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El Salvador: First Call for Independence Day
(In commemoration of first battle for independence from Spain led by Padre Jose Matias Delgado: 11/05/1811)
El Salvador Spain Bank Holidays of the World
Great Britain: Guy Fawkes Day
(Commemoration of Guy Fawkes' failed attempt to blow up the British Parliament: 11/05/1605)
Guy Fawkes History Channel Greenwich Guide
Panamá: Colon's Day
(Commemorates evacuation of Colombian troops and abandoning efforts to control Colon, Panamá: 11/05/1903)
Panamá Colombia CZBrats
1799 James Duane Doty (New York-born Second Territorial Governor of Wisconsin) New York Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Historical Association
1833 Edward D. Tracy (Georgia-born Confederate General) Georgia Military Figures American Civil War University of Georgia
1849 Rui Barbosa (Brazilian Journalist, Lawyer, Politician) Rui Barbosa Law & Legal Resources
1855 Eugene V. Debs (Indiana-born Socialist, Labor Leader) Eugene V. Debs Labor
1879 Will Hays (Indiana-born Chairman of the Republican National Party; President of Motion Picture Producers and Distributors Association) Indiana Political and Social Leaders Republican National Party Filmmakers Motion Picture Association of America
1900 Martin Dies (Colorado-born Member of the U.S. Congress from Texas Who First Chaired the House Committee on Un-American Activities) Colorado Political and Social Leaders Texas Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress McCarthyism
1905 Vernon Wallace Thomson (Governor of Wisconsin, 1957-1959; Member of the U.S. Congress) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Wisconsin Historical Association
1948 Bob Barr (Iowa-born Member of the U.S. Congress from Georgia) Iowa Political and Social Leaders Georgia Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress University of Georgia
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1990 Rabbi Meir Kahane (New York-born Conservative Rabbi Assassinated by Egyptian Militant) Egypt New York City Political and Social Leader Judaism Middle East History Death History Channel
1994 Johan Heyns (A Leader of South Africa's Dutch Reformed Church - Shot and Killed by Right-Wing White Activists South Africa Political and Social Leaders Religious Leaders Gun Controls South African History
1556 Hindu General, Hemu, Fails in Attempt to Usurp Akbar, India's 14-year-old Mughal Emperor Indian Political and Social Leaders Hinduism History Channel Asian History
1600 The King of Spain Orders the Governor of Cuba to Investigate the Worthiness of St. Augustine as a Permanent Fortress and City in Florida Spain Cuba St. Augustine, Florida Forts Latin-American Heritage Florida Historical Society
1605 Guy Fawkes Is Jailed in Tower of London for Attempting to Blow Up Parliament Guy Fawkes James I, King of England Writer's Almanac History Channel Historic UK
1688 The English Revolution Begins as the Army of William of Orange Invades England from Holland English Political and Social Leaders The Netherlands William and Mary University of Georgia Chambers' Book of Days Greenwich Guide
1734 Massachusetts Missionary John Sergeant Opens a School for Mohican Indian Children Massachusetts Native Americans Education Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1775 General George Washington Condemns His Troops' "Childish" Practice of Celebrating Guy Fawkes' Day Guy Fawkes George Washington Holidays and Celebreations American Revolution History Channel
1806 U.S. & Spain Declare Disputed Property between Texas and Louisiana to be "Neutral Territory" Spain Louisiana Texas Texas State Historical Society
1811 José Matias Delgado Leads Call for Central American Independence from Spain El Salvador Spain Embassy of El Salvador, Washington, D.C.
1814 Americans Blow Up Fort Erie Before Abandoning Canada's Niagara Frontier Canada War of 1812 Forts Niagara Parks
1823 In Florida, the U.S. War Department Orders Establishment of a Military Outpost (Fort Brooke) at Tampa Bay Florida Forts Florida Historical Society
1840 Afghanistan Surrenders to the British Army Afghanistan Great Britain Asian History
1844 James K. Polk Defeats Henry Clay to be the 11th President of the United States Henry Clay James K. Polk The American Presidency Presidential Elections Library of Congress
1862 307 Santee Sioux Sentenced to Die for Participation in the U.S.-Dakota War Minnesota Sioux Indians Native-American Heritage Law & Legal Resources History Channel Minnesota Historical Society
Lincoln Removes George B. McClellan As Union Commander George McClellan Abraham Lincoln American Civil War History Channel Lincoln Logs
1912 In a Landslide, Woodrow Wilson Is Elected 28th President of the United States Virginia Political and Social Leaders Woodrow Wilson The American Presidency Presidential Elections History Channel
8 Senators and 16 Representatives Are Elected to Serve in Alaska's First Territorial Legislature Alaskan Government Elections Historic Firsts Alaska Historical Society
1914 A British-Supported Invasion of German East Africa by Members of the Indian Expeditionary Force B Fails Africa Nazi Germany India England World War I History Channel
Great Britain Annexes Cyprus and Announces a State of War with Turkey Cyprus Great Britain Turkey World War I Brigham Young University
1924 18 year-old Pu Yi, the Last Emperor of China's Qing dynasty, Is Expelled from the Forbidden City in Beijing China's Political and Social Leader Asian History
1940 Franklin Roosevelt Wins a Third Term as U.S. President by Defeating Wendell Wilkie Franklin Roosevelt Wendell Wilkie The American Presidency Presidential Elections History Channel
1946 29-yr-old John F. Kennedy Elected to U.S. House of Representatives John F. Kennedy U.S. Congress Elections
1954 Japan Signs a Peace Treaty, Agreeing to Pay Reparations to Burma Japan Burma Economics Asian History
1956 Britain and France Land Troops in Egypt During Fighting between Egyptian and Israeli Forces Around the Suez Canal Suez Canal Israel Great Britain France War Middle East History New York Times
1967 Train Derailment Kills 49 People in Southeast London London, England Railroad Death BBC
1968 Richard Nixon Defeats Hubert Humphrey & George Wallace for President of the United States Richard Nixon Hubert Humphrey George Wallace Presidential Elections Presidential Elections History Channel New York Times
1977 George W. Bush Marries Laura Welch in Texas Texas Political and Social Leaders George W. Bush History Channel
1978 Iran's Prime Minister Steps Down After Two Days of Mob Rule Iran Political and Social Leaders Elections Middle East History BBC
1980 Delaware Governor, Pierre S. du Pont, IV, Is Re-Elected with 71% of the Vote Delaware Political and Social Leaders Elections State of Delaware
1984 Nicaragua's Ruling Sandinista Party Claims a Decisive Election Victory Nicaragua Elections BBC
1990 Conservative Rabbi Meir Kahane Is Assassinated in New York City by Egyptian Militant Egypt New York City Political and Social Leader Judaism Middle East History Death History Channel
1991 Tropical Storm Thelma Causes Severe Floods in the Philippines, Killing Nearly 3,000 People Republic of the Philippines Storms Flooding Death History Channel
The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) Calls a 2-day Strike to Protest New Taxes on Foods and Essential Services South Africa Tax Strikes South African History
1994 Former President Reagan Announces He Has Alzheimer's Disease Ronald Reagan Alzheimers Disease New York Times
Johan Heyns, a Leader of South Africa's Dutch Reformed Church, Is Shot and Killed by Right-Wing White Activists South Africa Political and Social Leaders Religious Leaders Gun Controls Death South African History
1995 Aleksander Kwasniewski & Lech Walesa Lead After the First Round of Polish Presidential Elections Polish Political & Social Leaders Voting International Foundation for Election Systems
1996 President Bill Clinton Is Re-Elected to a Second Term, Defeating Republican Bob Dole President Bill Clinton Presidential Elections New York Times
1998 President Clinton Is Given 81 Questions for House Impeachment Inquiry U.S. House of Representatives The Impeachment of President Clinton CNN

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