Guard Overthrows Government of President Arias Madrid Panamá Wikipedia
1982 The Sunken (1545) Mary Rose Is Raised to the Surface Mary Rose King Henry VIII of England Naval History Official Website BBC
1986 U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev Meet in Reykjavik, Iceland Iceland Mikhail Gorbachev Ronald Reagan The Cold War History Channel
1991 Confirmation Hearings Begin for Justice Clarence Thomas U.S. Congress U.S. Supreme Court African-American History New York Times
1998 Pope John Paul II Canonizes Jewish-born Edith Stein, Catholic Nun Killed at Auschwitz Pope John Paul II Judaism Holocaust New York Times
2002 Former President Jimmy Carter Announced As 2002 Nobel Laureate for Peace Jimmy Carter Nobel Foundation New York Times

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