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1838 Rufus Peckham (New York City-born Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court) New York City Poltical and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1865 Henry L. Fuqua (Governor of Louisiana: 1924-1926) Louisiana Poltical and Social Leaders Louisiana Secretary of State
1876 Eartha Mary Magdalene White (Florida-born African-American Social Worker) Florida Poltical and Social Leaders Business Human Rights/Civil Rights African-American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
1901 Charles Heymanns (Luxembourg-born Labor Leader in Wisconsin) Luxembourg Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Labor Wisconsin Historical Society
1904 Jack Flynt (Georgia-born Member of the U.S. Congress) Georgia Poltical and Social Leaders U.S. Congress University of Georgia
Horace Bond (Tennessee-born African-American Educator) Tennessee Poltical and Social Leaders Educators of Note African-American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1226 Louis VIII (King of France) France French Political and Social Leaders Britannica
1887 Doc Holliday (Georgia-born Gunslinger) Doc Holliday Tombstone, AZ Notorious Americans
1519 Hernán Cortés Reaches Tenochtitlán and Meets Montezuma Mexico Hernán Cortés Aztec Empire PBS
1520 Christian II Has 80+ Swedes, Mostly Nobles, Executed at Stockholm for Hostility to the Pope Sweden Catholicism Death Concordia
1814 Spain's Florida Governor Formally Surrenders Pensacola to Andrew Jackson's American Forces Spain Florida Andrew Jackson War of 1812 Florida Historical Society
1816 Indiana's General Assembly Elects the State's First U.S. Senators Indiana Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Elections Historic Firsts Indiana Historical Bureau
1860 Residents of Savannah, Georgia Rally for Secession Two Days Following Lincoln's Election Georgia Abraham Lincoln American Civil War University of Georgia
1861 The Trent Affair Almost Brings Britain into the U.S. Civil War Great Britain The Trent Affair Naval History Library of Congress
1864 Abraham Lincoln Is Re-Elected to Second Term as President of the United States President Lincoln The American Presidency Presidential Elections History Channel University of Georgia
1895 Wilhelm Röntgen Observes the First Evidence of X-rays Wilhelm Röntgen Radiation 1901 Nobel Laureate for Physics Penn State University
1904 Theodore Roosevelt Is Reelected President over Democrat Alton B. Parker Theodore Roosevelt The American Presidency Presidential Elections Theodore Roosevelt Association
1923 Hitler Fails to Seize German Government in Beer Hall Putsch Germany Adolph Hitler History Channel
1932 Franklin D. Roosevelt Is Elected President in a Landslide over Incumbent Herbert Hoover Franklin Roosevelt Herbert Hoover The American Presidency Elections University of Georgia
Georgia Governor Richard B. Russell Is Elected to the U.S. Senate; Eugene Talmadge Is Elected to Succeed Russell as Governor Georgia Poltical and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Elections University of Georgia
1939 Hitler Survives Assassination Attempt at Beer Hall Anniversary Germany Adolph Hitler History Channel
1942 British & American Troops Invade North Africa Great Britain Africa World War II New York Times
1950 The First Jet Fighter Dogfight Takes Place over Korea The Korean War Aviation Historic Firsts Technology and Society
1960 John Kennedy Defeats Richard Nixon in the U.S. Presidential Election John F. Kennedy Richard Nixon The American Presidency 1960 Presidential Election History Channel New York Times
1961 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Arrives in Seattle, WA Washington Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. History Link
1962 United States Announces All Soviet Missiles in Cuba Have Been Dismantled Cuba Cuban Missile Crisis Yale University
1966 Lawrence Joel's Actions Will Make Him First Living African-American Medal of Honor Vietnam War African-American History US Army Historic Firsts History Channel
Ronald Reagan Is Elected Governor of California California Ronald Reagan Elections New York Times
1987 Irish Republican Army Bomb Kills 11 At Ceremony Honoring Britain's War Dead Great Britain Northern Ireland Terrorism Death BBC
1988 George H.W. Bush Elected President George Bush The American Presidency Presidential Elections New York Times
1990 The Republic of Ireland Elects First Female President Ireland Election Women Historic Firsts BBC
1994 Republicans Take Control of Both Houses of Congress in Mid-term Elections U.S. Congress Presidential Elections Politics History Channel
2000 Al Gore Retracts Concession to George Bush: Florida Recount Begins Florida George W. Bush The American Presidency 2000 Presidential Election BBC
2002 U.N. Strengthens Authority of Weapons Inspectors in Iraq United Nations Iraq Iraq War New York Times
2005 Liberia's Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Becomes Africa's First Elected Female Head of State Liberian Political and Social Leaders Africa Elections Women Historic Firsts CNN

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