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Czech Republic: Founding Day
(Observance commemorating the founding of the Czech Republic: 10/28/1918)
Czech Republic Austria Hungary World War I U.S. Embassy, Prague
Greece: Ochi Day
(Commemorates Greece's refusal "ochi" to support fascist Italy: 10/28/1940)
Greece Italy World War II Ask for Greece
Turkey: Republic Day
(Day 1 of 2)
Turkey U.S. Department of State
Turkmenistan: National Day
(Day 2 of 2 commemorating proclamation of sovereignty from the Soviet Union: 10/271991)
Turkmenistan Soviet Union US Embassy in Turkmenistan
1789 Levi Coffin (North Carolina Minister, Abolitionist, Leader of the Underground Railroad) Levi Coffin The Underground Railroad
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1704 John Locke (English Philosopher) John Locke Philosophy
1800 Artemas Ward (Massachusetts-born Revolutionary War General) Massachusetts Military Figures American Revolution Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1964 Harold Burton (Massachusetts-born Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court) Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
312 Outnumbered Forces of Roman Emperor Constantine Defeat the Army of Maxentius Roman Empire Concordia
1768 French Creole Leaders Petition for Expulsion of Louisiana's Spanish Governor Ulloa Louisiana Hispanic Heritage New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia Louisiana Secretary of State
1793 Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creeks, and Alibamons Form Alliance with the Spanish to Defend the Louisiana Territory From American Pressure Louisiana Native-American Heritage Westward Expansion Louisiana Secretary of State
1819 Alabama Legislature Elects William Rufus King, John W. Walker as State's First U.S. Senators Alabama Political and Social Leaders U.S. Senate Alabama State Archives
1835 Texas Troops Defeat Mexicans at the Battle of Concepción Texas War Hispanic Heritage Death Texas State Historical Association
1855 Native Americans Kill 9 White Settlers Between Washington's Towns of Auburn and Kent Washington Native American Heritage Death History Link
1864 Union Forces Withdraw from the Second Battle of Fair Oaks, VA Virginia Second Battle of Fair Oaks The History Channel
1880 President Rutherford B. Hayes Arrives in Santa Fe as the First Sitting President to Visit New Mexico Santa Fe, New Mexico President Rutherford B. Hayes Historic Firsts New Mexcio Magazine
1918 Czech Independence Declared from Fallen Austria-Hungarian Empire Czech Republic Austria Hungary World War I U.S. Embassy, Prague
1919 Congress Passes Volstead Act (Prohibition) over President Wilson's Veto U.S. Congress President Woodrow Wilson The Volstead Act 18th Amendment Library of Congress The History Channel
1922 Fascist Benito Mussolini Takes Control of the Italian Government Benito Mussolini The New York Times League of Nations
1934 Mohandas Gandhi Resigns from India's Congress India Mohandas Gandhi
1936 In Janesville, Wisconsin, Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Frank W. Knox Charges the FDR Administration with Corruption and Cronyism Janesville, Wisconsin President Franklin Roosevelt Republican Party Propaganda Wisconsin Historical Society
1940 Italy Invades Greece Greece Italy World War II The History Channel
British Ocean Liner Empress Is Sunk by German U-Boat: 45 of 623 Aboard Die Britain Nazi Germany World War II Naval Military History Death
1949 President Truman Swears in Eugenie Moore As First Female U.S. Ambassador (Denmark) Denmark President Truman U.S.  Government Women Historic Firsts Truman Library
1958 Italy's Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Is Elected Pope, Taking the Name John XXIII Catholic Popes The New York Times
1962 Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev Agrees to Remove Russian Missiles from Cuba: Crisis Ends Cuba Nikita Khrushchev Cuban Missile Crisis The Cold War The History Channel BBC
1965 Pope Paul VI Decree Absolves Jews of Guilt for the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ Catholicism Judaism The New York Times
1967 U.S. & Mexico Formally End 600-Acre El Chamizal Land Dispute Mexico Texas University of Texas
1976 Former Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman Imprisoned for Watergate Crimes President Richard Nixon The Watergate Scandal The New York Times
1979 Chairman Hua Kuo-Feng Is First Chinese Leader to Visit Britain China Great Britain Historic Firsts BBC
1998 President Clinton Signs the Digital Millennium Copyright Act President Clinton Copyright UCLA
2001 Masked Gunmen Kill 18 in an Eastern Pakistan Church Pakistan Religion Terrorism Death BBC
2002 Laurence Foley, a U.S. Officer for International Development Is Assassinated in Jordan Jordan Terrorism Death U.S. Army
2007 Argentine First Lady, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Is Elected to Succeed Her Husband as President Argentina Political and Social Leaders Women Elections BBC

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