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Turkey: Republic Day
(Day 2 of 2: Observance of the Proclamation of the National Republic of Turkey 10/29/1923)
Turkey U.S. Department of State
1562 George Abbot (Archbishop of Canterbury, England) English Political and Social Leaders Religious Leaders and Theologians Archbishop of Canterbury
1806 Juan Seguín (Mexican-American Soldier, Politician) Mexico The Alamo Politics Latin-American Political Leaders
1828 Thomas Francis Bayard (Delaware-born Statesman, Member of the U.S. Senate) Delaware Political and Social Leaders U.S. Senate
1873 Lester Dickinson (Iowa-born Member of the U.S. Senate) Iowa Political and Social Leaders U.S. Senate
1879 Franz Von Papen (German Chancellor: 1932) German Political and Social
1897 Joseph Goebbels (Minister of Propaganda for Nazi Germany) Germany World War II Propaganda The Holocaust
1908 Jaime Benítez (Puerto Rican Educator, Author, Member of the U.S. Congress) Jaime Benítez Educators of Note American Authors U.S. Congress Latin-American Political and Social Leaders
1938 Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (President of Liberia) Liberean Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
1940 Connie Mack (Pennsylvania-born U.S. Senator from Florida) Pennsylvania Political and Social Leaders Florida Political and Social Leaders U.S. Senate
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1618 Sir Walter Raleigh (English Statesman: Beheaded) English History King James Chambers Book of Days Greenwich Guide
1879 Matthew D. Ector (Georgia-born Confederate General) Georgia Military Figures American Civil War University of Georgia
1901 Leon Czolgosz (Polish-American Electrocuted for the Assassination of President William McKinley) Notorious Poles Assassination of President McKinley The American Presidency Capital Punishment University of Buffalo History Channel
1919 Julia Carlisle Withers (First Person Born in Atlanta, Georgia: 1842) Atlanat, Georgia University of Georgia
1618 Sir Walter Raleigh Is Executed on Rumors He Opposed King James English History King James Death Chambers Book of Days Greenwich Guide
1754 British Naval Captain John Reynolds Arrives in Savannah as Georgia's First Royal Governor British Military Figures Savannah, Georgia Colonial Georgia Historic Firsts University of Georgia
1768 Louisiana's Supreme Council Agrees to Expel Spanish Governor Don Antonio de Ulloa Louisiana Hispanic Heritage New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia
1777 John Hancock Resigns His Position as President of the Continental Congress, Due to Prolonged Illness John Hancock Continental Congress History Channel
1781 In Yorktown, Virginia, British Officers Surrender to American and French Forces, Effectively Ending the Revolutionary War Great Britain France Yorktown, Virginia Revolutionary War Virginia Historical Society
1813 President James Madison Appoints New Hampshire's Lewis Cass Governor of the Michigan Territory Michigan Political and Social Leaders New Hampshire Political and Social Leaders President James Madison State of Michigan
1856 Harriet Tubman Delivers 4 Men and 1 Woman to an Underground Railroad House in Wilmington, Delaware Wilmington, Delaware Harriet Tubman Slavery Underground Railroad African American Heritage State of Delaware
1862 President Lincoln Announces the Allotment of Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court to Their Respective Circuits Supreme Court of the United States President Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Logs
1863 The Battle of Wauhatchie (Brown's Ferry) Concludes Tennessee Battle of Wauhatchie History Channel
1901 Leon Czolgosz Is Electrocuted for the Assassination of President William McKinley Assassination of President McKinley The American Presidency Capital Punishment Death University of Buffalo History Channel
1915 Jane Addams Writes to President Woodrow Wilson About the Dangers of Preparing for War Jane Addams President Woodrow Wilson World War I History Channel
1923 Turkey Becomes a Republic under Its First President, Kemal Ataturk Turkey New York Times
1929 Black Tuesday Stock Market Crash Signals the Beginning of the Great Depression 1929 Stock Market Crash Great Depression Writer's Almanac History Channel New York Times Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1940 The First U.S. Peace-time Draft Begins World War II Historic Firsts New York Times
1945 Anna Rosenberg Is First Women Awarded the U.S. Medal of Freedom Austrian Political and Social Leaders American Women in Politics Historic Firsts Jewish Women's Archive
1956 Israeli Troops Invade the Sinai after Egypt Nationalizes the Suez Canal Israel The Suez Canal The Cold War World History History Channel
1962 Actor Sidney Poitier Testifies Before Congress About the Lack of Opportunities for African-American Actors in Hollywood Sidney Poitier Los Angeles U.S. Congress American Performing Artists Film Human Rights/Civil Rights African-American Performing Artists History Channel
1964 Republic of Tanganyika & Zanzibar Changes Name to Republic of Tanzania Tanzania University of Missouri-St. Louis
1969 Bobby Seale Gagged and Chained at Chicago 8 Trial Chicago 8 Trial History Channel
In Alexander v. Holmes County Board of Education, the Supreme Court Orders Immediate Desegregation of All U.S. Schools U.S. Supreme Court Education Brown v. Board of Education U.S. Civil Rights African-American Heritage University of Michigan
1975 It Is Announced That Prince Juan Carlos Will Succeed Gravely Ill Dictator General Francisco Franco as Spain's Head of State Spanish Political and Social Leaders BBC
1984 President Ronald Reagan Makes a Campaign Stop in Parkersburg, West Virginia Parkersburg, West Virginia President Ronald Reagan American Presidency Republican Party West Virginia State Archives
1989 In Johannesburg, South Africa, Thousands Attend Rally for Released ANC Leaders Walter Sisulu and Raymond Mhlaba South African Political and Social Leaders Apartheid South African History
1992 First European Community Observers Arrive in South Africa to Reduce Tensions Between the African National Congress and the Inkatha Freedom Party South Africa Elections South African History
1998 South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission Condemns Both Apartheid and the Violence Committed by the African National Congress South African Government Apartheid BBC South African History
2003 Iain Duncan Smith Resigns as the Leader of England's Conservative Party England's Political and Social Leaders BBC

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