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Burundi: Rwagasore Day
(Commemorates the assassination of Prince Louis Rwagasore: 10/13/1961)
Burundi Belgium Burundi Embassy Washington, D.C.
England: St. Edward's Day
(Commemorates the transfer of the body of St. Edward to a Westminster Abbey shrine: 10/13/1163)
England Westminster Abbey
1754 Molly Pitcher (New Jersey Military Figure in the American Revolution) Molly Pitcher American Revolution
1862 John R. Commons (Ohio-born Political Reformist, Author; Member of the Wisconsin State Legislature) Ohio Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders American Authors Wisconsin Historical Society
1877 Theodore Bilbo (U.S. Senator from Mississippi: 1935-47) Mississippi Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress
1901 Edith Sampson (Pennsylvania-born First African-American Woman Appointed to the U.S. Delegation to the United Nations) United Nations Edith Sampson African-American Political and Social Leaders
1925 Margaret Thatcher (Prime Minister of England) Margaret Thatcher British Political Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1890 Samuel F. Miller (Kentucky-born Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court) Kentucky Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1961 Prince Louis Rwagasore (Prime Minister of Burundi: Assassination) Burundi Belgium Nations Encyclopedia
1990 Le Duc Tho (Vietnamese-born 1973 Nobel Laureate for Peace) Le Duc Tho Vietnam War 1973 Nobel Laureate for Peace
1710 British Capture Acadia's Fort Royal from the French Canada Great Britain France Forts Six Clattenburg,  Halifax
1775 The U.S. Navy Is Created by the Second Continental Congress The Continental Congress The U.S. Military Naval History U.S. Navy
1781 Joseph II of Austria Issues Edict of Tolerance to Suppress Persecution and Torture of Evangelicals Austria Religion Civil Rights/Human Rights European History Concordia
1812 Out-numbered British Repel American Attack at Queenston Heights, Canada Canada Great Britain War 1812 Thinkquest
1845 Voters of the Republic of Texas Overwhelmingly Approve Annexation as the 28th State Texas United States History Channel Texas State Historical Association
1884 Conference in Washington, D.C. Designates Greenwich, England As the Prime Meridian England Washington, D.C. Time Maps Greenwich 2000
1943 Italy Declares War on Germany Italy Nazi Germany World War II History Channel New York Times
26-year-old Poet Robert Lowell Sentenced to Jail for Evading the Draft Robert Lowell World War II History Channel
1946 Constitution of the French Fourth Republic Is Ratified by Referendum France Historic World Documents French Foreign Ministry
1958 Harold Burton Retires As Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1960 Nixon & Kennedy Compete in Their Third Presidential Debate Richard Nixon John F. Kennedy The American Presidency New York Times
1961 Political Rivals Assassinate Burundi Prime Minister, Prince Louis Rwagasore Burundi Belgium Nations Encyclopedia
1976 Bolivian Plane Crash Kills Dozens in Santa Cruz Brazil Air Disasters Death BBC
1981 Hosni Mubarak Elected President of Egypt Following El-Sadat Assassination Egypt Al-Ahram Weekly New York Times
2000 South Korean President Kim Dae-jung 2000 Laureate for the Nobel Peace Prize. Korea 2000 Nobel Prize for Peace
2004 John Kerry & George W. Bush Meet in Arizona for Presidential Debate #3 of 3 Arizona President George W. Bush 2004 Presidential Election The American Presidency PBS
2010 33 Chilean Miners Are Rescued One-at-a-Time After Being Trapped for 69 Days 2,300' Below Ground Chile Mining NPR CNN BBC

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