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Grenada: Thanksgiving Day
(Commemorates the intervention to restoration of peace by U.S. forces: 10/251983)
Grenada Grenada Board of Tourism
Kazakhstan: Day of the Republic
(Commemoration of sovereignty from the Soviet Union: 10/25/1990)
Kazakhstan Soviet Union U.S. Department of State
Taiwan: Restoration Day
(Commemoration of the end of 50 years of Japanese occupation: 10/25/1945)
Taiwan Japan Taipei Travel Net
1891 Charles Coughlin (Canadian-born American Roman Catholic Priest and Radio Commentator) Canadian Political and Social Leaders Catholicism Religious Leaders and Theologians Radio
1892 Irene McCoy Gaines (Florida-born African-American Civil Rights Activist) Florida Political and Social Leaders Civil Rights/Human Rights African-American Heritage African American Registry
1902 Henry Steele Commager (Pennsylvania-born Historian, Writer and Educator) Pennsylvania Political and Social Leaders American Authors Educators of Note
1944 James Carville (Louisiana-born Political Consultant) Louisiana Political and Social Leaders Politics
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
287 St. Crispin (French-born Catholic Saint) St. Crispin Catholicism Roman Empire
1400 Geoffrey Chaucer (English Author: Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucer
1760 King George II of England (Namesake of the State of Georgia) British Royalty
1920 King Alexander of Greece (Blood Poisoning) Greece
1415 English Use Longbows to Defeat French at Agincourt England France War History of Technology The History Channel
1512 Martin Luther Begins His Lectures on Genesis at the University of Wittenberg Martin Luther The Bible Concordia
1701 William Penn Is Granted the City Charter to Philadelphia William Penn Philadelphia Concordia
1760 Britain's King George III Succeeds His Late Grandfather, George II Great Britain George III New York Times
1764 Abigail Smith Marries John Adams John Adams Library of Congress
1769 Leaders of 1763 Revolution Against Spanish Governor Ulloa Are Executed in New Orleans Spain New Orleans Capital Punishment Hispanic Heritage Historical Text ArchiveUniversity of Chicago Louisiana Secretary of State
1795 Treaty of San Lorenzo Establishes 31st Parallel as West Florida's Northern Boundary with Georgia Spain Florida Georgia Historic Documents University of Georgia
John Blair Resigns As Associate Justice of U.S. Supreme Court Virginia Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1812 U.S. Frigate United States Captures British Vessel Macedonian War 1812 Naval History New York Times
1861 Reinforcements Are Requested for Confederate Troops in New Mexico to Control the Pro-Union Mexican Population Mexico New Mexico American Civil War Hispanic Heritage New Mexcio Magazine
1863 Federal Troops and Liberated Slaves Repel Attacks by 2,000 Confederate Troops at Pine Bluff, Arkansas Pine Bluff, Arkansas Pine Bluff, Arkansas National Park Service Arkansas History Comission
1864 600 Union Troops Attack Milton, Florida Take Confederates Prisoners, Destroy Ferry Crossing Florida American Civil War Florida State Historical Society
1866 West Virginia's First Governor, Arthur I. Boreman, Is Re-Elected to Office West Virginia Politics Elections West Virginia Division of Culture and History
1917 Bolshevik Red Guards Force Surrender of Russia's Cabinet Members Russian Revolution Soviet Union Spartacus
1923 U.S. Secretary of the Interior Albert F. Fall Is Accused of Improperly Leasing the Oil Reserves in Teapot Dome, Wyoming Wyoming Albert B. Fall U.S. Government Teapot Dome Scandal Crime The History Channel
1924 Secretary of State Charles Evans Hughes Speaks to a Crowd of 10,000 in St. Paul, Minnesota St. Paul, Minnesota Charles Evans Hughes U.S. Secretary of State Minnesota State Historical Society
1944 Japan's First Kamikaze Suicide Bombers Used in Leyte Gulf Japan Aviation World War II The History Channel
1945 Japan Surrenders Taiwan to the Allied Powers Taiwan Japan Chinese Government
1951 Peace Talks Resume in Korea after 63 Days Korean War New York Times
1960 Martin Luther King, Jr. Jailed for Parole Violation (driving without a license) Georgia Martin Luther King, Jr. U.S. Civil Rights Our Georgia History
1962 U.S. Presents Photos of Soviet Missiles in Cuba to the U.N. United Nations Cuba Soviet Union Cuban Missile Crisis Photography Cold War New York Times
1964 Zambia, Formerly Northern Rhodesia, Gains Independence from Great Britain Zambia Great Britain BBC
President Johnson Is Awarded an Honorary Doctorate At Dedication of Florida Atlantic University Florida President Lyndon Johnson Florida Atlantic University Florida State Historical Society
1970 Pope Paul VI Canonizes 40 English and Welsh Martyrs of the 16th and 17th Centuries England Wales Catholicism Concordia
1971 U.N. Expels Taiwan and Seats Communist China United Nations Taiwan China New York Times The History Channel
1972 President Nixon Suspends Bombing of North Vietnam Richard Nixon Vietnam War The History Channel
1983 U.S. Invades Grenada to Restore Order and Evacuate American Citizens Grenada Ronald Reagan U.S. History The History Channel BBC Grenada Board of Tourism
1984 European Union Grants 1.8 Million Emergency Aid to Relieve Famine in Ethiopia Ethiopia European Union International Trade BBC
1990 Kazakhstan's Supreme Council Adopts Sovereignty Resolution Kazakhstan U.S. Department of State
2001 Britain's Crime Rate Reaches 20-Year Low Great Britain Crime BBC

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