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Belarus: Revolution Day
(Observance of the Russian Revolution: 11/07/1917)
Belarus U.S. Department of State
Tunisia: New Era Day
(Celebration of Ben Ali presidency since 11/07/1987)
Tunisia U.S. Department of State
1879 Leon Trotsky (Ukrainian-born Soviet Revolutionary Leader) Leon Trotsky
1917 Helen Suzman (South African Anti-Apartheid Activist) Helen Suzman Apartheid Civil Rights/Human Rights
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1905 Horace Austin (Connecticut-born 6th Governor of Minnesota) Connecticut Political and Social Leaders Minnesota Political and Social Leaders Minnesota Historical Society
1942 Carl Frederick Zeidler (Mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Killed While on Duty with the U.S. Navy) Milwaukee, Wisconsin Naval Military History World War II Wisconsin Historical Society
1962 Eleanor Roosevelt (New York City-born Humanitarian: Wife of President Franklin Roosevelt) New York City Political and Social Leaders Eleanor Roosevelt
1637 Religious Leader Anne Hutchinson Is Convicted of Heresy & Banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony Massachusetts Bay Colony Colonial History Religion Law Concordia
1775 Virginia's Deposed Royal Governor, Lord Dunmore, Offers Freedom to Male Slaves If They Serve the British Army Great Britain Virginia Colonial Virginia Slavery American Revolution African-American Heritage Virginia Historical Society
1811 William Henry Harrison is Victorious at the Battle of Tippecanoe Indiana William Henry Harrison Battle of Tippecanoe Native American Studies
1814 Andrew Jackson Drives British Forces Out of Pensacola, FL Florida Andrew Jackson Great Britain War of 1812 Florida Historical Society
1835 Texas Consultation at San Felipe Issues Declaration of Causes for Taking Arms Against Mexico Mexico Texas War Texas State Historical Association
1848 Zachary Taylor Is Elected President Zachary Taylor The American Presidency Politics and Elections Internet Public Library
1876 Rutherford B. Hayes Elected President by 1 Electoral Vote Despite Losing Popular Vote Rutherford B. Hayes The American Presidency Politics and Elections Haroer's Weekly
1916 Woodrow Wilson Narrowly Wins Re-election Woodrow Wilson The American Presidency Politics and Elections History Link
1942 The Former Mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Is Killed When His U.S. Navy Ship Is Torpedoed Near Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town, South Africa Milwaukee, Wisconsin Naval Military History World War II Wisconsin Historical Society
1944 Franklin Roosevelt Defeats Dewey for Fourth Term as U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt The American Presidency Politics and Elections History Channel
Richard Sorge, Soviet Spymaster, Hanged in Japan Japan Soviet Union Crime Death History Channel
1956 President Eisenhower Is Re-elected with Record Vote Dwight Eisenhower The American Presidency Politics and Elections BBC
1957 U.S. Government Report Calls for More Missiles & Shelters Cold War Nuclear Weapons History Channel
1972 Richard Nixon Defeats George McGovern for Second Term as U.S. President Richard Nixon The American Presidency Politics and Elections History Channel BBC
Sam Nunn Is Elected to the U.S. Congress from Georgia Sam Nunn U.S. Congress Politics and Elections University of Georgia
1973 U.S. Congress Passes the War Powers Act over Nixon's Veto Richard Nixon U.S. Congress U.S. History New York Times
1974 Chief Justice Sayem Becomes President after Bangladesh Coup d'état Bangladesh Country Data
1983 Bomb Explodes in U.S. Capitol - No Injuries or Deaths U.S. Capitol Terrorism U.S. Senate
1984 President Reagan Is Re-Elected Ronald Reagan The American Presidency Politics and Elections BBC
1985 11 Colombian Supreme Court Justices Are Murdered by Guerrillas Colombia Terrorism PBS
1987 Tunisia President Habib Bourguiba Overthrown, Ben Ali Is Made President Tunisia Cornell University
1989 Protests Force Out East German Rulers Germany Soviet Union Cold War BBC
2000 Former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton Elected to the U.S. Senate New York Political and Social Leaders Hillary Rodham Clinton Elections U.S. Senate CNN
2006 Former Sandinista Revolutionary Daniel Ortega Is Elected President of Nicaragua Nicaraguan Political and Social Leaders Elections CNN

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