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Hungary: Republic Day
(Remembrance of 1956 Hungarian Revolution)
Hungary The Soviet Union U.S. Department of State
Thailand: Chulalongkorn Day
(Commemoration of 1910 death of King Chulalongkorn)
Thailand U.S. Department of State
1715 Peter II (Emperor of Russia: 1727-30) Russian Political and Social Leaders
1794 Richard Banks (Georgia Physician, Namesake of Banks County, Georgia) Banks County, Georgia Medicine University of Georgia
1835 Adlai Ewing Stevenson (Kentucky-born Congressman, U.S. Vice-President for President Grover Cleveland) Kentucky Political and Social Leaders Congress President Grover Cleveland
1920 Frank Rizzo (Mayor of Philadelphia: 1972 - 1980) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Politics
1946 Mel Martinez (Cuban-born Member of George W. Bush's Presidential Cabinet) Mel Martinez George W. Bush Latin-American Studies U.S. Government
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
42 B.C. Marcus Brutus (Roman Statesman, Conspirator Who Assassinated Julius Caesar; Suicide) Roman Empire Political and Social Leaders Shakespeare's <I>Julius Caesar</I> History Channel
1896 Charles Frederick Crisp (English-born Georgia Congressman, Namesake of Crisp County, Georgia) English Political and Social Leaders Crisp County, Georgia Congress University of Georgia
1910 King Chulalongkorn of Thailand Thailand Asian History
1984 Millard Fillmore Caldwell (Tennessee-born Congressman and 29th Governor for the State of Florida) Tennessee Political and Social Leaders Florida Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Florida Historical Society
42 B.C. Marcus Brutus Commits Suicide Roman Empire Shakespeare's <I>Julius Caesar</I> History Channel
1641 Irish Catholics Massacre Tens of Thousands of Protestants Ireland Religion Chamber's Book of Days
1642 At Edgehill, the King's Troops Hold Their Ground in the First Major Battle of the English Civil War English Civil War War UK Battlefields Trust Chamber's Book of Days Historic UK
1764 The British Defeat Indian Forces at Buxar, India India British History War Asian History
1777 Patriots at Fort Mifflin Bombard a British Fleet Severely Damaging 6 Ships and Killing 60 Pennsylvania American Revolution Naval Military History Death Ft. Mifflin Official Website History Channel
1784 Virginia Emancipates Slaves Who Fought in the Revolutionary War Virginia American Revolution Slavery African-American History University of Houston
1813 American Fur Traders Turn Over Astoria, Oregon, to the British British Business Astoria, Oregon Economics and Business History Channel
1847 Abraham Lincoln Rents His Springfield, Illinois Home for $90/Year While in Congress Springfiled, Illinois U.S. Congress Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Logs
1864 Union Troops Soundly Defeat Confederates at Battle of Wesport, Missouri Missouri American Civil War History Channel
1883 Abilene Replaces Buffalo Gap as the Seat of Taylor County, Texas Taylor County, Texas Texas State Historical Association
1890 President Benjamin Harrison Terminates All Land Claims by the Ponca Indians within the Nebraska Territory Nebraska President Benjamin Harrison Ponca Indians History Channel
1941 Chief of Staff Georgi K. Zhukov Takes Command of the Soviet Army The Soviet Union World War II History Channel
U.S. Senate Passes $5.98B Lend-Lease Bill U.S. Senate Franklin Roosevelt Library of Congress
1942 British Begin Major Offensive at El Alamein, Egypt Egypt Great Britain World War II New York Times
1946 The First Meeting of the United Nations General Assembly Is Held in New York City New York City United Nations Historic Firsts New York Times
1947 NAACP Issues to the United Nations a Formal Petition on Racism "An Appeal to the World" United Nations Racism People's Movement for Human Rights Education African American Registry
1956 Hungarians Protesting Soviet Occupation Are Met with Armed Resistance 1956 Hungarian Revolution Soviet Union War History Channel History Channel
1958 74 Die in Springhill, Nova Scotia Mine Explosion Canada Death Canadian Broadcast Corporation
1960 William R. Wood Is Inaugurated as the Fourth President of the University of Alaska Alaska Education Education University of Alaska Alaska Historical Society
1973 President Nixon Agrees to Turn over Watergate Tapes to Judge Sirica President Richard Nixon The Watergate Affair Law & Legal Resources New York Times
1978 In Tokyo, China and Japan Ratify Treaty Ending Four Decades of Hostility China Japan Historic World Documents New York Times
1980 Soviet Premier Alexei N. Kosygin Resigns Soviet Union The Cold War Television News Archive
1983 Islamic Jihad Blow Up an American Barracks in Beirut Killing 241 U.S. Marines & 58 French Paratroopers Lebanon War on Terrorism Death History Channel New York Times BBC
1987 U.S. Senate Rejects the Supreme Court Nomination of Robert H. Bork on a Vote of 58 to 42. U.S. Senate U.S. Supreme Court Writer's Almanac Court TV
1989 Hungary Becomes a Republic Independent of Soviet Rule Hungary Soviet Union Fall of Soviet Communism Television News Archive
1991 International Paris Peace Agreements End 12 Years of Conflict in Cambodia Cambodia Television News Archive
Clarence Thomas Is Sworn In as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Georgia Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Cornell Law School African-American Political and Social Leaders Oyez
2001 Irish Republican Army Begins Decommissioning Weapons Great Britain Terrorism BBC
2011 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Kills Hundreds in Turkey 2011 Turkey Earthquake Earthquake Death
90% of Tunsians Vote in the Country's First-ever Democratic Election Tunsia 2011 Election Voting Historic Firsts

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